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What to do with my stock Honda City Exi 1998

Hello po mga idol.
Pinapagamit na sakin ng ermats ko ang car niya.
Honda City Exi 1998 MT Metallic Gray

Bale po ang first step is make it look fresh and presentable.
Kasi mejo laspag na yung paint job, may mga gasgas, at yupi.

Then mod na tayo.

So this will be my(our) project for 2011 and hopefully bago matapos ang taon na to, pogi na tsikot ko.

Ehem, bale i know for a fact na kelangan ko ng
auto detailing (or baka hilamos na talaga kung sa tingin niyo di na kaya)
at latero(para sa mga yupi?)

After nun kung acceptable na, pwede na tayo mag mod.
Based sa preference and observations ko..
as well as input ng friends..

Ang kelangan ko ay
racing grill (bale remove na nating *** logo ng honda sa front)
maayos na plate mount sa harap (parang ganito from side view > |-/
front chin (optional)
new headlights (including yung mga nasa gilid)
new taillights (kelangan ba? basag yung corner ng rear left eh)
muffler tip (ayaw ko maingay, pangit naman kung maingay tas ang bagal. haha. basta pogi)
and of course
15" wheels!

Syempre mga idol, kelangan ko ang input at suggestions niyo

btw, i decided to keep the metallic gray color para di masyado kita ang alikabok.

see pics for reference
thanks for viewing!


  • In order:

    1. Before you make it look fast make sure it can go fast. Fix the mechanicals and electricals (engine, suspension, lights, switches, aircon, etc.).
    2. Fix the body and paint.
  • i can compromise with the speed for now.
    well maintained.
    just done with tune up and oil change with mobil fully synth oil (regularly even before every 10k km)
    fresh tires + alignment.
  • Verbl Kint
    Verbl Kint The Usual Suspect
    Putting fully synth oil on an old car is generally not a good idea.
  • mukang na "wash over" na yung city nyo dati pa... if ever pa "wash over" ka ulit... pa strip to metal mo na..
  • @subaru: noted. pero i dont think na washover na to. i'll ask ermats.

    can anyone recommend a good auto shop/ car paint service along emilio aguinaldo road(cavite)?
  • geekhead
    geekhead El Kapitan
    It would be advisable to keep it in top condition first before doing any aesthetics. Tune up, change oil, spark plugs, oil and fuel filter, gear oil and all fluids. Check bushings, suspensions, rotor disc and break pads. For dings better if you have it pdr muna bago hilamos. Getting from point a to point b is our main goal. What is bling if your car bogged down when your with a date. :)
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    I agree with the rest on getting it to top condition then work on the aesthetics. Don't go for the racey-razing looks anymore. A good, fresh coat of paint, nice rims and keep the near OEM look and you're good to go.

    Not too familiar with Cavite shops though but do take your time. The fun in owning a car is in learning a fixing it bit by bit.
  • noted.
    lets talk wheels.
    what should i get?
    anything bigger than 15" isnt advisable right?
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    alcavey wrote: »
    lets talk wheels.
    what should i get?
    anything bigger than 15" isnt advisable right?

    Budget-wise, 15's would be a good compromise.

    On design, it depends on your taste; in my case i usually prefer placing in OEM-type rims (i.e. 15" Civic rims).
  • You will never go wrong with OEM.

    15" for me or stay stock.

    As for aesthetics, tulad ng nabanggit na, never try to make your car look fast.
    Anything with "racing" sa description like "racing grill" is a big NO NO.

    If you want chins, skirt etc, make sure it is OEM.
    Never put anything na fabricated gawa sa fiber glass.
    Never put Carbon Kevlar "sticker" or anything that has to do with "stickers". Napansin ko lang yan ang nauuso ngayon, binabalot yung buong hood ng carbon kevlar kuno na sticker.. eww..

    I would suggest think of a theme before doing anything para hindi magmukang halohalo auto mo.

    JDM, Euro, USDM etc.
    From there check pics, information what part came with the car from that market that did not come in PHDM version.
    Ang sarap mag galugad sa mga surplasan once may idea ka on what your goal is.

    As much as possible, ang goal mo for old cars is to look like brand spankin new that just came out of the casa.
  • and lemme add to that, personally i like cars with good stance, medyo lowered ba.

    Make sure to do it the right way. Never cut springs to get that lowered look.

    Get adjustable springs para atleast may option ka to go lower or put it back to stock height as you wish.

    Never compromise safety.
  • geekhead
    geekhead El Kapitan
    If stock ka wag ka na mag lowering springs bro. If 15" rims mas bagay lowering kesa stock height. Ikot ka sa mga rims shop baka may matipuhan ka or hanapin mo yung virtual rim fitting sa web para makita mo kung bagay sa auto mo.
  • honda city 90's model are good cars to dress. repaint lang at skirt sporty na ang dating. honda city is roomy at matipid ours is 1.3. minsan nga lang itune up eh ok pa rin.
  • The best thing you could do to your car is to leave it alone.
  • I totally agree with pilyo bolero. yan exactly lahat gusto ko sabihin. haha. wag mo na lagyan ng muffler tip at grille paps. kung gusto mo magpalit ng grille, kumuha ka nung parang oem na flat black ang kulay na nakalutang yung Honda sign. yun usually yung gnagamit sa mga SIR at mga ek. halos pareho lang nun *** stock mo pero yun wlang chrome, at OEM ang dating. wag ka na maglagay ng muffler tip kasi halata din nanamn na muffler tip lang pag titignan mo. might as well keep it stock, and neat.

    Regarding sa 15's, wag kna maki uso sa spoon rims dahil ang dami ng nka gnun na honda. Kumuha ka ng SIR mags, mas gwapo yun. tapos kung ok lang ilowering spring yung kotse, the better. wag mo popormahan ng racing racing kasi babaduy sha. =)

    try to think of a theme kung euro setup, jdm etc. For example gusto mo ng euro, pde ka mgkabit ng euro plate, euro plate frame na honda , oem na pyesa ng interior etc. as much as it is clean magiging gwapo yan.

    trust me wag ka maglalagay ng mga borloloy na kung ano ano kasi babaduy ****. lalo na yung carbon fiber stickers. hehe goodluck!=)
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