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Everything about MAKE UP/ MAKE UP REVIEWS

hey girlfriends lets talk about everything about make up!!!

to start with my own Make up brand reviews!

For me wen it come to make up no. 1 is MAC

But I also like CG(cover girl) specially when it comes to foundation, I have foundation from CG and it gives me nice and smooth coverage and it evens out your skin tone, without looking "OA".

I like E.L.F When it come to bronzer and blush, they have nice shade and when you apply it on to your cheeks it looks more natural, an it gives natural glow to your skin.

I also Like VS(Victoria's secret) their eyeshadow are great and long lasting.

For mascara Revlon and cover girl are great they give long lasting dramatic eyes and it enhances your lashes.

when it comes to eyebrows I like Eyebrow cake from in2it , it has 3 shade black brown and light brown.

concealer I use MAC well so far its the best concealer I ever used. great for dark circle and dark spots coverage .

that's it for now! how about you girl friends...???


  • MAC will always be on top of my list!
    I also enjoy Smashbox :)
  • I <3 MAC!!! but of course there are other make up brand out there that are good.. .I also want to try IMAN cosmetics.. but i think they are no importing here in the Phil
  • For foundations I like shu uemura and chanel
    for blush i like nars and shu and chanel
    for lipsticks i like mac and chanel
    for eyeshadows happy na ko sa nyx, majolica majorca, and wet n wild
    for eyeliner i like in2it
    for eyebrows gusto ko brow powder ng wet n wild
    for pressed powder i like body shop's and chanel
    for loose powder gusto ko yung sa lewis and pearl with spf
  • I only use the basics (lipstick, foundation, mascara, etc). I've been using Clinique and Estee Lauder but recently, I've been buying more Shu Uemura stuff.

    I love their Length and Waterproof mascara (review here), Rouge Unlimited lipstick and their skincare products. I've recently bought their liquid foundation after trying it out and was quite happy with it. Very light and doesn't feel sticky at all.

    They have a membership launch until May 7 and they have some stuff on sale from their older collection.

    Wandering Flipflops
  • > facial moisturizer - MAC prep+prime spf50 or cetaphil spf50 facial moisturizer
    > lipstick - l'occitaine lip gloss
    > lipblam - burt's bee
    > foundation - mary kay timeless liquid foundation
    > loose powder - loreal true blend warm light ivory color
    > mascara - MAC or lancome definicils
    > eyeshadow - maybelline, chanel (giveaways lang)
    > eyeliner - maybelline, almay
  • i like the face shop's BB cream and blush. i'm not a fan of their eyeshadows because theyre too shimmery for me. their lipsticks make my lips dry too.

    for the eyes, i like using clinique shadows because they blend nicely and stay in place even after hours of wearing it.

    lastly, i LOVE the brand "prestige" for my lips because their products are very moisturizing. the stuff here are super affordable yet the quality is good. aside from prestige, i also like bobbi brown lipsticks because they don't dry up your lips.
  • sigh_hwatalyfsigh_hwatalyf PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    buti meron na pala nito..

    i need help, im thinking of buying lip stick for my mom for christmas.. ano ba magandang shade ng lipstick at WHAT brand??? i hear about water resistant(?) all day stuff.. anu ba maganda brand??

    my mom is 50 btw
  • anyone tried Sleek makeup? it's comparable daw with MAC. :)
  • pantone #000pantone #000 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm currently loving ArtDeco's Concealer, Eyeliner, & my first ever lipstick is ArtDeco rin, yung Nude series nila.
    Got vouchers from Ensogo, kaya I took the chance na bumile ng magandang klase ng lepistik since I never had my own (petroleum jelly lang ako dati).
    For face powder/foundation, Fashion21 lang na with Tea Tree chuva-ek ek kasi oily face ako. Same brand narin for the blush and eye shadows.
    Ginagamit ko rin lang naman if the event calls for it. :)
  • Me too, all MAC.

    I love MAC's lippies, primers and foundations.
  • I love HD and face and body from makeup forever not just bcos i studied using their products but bcos i also tried it myself.. Sa mac nagkakabreakout ako sa foundations nila but i love their blushes, lipsticks and eye shadows.

    Then im also falling inlove wit NARS i just recently bought the foundation and so far so good specially i get to become oily sa brows and t-zone area.

    VS i like the concealer and primer.

    Exuviance concealer

    Nyx eyeshadows very pigmented and affordable.
  • I'm so happy that Majolica Majorca is already in the Philippines. I got 2 mascaras, and got 1 free eyeliner *okay*
  • i love NYX and Model's Own for lippies bec of their pigment

    Im a fan of bronzers and highlighters
  • MoonStruckMoonStruck PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Hello all!

    You might want to read this list of 10 recommended eyeshadow palettes.

    Battle of the Eye Shadow Palettes

  • I created a list of beauty hacks which I personally tried, hope you can find time going through my site: https://kittykittymoods.wordpress.com/ thank you!
  • NARS lipstick and Smashbox primers!!!

    girls, i get great beauty advice from this free app called Lovebeauty. Everything you need to know about makeup and skincare are all there.

  • I recently accepted the fact na kelangan ko mag-make-up sa work because at times I feel that I look haggard and ill :bop:. At kelangan ko mag-aral mag makeup.
    Tamad kasi ako and make-up takes up time.

    Hindi airconditioned ang place of work ko and big big chance na magpawis..kung magpawis pa naman ako parang sa construction worker :bop:

    May nabili ako, BYS. Since halos wala ako alam sa makeup, I thought medyo high-end na brand ito, ang mahal din kasi.

    Medyo ok naman yung cr?me foundation. At the end of the day parang meron pa naman natirang foundation sa mukha ko.

    Yung compact powder..well expected ko na hindi magtatagal lalo na since nagpapawis ako. I just don't know kung ilang oras before totally mawala.

    Contour Trio..parang meron pa rin natira sa mukha ko.. Contouring--hindi ko alam if tama ang ginagawa ko :lol:

    Brow Definition Kit - I have problematic brows..parang sa lalaki asar :bop: ..Disappointed ako at hindi natagal, wala pa ata 4 hours nawawala na.. Eye brows ko pa naman ang importanteng maayos.

    Matte lipstick - I don't know if the problem are my lips or the product or my way of applying it. Hindi pantay, yung parang hindi nakapit sa lips tapos may part sa lips na meron may part na wala. Medyo disappointed din dito kasi sabi nung saleslady nagtatagal daw yun, hindi naman.

    Mabilis madurog, swipe ko lang ng brush, ang bilis mascrape off..normal ba yun?
    Mga shades and colors nagagandahan naman ako..
    Pero ang gusto ko kasi yung long lasting since I don't have the time to take a break and reapply makeup.

    Sa mga expert dyan.. ano mga recommended nyo brand? Pati mga concealer, mascara, eye shadow etc.
    Kahit mahal, pagiipunan ko na lang. Important naman ay sulit. Sa mga nabasa ko na reviews at tutorials, parang hindi same ng situation ko kasi.
    Living in a hot and humid country, NOT airconitioned work place at PAWISIN :bop:
    Main criteria ko ay yung long lasting, at least 8 hours, kahit pagpawisan.
  • I'm crazy about makeup. I actually have a makeup blog, which I hope can help, I write looong posts because I try to be as informative as possible. My reviews ako about local and international brands, and I also reviewed a makeup workshop, I plan to write some more as my infatuation with makeup is taking over my life, I need some form of release :rotflmao:

  • pusang_miyawpusang_miyaw PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I don't like heavy makeup. I'm more of a BB cream girl, tapos eyeliner, lipstick and creme blush on lang. I'm not fond of anything powdery or matte kasi i have dry skin so feeling ko parang mas nagmumukha akong tuyot... saka hindi natural tingnan.

    I guess, I'm more inclined into Asian style of makeup na dewy and fresh and datingan kesa sa usual polished Western look na mas alam ng karamihan --- yung tipong arch brows, foundation, contouring and sexy cat eyes.
  • icingheavenicingheaven PEx Rookie ⭐
    I love Mac, Maybelline, Revlon and Elf
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