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Hey, I live in Manila Residences, yung tapat ng LaSalle a Condo and I have a 3 bedroom Condo there... :D

At 4 years pa ako sa Lasalle. woo. haha!

I occupy one of the rooms, then I rent out 2 rooms.

2 persons per room.

Sa loob ng rooms: Double deck bed, Cabinet, Mirror, Study Table, Chairs. Perfect for studying :)

You can use everything in the kitchen, as long as you bring your own food to cook there.

May place where you can wash your clothes din.

All rooms have balconies.

Sala has TV, DVD Player, Karaoke...In short, home away from home yung place haha!

6,500 per person. But if two of you would avail my discount, like magkakilala na kayo and you'll rent a room, I'll give it out for 5,500 each.

sa price, included na ang: WATER, ELECTRICITY and ASSOCIATION DUES

plus maid comes to clean and change sheets. :D

If you're interested, please contact me, Lexie, at: 091718119977


  • All Out. Thank You, Pex :D
  • Hi there, my friend and I are interested to avail of this condo unit, but seeks final approval from my parents. I would just like to ask if there are still available units? I wasnt able to text you because the network cant seem to send to your given number and we also cant reach it even if we call the number. Can we have an updated one?

    And also may we ask to view as well the said units? Thanks, BTW we are Benildean students :)Thank you so much for replying. Take care
  • Hello, this is my number 09178119977. :D

    Pero out na po yung Bedspace, The only left units are condos talaga.
  • awww... even if 2nd term pa kami mag rent?

    Sorry maraming questions. we've been trying to contact you for some time na rin eh but the network can't reach sayang talaga. I'll text you na lang. Salamat and If ever may available pa rin na bed space paki inform ako, kahit by 2nd term pa. SALAMAT :)

    ito po no ko: 09054389181 - BRYEL
  • btw, if ever lang. How much yung condos? Anu rin po yung description ng condo na available? like, Good for ilan? ano meron sa loob? is it furnished already? How much? etc.

    God Bless and Thank you for the Reply as well :)
  • Nagreply na ako right? Yung condo na sinasabi ko sayo pwedeng 4 un. :D
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