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VAN ROXAS:The Most Lovable Comfort Boy That Will Make Your Summer Hot(VANSHIPPERS 56)


PDA2 Star Dreamer Van Louell Pojas: the Young Heartthrob

Van Louelle Pojas: I will do my BEST to show my TALENT! [Vanshippers 2]

Van Roxas: I go far as Long as people wants to hear my music [vanshippers 3]

Van Roxas: Poprock hearththrob (Vanshippers 4)

VAN ROXAS: •The Next BIG superSTAR!•[vanshippers 5]

VAN ROXAS:♥•a STAR is born!•♥[vanshippers 6]

VAN ROXAS:۞Star Light, Star Bright, the SuperST۞R we L♥ve for life [vanshippers 7]

Ah! 1, 2, Star over you, Vanshippers said Ilove you (Vanshippers 8)

VAN ROXAS: Successful at 19, Happy Birthday Van! [Vanshippers 9]


VAN ROXAS: StarStudio HOTTEST December HUNK! [VANshippers Exclusive 11]

VAN ROXAS: Masaya ang Pasko kasama si BUNSO [VANSHIPPERS EXCLUSIVE 12]

Van Roxas:•You Are The Magic And Santa Claus Of Our Christmas•[VANshippers 13]

Van Roxas: Maswerte at Masaganang Vangong Taon [Vanshippers 14]

VAN ROXAS University, Schol of Addicts, 24/7 Walang tulugan puro Daldalan [Vanshippers 15]

VAN : D force that ignites the fire in every VANSHIPPERS’ hearts! [vanshippers 17]

VAN ROXAS:U hav our undying lov and nvr ending support [vanshippers18-1]

VAN ROXAS: U changed R lives 4 a moment and 8 all begun when we met u (vanshippers19)

VAN ROXAS:The Poprock Heartthrob gets better..soars higher than ever![VANshippers 20]

VAN ROXAS: Van! whatever will be will be in this kaleidoscope world (vanshippers21)

VAN ROXAS:Lalong nag-iinit ang aming summer ng dhil sa kakaicp sa'yo![Vanshippers 22]

VAN ROXAS: para pantay na tayo,bashers na kami,d powerthread (vanshippers 23,24 & 25)

VAN ROXAS:”There is dignity in silence”because we love and support U”(VANSHIPPERS 26)

VAN ROXAS: Soon we will be miles away but in our hearts, you will always stay.. [VANSHIPPERS27]

VAN ROXAS:Every goodbye makes the next hello closer [VANSHIPPERS28]


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