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CHARICE: All Hail The Philippines Pride and Glee Diva! Get ready BEFORE SHE EXPLODES!

Watch out for CHARICE!

This is her new thread here on PEX!


  • BIO
    On first glance, Charice looks like any other teenager: pretty, petite and filled with non stop energy. But when the sweet-faced 17-year old opens her mouth to sing – with a profound, rich and soaring 10 decibel voice from every inch of her 5 feet 1 inch body – the audience quite literally gasps. And at 13 million hits and counting on YouTube tell us, that audience is growing at a staggering pace. Fast forward to May 2010: Charice's US debut CD is scheduled to be released on 143/Reprise Records with her single, "Pyramid" featuring labelmate Iyaz (who recently spent four weeks at #1 with his international smash hit, "Replay"). "Pyramid" will be released to Top 40 radio in March with remixes already getting airplay at the clubs.

    "I'm so proud of this record and feel so lucky that I had the chance to work with some of the best songwriters and producers out there. Every note and every word is right from my heart," says Charice.

    But let's begin at the beginning: Born and raised in the Philippines, Charice's talent was discovered at age 4 when her mother, also a singer, noticed her daughter's loud, rather enthusiastic version of "Happy Birthday" and decided to teach her proper vocal technique. By age 7, Charice was competing in local contests and belting out songs.

    In 2007, a web-savvy fan began posting a series of Charice's performances on YouTube including appearances on the Filipino talent show "Little Big Star" and the popular South Korean talent show "Star King." She instantly became an authentic internet sensation attracting the attention of American TV shows. Appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show were followed by several performances on the Oprah Winfrey Show. "You are a force to be reckoned with. That voice comes from something bigger than yourself," raved Oprah.

    Enter 15-time Grammy winning producer David Foster who invited Charice to perform on his David Foster and Friends PBS Show in Las Vegas alongside such star studded Foster produced talents as Michael Bublé, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, and Josh Groban. When the "David Foster and Friends" show returned to the Mandalay Bay the following year, Charice received no less than six standing ovations. In between the two Vegas appearances, Charice went on to perform with Andrea Bocelli ("The Prayer") in Tuscany and Celine Dion at her Madison Square Garden show in New York City.

    During Charice's most recent appearance on Oprah Winfrey, her heart stopping song "Note To God" written by multi-Grammy winning songwriter Diane Warren became an instant Top 10 hit on iTunes. Charice also had a featured role in the recent "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie.

    Next stop for Charice, "I want to sing AND dance with Justin Timberlake," she laughed. Her 13 million fans certainly look forward to seeing that.
  • Can we request our moderators to merge all Charice's threads in one thread? Ang dami nang threads about her.

    Anyway, she will release her new single "Before They Explode" tomorrow. Let us support her new song!! The song was produced by Bruno Mars and originally recorded by AB. I dunno what happened to AB why the song wasn't released.

    She will also release "Louder" and a featured artist in Grayson Chance's new single "Waiting Outside The Lines."
  • Yes, I believe "Louder" will be released this May!

    I also love the song of Greyson and I am absolutely thrilled to hear their duet version of the song!
  • Mrs.EfronMrs.Efron PEx Rookie ⭐
    Yes please @ merging all the Charice threads.. Can't wait to buy her single tomorrow.. Sana lang talaga mag-explode sya ng bonggang bongga! Haha!

    Go Charice!
  • na promote ba ng mabuti yong 'before it explodes' na new single niya? parang hindi ata masyadong maingay?!?!?!? :)
  • Can't wait to hear it and gotta download it! Let's spread the word and help Charice in the promotions!

    I do hope she sings "Before It Explodes" on Glee or Idol!
  • kensamorkensamor PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ilang single ang ni-release today? Apat nga ba? Charice exploded today!
  • kensamorkensamor PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
  • this is charice's BEFORE IT EXPLODES single.

    "FULL/EDITED version"


    let's buy it on iTunes and Amazon.
  • CHARICE's new singles.

    WAITING OUTSIDE THE LINES (REMIX) - greyson chance feat. charice


    not sure if 'waiting outside the lines' feat charice is already available.

    the songs are ALL GOOD! check it out! :D
  • Charice's new single is now available in iTunes & amazon.
  • Charice Dishes On Return to 'Glee,' Bruno Mars-Penned New Single

    Charice returns to "Glee" tomorrow night (Apr. 19) to perform "All By Myself," but any future involvement in the Fox show is up in the air.

    "I have no idea what's going to happen," Charice said during a conference call held Monday morning in Los Angeles.

    harice returns to "Glee" tomorrow night (Apr. 19) to perform "All By Myself," but any future involvement in the Fox show is up in the air.

    "I have no idea what's going to happen," Charice said during a conference call held Monday morning in Los Angeles.

    harice returns to "Glee" tomorrow night (Apr. 19) to perform "All By Myself," but any future involvement in the Fox show is up in the air.

    "I have no idea what's going to happen," Charice said during a conference call held Monday morning in Los Angeles.

    Charice said her character Sunshine Corazon will be helping the glee club set up a benefit concert but it is not clear whether she is a club member or a spy.

    An avid fan of Celine Dion, Charice says "the best part, when we were shooting, was when they gave me 'All By Myself.' It was perfect (because) I have been singing that song forever. When I was on stage I was really feeling it."

    All By Myself" was originally a hit for Eric Carmen in 1976 when it hit No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Dion's version hit No. 4 in 1997 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Charice expressed an interest in performing her single "Before It Explodes" on "Glee." The song, written by Ari Levine and Bruno Mars and produced by the Smeezingtons, was released today. "Louder" will be Charice's second single from her sophomore album, scheduled for a May release. Both will appear on her next Reprise Records release.

    "If they gave me a chance I'd like to sing it," she said, noting that she'd also like to duet with Beyonce and Lady Gaga. "It's a heartbreaking song."

    Besides "Glee," Charice has filmed the comedy "Here Comes the Boom" starring Kevin James, Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler, in which she plays a piano-playing "brainiac" in James' biology class.
  • A report uploaded by ClevverTV..


    Bruno Mars & Charice 'Before It Explodes' collaboration
  • charice and nick jonas (behind the scenes) ONE DAY!

  • ^ How did you do that? You posted a video directly to this site? Can you tell me how? Thanks.
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