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Commute from AKIC to Las Pinas/Alabang Area

I live in Las Pinas. i know how to commute going to DLSU but if from AKIC i dont really know the options. Do i have to walk to taft and get a bus from there? Its kinda far eh so i wanted to know others opinions.


  • Hello! I commute to SDA and back home almost all the time. :D
    There are 2 options, actually.

    1) from AKIC, walk or ride a jeep going down estrada and get down at taft. you can get on an Erjohn & Almark, Reinalyn or Arabia Boy bus which passes coastal road to alabang-zapote road and the last stop is usually SM southmall or alabang town center. i only take this bus when i'm not rushing because the trip can take from 1-2 hours..

    2) from AKIC, get on a jeep that takes the vito-cruz route which will take you to vito cruz-corner-south super highway. from there, get on a bus with the "alabang" sign, or if a bus stops by ask if it passes by alabang. if you want a quicker trip just look for the ones with the "skyway" signs. get down at the alabang market area (past the tollgate), walk and turn right to south station, and get on a jeep that goes down alabang-zapote road. the whole trip can be about 30 minutes or more.

    good luck :D
  • hmm i wanna try ur second option. i havent been to the alabang merket ata or forgot what it looks like. i know ur first option yun nga its too long kasi.
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