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Pisay Alumni needs your support

Hello PXers!

Hindi ito spam, virus, troll or trojan! We are a group of 11 students taking up Masters in Management from the University of the Philippines Mindanao. Pero noong High Shcool, estudyante kami ng Ateneo de Davao, Philippine Science HS, Notre Dame atbp.

Eto kami.....


We are currently vying to win the Intrepid Ultimate Inca Encounter Competition, a worldwide contest, whose prize is to send the entire group to Peru on a hiking expedition to Machu Picchu. We are the only Filipino team in the top 5 and we hope to win it. Currently we're third. Our team name is GOOD CHEETAHS! Our closest competitors come from UK, Portugal, Ireland and Canada

This all started with fun but we're really serious and determined to win because with a week to go, we're in it with a fighting chance. Bringing the Good Cheetahs on the TOP means bringing the FILIPINOs and DABAWENYOs on the TOP!

We would like to request your support for our all-Pinoy team and vote for us on the Intrepid website

Here's our voting page:


You can the see GOOD CHEETAHS Ranking here...


As of April 17 9:29am we're third

What LLama (UK) - 1905
Os Nitos (Portugal) - 1903
Team LLama (IRELAND) - 1469
Wanderlusting Life (Canada) - 1050
Auroras (Portugal) - 1020

Kailangan na kailang namin ang inyong tulong. Papayag ba kayanong matalo tayo ng ibang mga bansa? Hinidi diba?

We are emphasizing that vote swapping is illegal exchange so we CANNOT exchange votes for us with votes for you. Let's keep it clean and follow the rules of the contest! :)

Sana matulungunan kami ng Pinoy Exchange Community



Angie and the Good Cheetahs!

p.s. moderator baka pwede mo gawing sticy for a few days :love:
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