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Squash/Racquetball Philippines Players

I am really a fan of this sports (RACQUETBALL/SQUASH)
I used to play this when I was in the other part of the world and now I am here in my native town, I would like to continue this sports BUT, I am having trouble to find someone who plays this type of sports as well and where to play.

Please, I am interested to mingle with you guys if you are playing this or interested of playing this sports. I would really love to play this again and be part of my hobbies once again.

Feel free to PM me or answer the Thread if you have idea or thoughts about this.



  • scottyarmyscottyarmy Member PExer
    Hi, did you ever find any place to place racquetball? I to am an avid player, i do not live in the Phil yet but will soon. Lets keep in touch if you find a place. If not maybe we can build one and start a whole new fad. lolol

  • passthemessagepassthemessage Member PExer
    hey keep me posted! good idea!
  • count us in
  • Patch07Patch07 Member PExer
    Is there a place here in manila that have squash court? I want to play that sports too
  • almycha1almycha1 Member PExer
    I know there is a squash court in Hamilo Coast- PICO DE LORO. I will be a member of the club next year and I am or will try to learn this game. I also play tennis. My only concern is if I can find a player who is a also a club member.
  • There is a 'Pelota" court in Pilar Village, Las Pinas City, Metro Manila. It is a covered court. The Pelota sport is a variation of the racquetball. The Pelota was a fad here in the Philippines during the 70's to 90's. If you want to see the site, contact me thru my email, [email protected]

    We are playing this game for the last 25 years or so. We have an active member of 20, and we play Wednesdays, sundays and holidays. We average 10 players per playing day.

    Hope to hear from any of you soon, regards,

    Gary Nubla
  • squashPHsquashPH Member PExer
    Probably too late, but if there is anyone looking for a game of squash, please PM me.
  • Hey guys,
    anyone who play squash? Eager to play squash but not a member of any clubs in Manila. Anyone who play and can endorse us at a squash court in a club?
    Feel free to comment. 

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