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New Cars Still Need "Break Ins"?

BadGiRL procrastination specialist

Do new cars now still need to undergo the "break in" period? And, how do you "break in" a car anyway?


  • di na uso ngayon yung conservative driving pag break in, sa mga planta kasi sinasagad at tinetest na ng mga car manufacturers yan

    so pwede mo ibreak in ng hard acceleration yan once in a while. pero syempre yung safe situations, ang pagkakaalam ko kasi ang brakes parang may brake in period din.
  • BadGiRL
    BadGiRL procrastination specialist
    Thanks! :)
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    No need really. What matters more is to go in for service after 1000kms or as specified by the manufacturer.

    Break in is a period which allows for the pistons and other engine tolerances to bed-in. Most modern engines are already set to spec with very minimal tolerances out of the factory. To date, its usually the high performance vehicles like the BMW M series which require a break in period/limitations.
  • daveywavey
    daveywavey blops player
    actually hindi na.
    pero depende kung ano sasakyan mo. you can ask naman yung dealer mo if your car needs break in pa.
  • Just follow the manufacturers mistu 80kph max speed sa break in period hanggang 1,000 kilometer..pagkatapos nya machange oil at macheck ng service center..harurutin mo na.
  • all new engines ay na-break in na sa planta kaya yung ibang brand ay wala ng 1000 km PMS. Wait ka na agad ng 5000 km PMS.
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