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Horrible Experience: Bionic Wheels Aurora Blvd Cubao

"Another Horrible Bionic Wheels (Aurora Blvd Cubao) Experience – Avoid this shop like a plague Part 2”

Good day!
I just want to share my bad experience w/ Bionic Wheels Aurora Blvd Cubao.

I wrote this feedback 2 days after the incident and have been hesitating to share this to forumers. However, whenever I notice the damage caused by the said shop (I wash my car twice a week and wax around once a week), I can't help but remember the poor customer experience I had with them, which eventually drove me to finally post the feedback I had written almost a year ago.

So here's the story -


I've read a couple of similar feedback and included the one most relevant to my experience below, but this was back in 2004 so I thought they've changed their ways…only to find out myself that they have even worsened.
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:( avoid this shop
guys di ko alam kung saan forum ko post ito paki lipat na lang kung saan tama. Sorry din kung medyo mahaba story

my fellow tsikoteers,


my gf's mom had her fx tinted there last april 21... platinun tint daw 4500 since di gaano marunong sa cars pumayag na si tita. as they were tinting the fx. she noticed the installer was bara-bara on cleaning the glass...she told them to be careful not to scratch the glass... aba parang wala daw narinig yung mama so sige di na kimibo si tita... nung nakabit na lahat ng tint inspek na si tita napansin nya parang may mga bubbles pa daw at may mga gasgas yung tint...sabi ng installer mawawala daw yun kasi basa pa at yung gasgas daw di yun gasgas yng natuyo na shampoo lang daw yung wait 3 days daw...so ok sabi ni tita babalik sya pag di nawala... oo daw sabi nung Jess sa bionic

after a few days pinunasan na ni tita yung salamin ng fx aba ayun naglitawan na yung mag gasgas sa glass... hindi sa tint sa glass nakayod nung instaler. at yung 2 glass sa likod gas gas talaga sa tint.

so pinabalik ni tita sa gf ko with her sister & their friend sa bionic wheels yung fx to complain. eto. ayaw nila tingnan from the inside yung tint. wala naman daw gasgas... nung pinilit nila na look at it from the inside di daw gasgas yun dumi lang... so napikon na GF ko. pinapunta ako sa bionic... pag dating ko inspek ko yung fx at yung mga panels na irereklamo... meron agad isang chinese guy na red head at may earing pa nana hip-hop nagbubunganga sa akin...kesyo di daw gasgas yun... tumataas na boses nya...calm *** ako... ask ko sya kung sya ba yung jess na kausap ni tita... di daw... at humarap na sa akin yung Jess...i asked him to feel the glasstint una ayaw pa nung napansin nya na asar na ako bigla pumayag na papalitan na lang daw pero yng redhead hiphop guy panay parin bunganga sa akin di ko na lang pinanasin... ended up with 2 back glass changed tint but yung na gasgas nila na glass sa driver's side ayaw na nila aminin... tita uses her fx everyday so alam nya kung new scratch yun o hindi... what a way to blow 4500 bucks


So ok, that was the experience of another forumer and here's mine:

Last May 28, 2010 (Friday) I had my newly replaced (insurance spent P30k++ / windshield replacement took a bit over a week - car downtime) Windshield from Casa tinted at Bionic Wheels, Aurora Blvd. My companion and I noticed that the guy working on my tint seemed a bit rough. Right after he finished tinting I inspected the windshield and saw a few bubbles and 6 minor scratches and pointed these out but the installer said I should wait one week for the tint to settle in and come back if there are still bubbles or scratches. The staff likewise guaranteed that these marks would disappear in within 5 days. I notice every minor detail on my car because I wash it myself at least twice a week.

So I waited a week but the bubbles and scratches were still visible on the side of the tint and not on my windshield since it was brand new. On that same day at 1:30pm-3:30pm, I had my car Double Waxed first at Big Bert’s Ortigas and I inspected it thoroughly before and after the Double Wax (Clay Bar + Sealant) Service and was sure that there were no scratches on the windshield and dashboard then proceeded with my cousin to Bionic Wheels to have the tint checked out.

After they verified the bubbles and scratches that wouldn’t go away, they made a second attempt to install tint. We waited another two hours but both noticed that the second tint had even longer and bigger scratches than the first one. I decided that I already had to escalate the problem to the Chinese owner and when he came down he was very angry, shouting and even cussing at me at the top of his lungs, ordering his staff to remove the tint and return my money instead. I remained calm, simply explaining my predicament then his wife also came down until both of them were screaming angrily at me, even insulting me by saying that more expensive cars come in for tint installation without complaints. Still I kept my cool and continued to address them and their staff as Sir/Ma’am to prevent further aggravation since I had already wasted 2 days to visit their shop and still not get my money’s worth/the service I paid for. I realized after some time of standing there and just listening to them shout that this was not going to get me anywhere since I knew that the installer wouldn’t be able to pay for the scratches anyway.

After the installer removed the tint, my cousin pointed out that they used a scraper that wasn’t supposed to be used for handling tints and roughly handled blades in the removal from my windshield. When the tint was finally removed at 5:30-6pm, we saw 2 new scratches on my brand new windshield, which were very evident even if it was already late in the day. I wiped my car’s exterior when I got home that night so as not to waste my double wax earlier in the day. The following day under the morning sun, I did my usual ritual of lightly dusting my car’s exterior which is when I noticed about a dozen light scratches on the Windshield and several *end to end* semi-deep scratches on my dashboard as well which would not go away even with wiping and waxing – the result of their rough mishandling in removing the tint.

I should've listened to the owner of Big Bert’s Bionic Wheels feedback quoted above from 6 years ago which would have prevented my wasting 2hours twice, getting unnecessarily shouted and cussed at, and having 2 semi deep scratches on my brand new windshield and even longer scratches on my dashboard.

I would have wanted to give this feedback to the owners so that they would hopefully improve their service relations (which I thought they would after the initial feedback posted 6 years ago) but they went mad in front of me so I’ll just post to car forums instead. I just want to share my negative experience and at the very least warn future customers to be cautious when dealing with them. I hope no one ever gets the same treatment I got from them and even take home remembrance of the experience through scratches that I see every single day. Hope this helps!
Btw, I need your suggestions on what to do now to fix the problem.

1. How do I remove the scratch marks on my windshield and dashboard?

2. Is it advisable to install tint again to somehow cover the scratches instead? If yes, which shops would you recommend that installs tints well?

3. Is it better to just put stickers on my dashboard like carbon fiber or any other plain colored stickers? (The scratches get distracting when I see them reflect on my windshield while driving)

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