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    [highlight]NICKNAME:[/highlight] Kathryn
    [highlight]FULL NAME:[/highlight] Kathryn Chandria M. Bernardo
    [highlight]SCREEN NAME:[/highlight] Kathryn Bernardo
    [highlight]BIRTHDAY:[/highlight] March 26, 1996
    [highlight]RELIGION:[/highlight] Iglesia Ni Cristo
    [highlight]SCHOOL:[/highlight] OB MOntessori center Inc.
    [highlight]TALENTS:[/highlight] Acting, singing, dancing, hosting
    [highlight]FAVORITE FOOD:[/highlight] Sinigang
    [highlight]FAVORITE COLOR:[/highlight] Green and Yellow
    [highlight]FAVORITE PET:[/highlight] Dogs and Puppies
    [highlight]MY SHOUTOUT:[/highlight] If others can, why can't I?

    [highlight]DESCRIBE YOURSELF:[/highlight] Simple, vain & humble, God-fearing, loves to eat
    [highlight]STRENGTHS:[/highlight] Acting (weh?)
    [highlight]WEAKNESSES:[/highlight] Easily distracted
    [highlight]GREATEST DREAM:[/highlight] To finish my school, to be a successful actress
    [highlight]GREATEST FEAR:[/highlight] Rats, cockroaches
    [highlight]WHAT IS CRUSH?:[/highlight] Someone that makes you happy
    [highlight]WHAT IS LOVE?:[/highlight] is in the air! Hahaha!
    [highlight]DESCRIBE YOUR CRUSH:[/highlight] Uhmmm...singer
    [highlight]DESCRIBE YOUR LOVE:[/highlight] My family
    [highlight]IDEAL BOY: Singer, good boy, boy next door
    [highlight]MOTTO IN LOVE:[/highlight] I still don't know. :)
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    KATHRYN BERNARDO: new generation's DRAMA PRINCESS ♥ KB BUDDIES ~thread 1~
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    [highlight]2007; 2009-2010[/highlight]


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    [highlight]MMK EPISODES:[/highlight] :

    Young Lina of MMK PALAISDAAN (2006)
    Young Chippy of MMK AIRPORT (2007)
    Zorayda of MMK BRACELET (2008)
    Paloma of MMK KARNABAL (2009)
    Young Nympha of MMK BLUSA (2009)


    [highlight]GAGAMBOY (2004)[/highlight]


    KATHRYN BERNARDO as "Tsoknat"

    [highlight]NASAAN KA MAN (2005)[/highlight]


    KATHRYN BERNARDO as "Young Pilar"

    [highlight]TATLONG BARAHA (2006)[/highlight]


    KATHRYN BERNARDO as "One of the Children"

    [highlight]SUPAHPAPALICIOUS (2008)[/highlight]


    KATHRYN BERNARDO as "Special Guest"
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    [highlight] MY DENTIST [/highlight]

    [highlight] REJOICE [/highlight]

    :flwrface: [highlight] TV COMMERCIAL[/highlight] :flwrface:

    [highlight]Rejoice Girls Kathryn Bernardo Julia Montes by Rejoice Philippines[/highlight]


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    9.jpg 1-1.jpg

    5.jpg 3.jpg
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    [highlight]E-Live Kathryn Bernardo & Julia Montes [1-1-11][/highlight]


    [highlight]The new drama princess; Kathryn Bernardo in Magkaribal[/highlight]

    [highlight]KATHRYN BERNARDO @ SNN (2010 09 29) [/highlight]


    [highlight]Kathryn Bernardo in Salamat Dok[/highlight]

    [highlight]Kathryn & Julia's Bday Celebration ASAPRocks[/highlight]

    [highlight]KATHRYN BERNARDO @ SNN (2010 09 29) [/highlight]

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    [highlight]JOHNRYN Music Videos [/highlight]




    [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKnCraS 2qo[/url] [highlight]

    KATHBIE Music Videos[/highlight]




    [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/thestar202 ?blend=11&ob=5#p/u/0/0PwhJ4O51BY[/url]



    [highlight]KATHDIE Music Videos[/highlight]



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    EXCLUSIVE: Kathryn Bernardo feels pressured about being compared to Judy Ann Santos
    by Napoleon Quintos | September 30, 2010 9:07 AM

    Kathryn Bernardo has been introduced as the star of the upcoming remake of the popular ‘90s TV drama Mara Clara. Kathryn will take on the role originally played by Judy Ann Santos. During her contract signing with ABS-CBN for the said show, Kathryn told PUSH.com.ph that she is very thankful to management for giving her this project. “Sobrang sarap po ng feelings kasi napakalaking proyekto nitong Mara Clara. Ang dami daming artista, hindi ko inexpect na sa akin nila ibibigay. Sobrang thankful ako. Ito ang first time ko maging lead role sa isang malaking show.”

    This teleserye is already in production and is expected to premiere on primetime before the year ends. Kathryn confessed that she couldn’t sleep the night prior to her first taping day. “Excited na ako. Hindi nga po ako nakatulog nung bago ng first taping day namin. Sobra akong excited. Pero masaya naman sa set kasi winelcome talaga ako ng lahat. Supportive silang lahat sa akin. Lahat kami gusto naming mapaganda ‘yung show.”

    The 13-year-old Goin’ Bulilit alum also admitted that she is now feeling the pressure about being compared to the original Mara, Judy Ann, now crowned as the Queen of Teleseryes. “Nakaka-pressure talaga. Sobrang galing na aktres ni Ms. Judy Ann. Kaya talagang gusto kong ibigay ‘yung best ko sa bawat scene.”

    Kathryn was still very young when Mara Clara aired on ABS-CBN from 1992 to 1997. She said she only got to see the movie version which was shown during the late ‘90s. Kathryn shared that the management is already arranging for her to meet Judy Ann, whom she considers as her acting idol, soon.



    Kathryn Bernardo is ready for her confrontation scenes in ‘Mara Clara’
    Thu Oct 07 2010 09:17 AM by: Napoleon Quintos

    Kathryn Bernardo finally gets the break she never thought was possible as she stars in the remake of the top-rating ‘90s teleserye Mara Clara. Kathryn will play the submissive protagonist Mara, originally played by Judy Ann Santos. The first Mara Clara, which aired on ABS-CBN from 1992 to 1997, catapulted Judy Ann and Gladys Reyes, who played the cunning kontrabida Clara, to stardom. In this much-anticipated remake, the character of Clara will be played by Julia Montes.

    The original Mara Clara was best known for numerous slapping and hair-pulling scenes between Judy Ann and Gladys. Kathryn said that she is very much ready to do catfight scenes with Julia in the teleserye remake. “Ready na po kami, ha ha ha! So far wala pa naman kaming nakukunang mga ganung eksena. Mga madadaling eksena pa lang ang nagagawa namin. Pero ngayon pine-prepare ko na ‘yung sarili ko kung ilang sampal o sabunot ang makakayanan ko.”

    But 13-year-old Kathryn immediately clarified that contrary to their TV characters, she and Julia are good friends. They started to become close a few years back when they were part of the kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit. “Okay kami ni Julia off cam. Best friends na kami since Goin’ Bulilit pa. Kaya masaya ako na siya ang makakasama ko sa Mara Clara, siya ang gaganap na Clara. Excited na kami pareho.”

    If in the original Mara Clara, Judy Ann had Wowie De Guzman as her leading man, Kathryn will also have an onscreen partner, whom she refused to name. “Sa ngayon…surprise na lang po, ha ha ha! Basta abangan niyo kasi magiging maganda ‘yung story.” She then blushed and kindly begged not to be asked any more questions about love because she feels she’s too young for those things.

    But when asked if she would be given the liberty to choose who her leading man in Mara Clara would be, Kathryn confessed, “Pwede po bang si Justin Bieber?! Ha ha ha! Joke lang.”

    Already predicted to become the next primetime drama princess, Kathryn hopes that one day she could be as successful as her showbiz idols. “Si Mr. Piolo Pascual po talaga ‘yung hinahangaan ko noon pa. Sa babae si Ms. Judy Ann kasi napakagaling niya talagang umarte. Gusto ko rin po si Ate Iya Villania.”


    Kathryn Bernardo graduates from "the young" roles;
    she plays Mara, the part which gave Judy Ann Santos her biggest break

    Rommel Gonzales Sunday, November 7, 2010 09:53 PM

    Maaaring bansagang "the young" ang teen actress na si Kathryn Bernardo. Karamihan kasi sa mga nagampanan na niya in the past ay yung mga batang karakter ng mga sikat na aktres sa iba't-ibang soap operas at maging sa pelikula. Sa Magkaribal, si Kathryn ang gumanap na young Gretchen Barretto. Ang very first project naman niya ay ang pelikulang It Might Be You bilang batang Bea Alonzo.

    Sumunod dito ang Sana'y Wala Ng Wakas bilang young Kaye Abad at sa Vietnam Rose ay siya ang gumanap bilang young Maricel Soriano. Masuwerte si Kathryn dahil kahit exclusive contract artist siya ng Star Magic ng ABS-CBN ay pinayagan siyang "tumawid" sa kabilang bakod ng GMA-7 at gumanap bilang young Marian Rivera sa Endless Love."Kasi po nagkataon lang po talaga na sabay silang ipinalabas, yung Magkaribal at yung Endless Love, [pero] una po tineyping ang Magkaribal."

    Nagpaalam naman po ako siyempre, at thankful po ako sa management dahil nagtiwala po sila sa akin sa dalawang roles na iyon, yung kay Ms. Marian po pati yung kay Ms. Gretchen. "Nagpaalam po kami before nag-guest sa Endless Love."

    BIG BREAK. Sa Mara Clara, bilang si Mara, mabigat ang role niya na ginampanan dati ni Judy Ann Santos. Nang unang sabihin sa kanya that she will play the role of Mara, ano ang naging reaksyon niya. "Kinabahan po! Kasi nga ipinagkatiwala sa akin ang role na ito. Tapos po siyempre masaya ako kasi ito po ang naging big break ni Ms. Judai. "Nagkasama na rin po kami noon sa Krystala, nakita ko po kung gaano siya kabait." Sa Krystala, gumanap si Kathryn bilang younger sister ni Ryan Agoncillo.

    Muling nagkita sina Kathryn at Judy Ann sa pictorial ng Mara Clara, pati sina Julia Montes at Gladys Reyes na gumanap namang Clara ngayon at noon, respectively. "Before po kami nag-taping, nag-meet po kami, nag-pictorial po kami yung para sa teaser po, na-meet po namin silang dalawa."

    Ano ang mga sinabi kay Kathryn ni Judai?"Ang sabi lang po niya huwag daw sayangin yung break na ibinigay sa akin, tsaka siyempre pangalagaan yung role dahil maganda po talaga yung role na iyon."


    Kathryn Bernardo says she’s too young to have a boyfriend
    Wed Nov 10 2010 07:24 AM by: Napoleon Quintos

    Kathryn Bernardo has grown up from doing gags and spoofs in Goin’ Bulilit to taking on one of the lead roles in the primetime teleserye Mara Clara. Kathryn takes on the role of Mara, which was originally played by Judy Ann Santos. With the high ratings that Mara Clara is enjoying, Kathryn hopes she also become a successful actress like her idol Judy Ann. “Siyempre gusto rin naming maging successful kagaya nina Ms. Judy Ann and Ms. Gladys (Reyes). Pero ayaw muna naming mag-isip ng mga ganun. Sa ngayon ginagawa lang namin ‘yung best namin parang maging maganda ‘yung trabaho namin and matuwa ang mga nanonood.” Mara Clara also stars Julia Montes as Clara, originally played by Gladys.

    Kathryn is thankful that her career didn’t suffer a setback when she transitioned from being a child to being a teenager, what is mostly called in showbiz as the “awkward stage.” The 14-year old hopes more of her Goin’ Bulilit friends will also be given the chance to successfully graduate from child roles. “Siguro nga panahon na talaga ng mga tinatawag nilang ‘tweens.’ Napakasaya na nabigyan kami ng napakalaking opportunity na ganito para ‘yung mga ka age naming walang project e mabigyan din ng pagkakataon.”

    She dismissed speculations that she is now being envied by many young stars in ABS-CBN. Kathryn said that her friends from Goin’ Bulilit have expressed happiness over her big break in Mara Clara. “Wala naman pong issue. Kapag nakikita nila kami, kino-congratulate nila kami na kami ‘yung napili for this project. Proud din sila sa amin bilang magkakaibigan kami.”

    Now that she is in her teens, Kathryn was asked if she ready to accept suitors, but she immediately explained that she’s too young for love. “Work mode ako ngayon e, ha ha ha! Kung magkakaroon ako ng relationship ngayon, mas maganda kung friends lang muna.”

    Kathryn added that although she is being paired in a love team with Albie Casiño in Mara Clara, she said that they are just friends. “Kami ni Albie nagkakailangan nung una kasi first time naming magkakilala para dito sa Mara Clara. Pero dahil sa mga workshops naging okay naman kami. Ngayon magkaibigan na kami.''

    Source: http://www.push.com.ph/news-feature/1076/Kathryn-Bernardo-says-she-s-too-young-to-have-a-boyfriend.aspx

    Kathryn Bernardo flattered sa mga comments na natatanggap sa Mara Clara
    January 5, 2011 | Wednesday | 10:52 am

    Masaya si Kathryn Bernardo, gumaganap bilang Mara David sa Mara Clara, sa mga positive comments na natatanggap nito sa kaniyang pagganap sa remake ng teleserye nina Judy Ann Santos at Gladys Reyes. Aminado si Kathryn na nakatulong ang role niya sa teleserye para mas makilala pa siya ng tao. Kasabay nito ang mga positive comments na natatanggap niya tungkol sa kaniyang pa-arte sa Mara Clara.

    Malaki ang pasasalamat ng dalagitang aktres sa mga manonood na nagsasabing kahalintulad niya umarte si Judy Ann, na ginampanan din ang role na Mara noon.Aminado si Kathryn na iniidolo niya talaga si Judy Ann at hindi biro ang sundan ang yapak nito sa pag-arte bilang Mara.Dagdag pa ni Kathryn, sa kabila ng mga positibong komentong kaniyang natatanggap, handa pa rin umano siyang tumanggap ng mga negative comments kung mayroon man.

    Kasama ni Kathryn sa teleseryeng Mara Clara sina Julia Montes (Clara del Valle), John Manalo (Eris Reyes), Dimples Romana (Alvira Gonzales-del Valle), Jhong Hilario (Gary David), Ms. Gina Pareño (Lupe David), Mylene Dizon (Susan David) at marami pang iba.


    Kathryn Bernardo says being compared to Judy Ann Santos is the best compliment she could receive
    Wed Jan 05 2011 08:33 AM by: Bernie Franco

    Kathryn Bernardo said that her role as Mara in the primetime TV series Mara Clara has made her a recognizable figure. “Kilala ka na ng tao, kahit saan ka pumunta dahil ‘yon lagi kang pinapanood ng mga tao, nakakatuwa,” she beamed. “Malaking tulong po talaga ang Mara Clara para makilala po ako.”

    Kathryn said that while she receives a lot of compliments for her portrayal, the best ones for her are when fans of the first Mara Clara liken her to Judy Ann Santos, who originally portrayed Mara. “[Sinasabi nila] para kang si Judy Ann. Idol ko si Ms. Judai tapos, wow, hindi ako na-compare ng negative sa kanya, gaya ng sinabi nila ng ganon. Sobrang saya [ko] po.”

    So far, Kathryn said that she has not yet heard any criticism for her reprisal of Mara. The young actress had previously admitted that Judai’s portrayal in the original series is a tough act to follow. “Wala pa po akong naririnig na negative pero kung meron, okay lang. Hindi ko naman po mapi-please ang lahat ng tao. Basta sa part ko ginagawa ko lang po ‘yung best ko.”

    Kathryn also shared that her friendship with her co-star Julia Montes, who plays Clara, is going stronger, even if their characters have an intense hate-filled relationship. “Okay naman po. Everyday kaming nagkikita kaya ‘yung friendship namin lalo pang tumibay.” Kathryn described Julia as down-to-earth, a trait that she likes the most about her co-star. “Sobrang humble n’ya. ‘Yung compliment ko sa kanya [na magaling siya] hindi siya naniniwala ganyan, sobrang bait po niya,” described Kathryn.

    The young actress also credits her veteran co-stars for helping her to improve on her craft. “Hindi naman po nila ako pinapabayaan. Sina Miss Gina (Pareño), Tita Mylene (Dizon), tinutulungan po nila akong mag-motivate. Sila talaga ‘yung nagsasabi kailangan mo pang galingan.”

    She also named Mylene, who plays her mother in the show, as the co-star who really motivates her to act better. “Sobrang mommy siya sa set. ‘Uy ‘yung camera mo hanapin mo, tapos straight body ka.’ Kahit po off-cam talagang inaalagaan niya ako.”

    Source: http://www.push.com.ph/news-feature/2074/Kathryn-Bernardo-says-being-compared-to-Judy-Ann-Santos-is-the-best-compliment-she-could-recieve.aspx

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    [highlight]SM VALENZUELA[/highlight]


    [highlight]ROBINSONS ILOILO[/highlight]


    [highlight]SM BATANGAS[/highlight]


    [highlight]SM LUCENA[/highlight]


    [highlight]PACIFIC MALL LUCENA[/highlight]


    [highlight]ALABANG FESTIVAL[/highlight]


    [highlight]NCC MALL DAVAO[/highlight]


    [highlight]METRO PLAZA TOLEDO CEBU[/highlight]


    [highlight]FILINVEST ALABANG[/highlight]

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    kbcopy.jpg 34.jpg

    33.jpg 29.jpg [img]http://i1085.photobucket.com/albums/j424/kbbuddies/KB BUDDIES 110710 5.jpg[/img]

    1.jpg 3.jpg

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    Mara Clara (Nov 18, 2010)

    http://atayathispinoy.blogspot.com/2...v-18-2010.html http://atayathispinoy.blogspot.com/2...v-18-2010.html

    Mara Clara (Nov 18, 2010)

    http://atayathispinoy.blogspot.com/2...v-18-2010.html http://atayathispinoy.blogspot.com/2...v-18-2010.html

    MARA CLARA (Nov 29, 2010) HIGH QUALITY

    http://noypilounge.blogspot.com/2010...v-29-2010.html http://noypilounge.blogspot.com/2010...v-29-2010.html

    MARA CLARA (Nov 29, 2010) HIGH QUALITY

    http://noypilounge.blogspot.com/2010...v-29-2010.html http://noypilounge.blogspot.com/2010...v-29-2010.html


    http://noypilounge.blogspot.com/2010...ec-1-2010.html http://noypilounge.blogspot.com/2010...ec-1-2010.html


    http://noypilounge.blogspot.com/2010...ec-1-2010.html http://noypilounge.blogspot.com/2010...ec-1-2010.html

    Mara Clara (April 12, 2011)

    http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-12-2011.html http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-12-2011.html

    Mara Clara (April 12, 2011)

    http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-12-2011.html http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-12-2011.html

    Mara Clara (April 13, 2011)

    http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-13-2011.html http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-13-2011.html

    Mara Clara (April 13, 2011)

    http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-13-2011.html http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-13-2011.html


    http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-14-2011.html http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-14-2011.html


    http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-14-2011.html http://pinoybarkadatv.blogspot.com/2...l-14-2011.html

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    Yehey! Party party :partygirl: :imu: :imu:

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