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Incoming HRIM this 2011-2012! :)

sino sino ang mag HRIM dito mga freshmen ? :) at *** mag eenroll sa may 6 2011?

may tanong ako during enrollment ,, anu ba ang dapat isuot ng male student ? nakasulat sa papel long sleeve polo =.= and what ??? walang pants ? walang tie or etc etc or kulay ?? hindi kasi malinaw eh XD

help anyone ?


  • haha! dude, it's for the ID pic kasi. i had the same problem when i was an incoming frosh. :bop:
  • I remember during our enrollment last year, we were told to wear na may collar. I don't know if that still applies now, but my suggestion is that you comply with what is written on that paper to avoid delay:)
  • sooo ano dapat suotin ?? para sa mga nakaexperience ano dapat ?? nakasulat lang long/ short sleeves polo or polo barong /barong ??? nagtataka ako kung anung kulay ng polo at kung need pb ng tie o slacks etc ??
  • hi just want to ask. if it's okay to wear a checkered polo for women? coz im confused of the color that is really needed. it only says on the paper that for women, we should wear blouse, polo or blazer with collar and no color stated. is it okay to wear checkered for the id?
  • oh well until now iyon pa rin ang inaalam ko .. pero i guess i'll just wear a solid color long sleeve polo ,white nalang para maayos tignan .
  • may question rin ako for HRIM. when do we wear the uniforms? start of 1st term ba or 2nd term? and what will we wear for uniform for frosh?
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    You will find out the dress code from HRIM frosh on your Frosh Orientation Day on May 19-20. It is also expected that you guys already follow your dress code on the first day.
  • I live in Las Pinas. i know how to commute going to DLSU but if from AKIC i dont really know the options. Do i have to walk to taft and get a bus from there? Its kinda far eh so i wanted to know others opinions. :)
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Same route as to going to DLSU. Lakad ka lang sa likod ng CSB Main mula sa Leon Guinto gate (kaharap ng St. scholastica) then just walk your way to AKIC along Estrada. Makikita mo rin naman siya right away.

    You can check the map of the three campuses found either on your Prospectus or on the school's website. :)
  • i meant to commute from AKIC To Las Pinas/Paranque
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    From AKIC, just walk your way to Taft Avenue where you can catch buses en route papuntang South. May mga bus papuntang Moonwalk, SM Sucat, etc.
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