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Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

What group buying websites in the Philippines are you already familiar with? If you have, what suggestions can you give to these group buying websites?



  • Almost all I think, LOL, been checking these sites on a daily basis. :rotflmao: (pakyaw, kuponan, twangoo, ensogo, beeconomic, dealgrocer, dealspot, metrodeal, buyanihan, pledjee, yugadeals, dealdozen, cleverbuy, and a whole lot more to mention...)

    Advise would be try to give consumers the best possible deal like giving them a really cheap but a great deal so they cant resist it :bashful:.
    As much as possible be consistent in giving good deals that will really awe them.
    Give a deal that is currently the "IN" in the metro.
  • Thanks for sharing your personal experience and suggestions about group buying websites.

    We should take note of your suggestion on how to follow the latest trends and IN products/service in the metro. We're offering these soon when we launch on May 13 :)

  • saw this a few days ago:


    dami nakalagay dun!
  • Share ko lang...


    Top 5 Group Buying sites in the Philippines

    January 31, 2011

    Without a doubt, group buying websites have invaded the Philippines. We scoured the Internet and our latest count shows that there are at least 20 active (and legitimate) group buying sites operating in the country.

    What is a Group Buying Site?

    A Group Buying site banks on the power of “collective buying.” It is a well-accepted fact that individually, people don’t have much bargaining power versus the seller when buying a product or service. When these people unite, however, they can as a group negotiate for lower prices or better deals.

    As in the offers of these group buying sites, customers can get discounts of up to 90%. In most cases, too, these deals are exclusively offered through the sites. Anywhere else, these group discounts are not available — not even in the stores themselves.

    For example, eBay Kuponan recently offered an 85% discount on a Gold’s Gym package (discounted price: Php2,011; original price: Php13,100).

    A 3-days, 2-nights stay at Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa priced at P48,000 was offered to Deal Grocer‘s members for only P25,000.

    Buyanihan recently offered a 56% discount from the original overnight rate of P9,010 at Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu.

    The power of group buying indeed translates to huge discounts for Filipino users.

    We looked at all these sites and the types of deals they offer. The result: our list of the 5 Best Group Buying sites in the country. Judging by the number of Facebook likes they sites have gained compared to the other sites, group buyers in the Philippines seem to agree with our list.

    Top 5 Best Group Buying Websites in the Philippines

    1. Beeconomic - www.beeconomic.com/philippines
    Facebook likes: 57,000+ (as of June 2011)

    Their site claims that they are “A Company of Groupon,” with Groupon being one of the pioneers of group buying in the world. Beeconomic operates in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Deals are on after a minimum number of buyers have pledged to buy the product or service, which usually focus on the food, health, beauty and wellness niches. Their association with Groupon and the exclusivity of their offers (for example, Hexagon Lounge at the RCBC Tower and wagyu steak at Melo’s) are some of the reasons why Beeconomic ranks on our Top 5.

    2. Buyanihan - www.buyanihan.com
    Facebook likes: 31,000+ (as of June 2011)

    Claiming to be the first in the country, Buyanihan is one of the few group buying sites that has an active non-Manila counterpart. Aside from the Manila deals, Buyanihan also has a simultaneous offer for the city of Cebu. I personally have purchased their D’Pond Fishing deal which I’ll use when I visit Cebu next month. Like most group buying sites, their offers are in the food, health, beauty and wellness arenas. They used to have only one deal per week but starting 2011, they are now introducing simultaneous offers. Their first-mover advantage, the presence of an active deals site for Cebu, and the range of offers land them a spot on our Top 5 list.

    3. Deal Grocer - www.dealgrocer.com
    Facebook likes: 34,000+ (as of June 2011)

    Deal Grocer stands out from the rest of the group buying sites because they focus on the premium line of products and services. Unlike other group buying sites, there is no minimum number of buyers required. Instead, they use a voucher system wherein the deal goes on as soon as the voucher is bought. Deal Grocer is clearly positioning itself as the site that offers “a taste of the good life” — and that is why it has earned its place on our Top 5. Check out, for instance, their latest offers: a private helicopter ride for P15,600 (orig. price: P25,000) and a P4,950 weekend stay at The Farm at San Benito (orig. price: P8,540). Sweet deals, indeed, for the good life.

    4. eBay Kuponan - http://kuponan.ebaysocialapps.com
    Facebook likes: 73,000+ (for the whole eBay Philippines site)

    They may be late to arrive in the market, but eBay Philippines’ Kuponan is emerging to be a top contender in the local group buying market. Operated by auction site eBay, Kuponan no doubt was a strategic move by eBay to further clinch their hold on the local online buyers’ market. Like the other sites, they require a minimum number of buyers before a deal goes on. Health and wellness are a staple in their offers but they also cater to the men’s segment as seen in their past deals of car body kits and sports watches. With eBay behind the site and the thousands of eBay users as potential sellers, Kuponan will surely rank among the top group buying sites in the country.

    5. CashCashPinoy - http://www.cashcashpinoy.com
    Facebook likes: 41,000+ (as of June 2011)

    We’ve been transacting with CashCashPinoy since the start but its amateurish site (coupled with its funny and scammy-sounding website name) prevented us from putting it in our Top 5. But with Ensogo being demoted as a problem site (read below) and after a major site overhaul of CashCashPinoy, the latter is now regarded as a professional group buying site. The site’s credibility is enhanced with the “About Us” page mentioning the companies behind the venture. The new site layout also features not just one but a dozen offers from various trusted merchants. CashCashPinoy has truly earned its spot in our Top 5.

    PROBLEM SITE: Ensogo - www.ensogo.com.ph

    We are demoting Ensogo as a top group buying site because of a problematic incident with them. Read about this problem with Ensogo here. A merchant featured on Ensogo maliciously advertised a service with a 50% discount — when in fact, you can get it cheaper when you directly reserve with them. A month after we complained, they even had the gall to offer only a 50% refund of what we paid. The other 50% we will supposedly get IF AND ONLY IF we remove the blog post. F*ckin’ BS.

    Buying vouchers with Ensogo? You’ve been warned. We will also post in a next article other Ensogo clients who experienced problems with the site.

    List of other Group Buying Sites in the Philippines
    Twangoo – www.twangoo.com/manila/en/deal
    Local Roam – http://localroam.ph
    Couppie – www.couppie.com
    Deal Spot – www.************
    Groupie – http://groupie.ph
    Metro Deal – www.metrodeal.com
    Crazy Deals – http://crazydeals.ph
    Cuponz – www.cuponz.com
    Melo Deal – www.melodeal.ph
    Mura Ito – http://muraito.com
    Awesome – http://awesome.ph
    Clever Buy – www.cleverbuy.com.ph
    Tipid ‘To – www.tipidto.com
    eTreet – www.etreet.com
    My Shop Mates – www.myshopmates.com
    Pakyaw – http://pakyaw.com.ph

    What’s your favorite group buying site?
  • I was really enticed to try on group buying sites' offers since they are offering really cheap and discounted items and the likes but I have doubts on the credibility of the sites and woooalahhh one day,I saw in the news about a certain group buying site who is offering really cheap prices but hey they do not live up to their promises,so the customer complained about it..Too bad..And hey,I just want to show this really cool shopping app recommendations over the past couple of days...I ended up downloading the 'Should I Buy It?' app someone recommended and it is awesome! I was shopping for shoes and was able to quickly share them with my friends to see what they thought of them. Here is the link again to download---> http://bit.ly/sibifm33
  • hi. i want to buy some coupons for services like spa, dental, wart removal, weight loss, etc. My question is, is the quality of service the same for those who are paying regular price and those who are paying through the coupon? thanks
  • pantone #000pantone #000 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^This would depend on the merchant. Some do give the same quality of service as they would if one pays for the full price.

    But honestly...walang magpapatalong merchant. For example: There's the trend with the IPL laser hair removal. Well as far as the feedback I have read on various sites, what happens is the voucher-holder gets lesser clicks of the IPL machine as compared to full-priced payees. So marami nagsisisi sana full price nalang for better quality of service.
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  • hi there! i recently stumble into this website Dealspot most of their deals would be for beauty care, it's a good thing that their selection would actually be accessible to metro manila area... and i tried to look into the sellers and it seems that their actually known in the area...
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  • My family like to buy discount cards in hotels so I regularly eat out with them. I recently bought the promo of dealgrocer for market cafe. The beef was so stiff, hindi ko makain, and i could only claim it in the afternoon if saturday. Though it was only 950, almost same price din sa paseo uno.

    I inquired din sa laser teeth whitening in one of the promo deals of metrodeal and i find it odd na the merchant did not specify the brand of the gel na gagamitin like opalascence ba or a cheaper kind kaya kunwari mura? When I called to ask, ayaw sabihin. Sometimes I'm thinking if its worth it ba talaga.
  • I purchase from ensogo and cashcashpinoy. So far, ok naman lahat.
    Usually ang mga binibili ko dining lang and products.
    Never pa ang tour at beauty/pampering.
    Kadalasan din yung inoorder ko pag marami nang bumili para in case na
    may palpak, madami kaming magrereklamo. :lol:

    Ayokong i-risk ang tour kasi baka pangit ang mapunta sa amin na sked
    at baka madisappoint ako sa accommodation.
    Beauty services naman nakakatakot din kasi iniisip ko siguro mga trainee
    ang magbibigay ng service or baka meron silang itetest na product.
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  • Has anyone tried buying authentic bags for sale sa mga group buying sights? Authentic nga ba? O nga class A lang or fake? Advance Thanks sa makakasagot sa akin.
  • ground_breakground_break PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm a fan of group buying sites.

    I used deal grocer, beeconomic/groupon, metrodeal and cash cash pinoy...
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