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What is the age limit in the NCAA?

This coming season, LPU will play in the NCAA, but one of their player is a former AdU Athlete, His name is Allan Santos. Eh di ba antagal na naglaro nyan sa UAAP? bakit makakalaro pa yan sa NCAA? Tanda na niyan ah...

Any comment about this? or puwede din kayo magshare ng iba pagmay alam kayo.


  • Rafiboy_05Rafiboy_05 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    24 yata ang age limit, so kung hindi pa siya lagpas ng 24, pwede pa siya maglaro.
  • rafiboy is correct on the age limit. as to the eligibility, a player can play 5 of 7 or 5 playing years of 7 years after high-school. if he hasn't played for 5 years yet (UAAP/NCAA) combined, and is within 7 years after graduating from HS, then he is still eligible.
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