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The Beauty Pageants Thread - 17



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    ABS-CBN Entertainment
    January 23, 2015


    Watch the most beautiful day in the universe via satellite on ABS-CBN this Monday (Jan 26) at 10 AM as the most beautiful women from 88 different countries around the world compete for the crown of “Miss Universe” in Doral-Miami, Florida.

    Will the Philippines’ bet Mary Jean Lastimosa finally take home the coveted title? Since 2010, the Philippines has been part of the top five with Venus Raj finishing 4th runner up in the said year, Shamcey Supsup and Ariella Arida clinching 3rd runner up in 2011 and 2013, and Janine Tugonon getting closest to the crown when she finished 1st runner up to 2012 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

    This year, Filipino fans are hopeful that MJ will become the third Filipina Miss Universe in history being one of the crowd favorites this early in the competition.

    Many pageant sites predicted that MJ will make it to the top five. The 27 year old beauty from South Cotabato was also well received during the preliminary judging.

    In the end, MJ’s fate lies in the hands of the panel of judges composed of Kristin Cavallari, Lisa Vanderpump, Louise Roe, William Levy, and the Philippines’ very own boxing champ Manny Pacquiao.

    The pageant night will be held at the FIU Arena to be hosted by “Today’s” Natalie Morales and MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts. International recording artist Nick Jonas and breakthrough Latin superstar Prince Royce are also slated to perform.

    Don’t miss the via satellite telecast of the “63rd Annual Miss Universe” pageant, 10 AM, on ABS-CBN. Lifestyle Network will also air the show on cable television at 9 AM.
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    ABS-CBN Entertainment Lifestyle Network
    January 23, 2015


    Make sure that you don’t miss out on real-time updates on the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant by tuning into Lifestyle Network and ABS-CBN on Monday (January 26) as it brings to Philippine TV the live airing of the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant on the Lifestyle Network and via satellite airing on ABS-CBN.

    The stage is all set for the most glamorous night in Florida as 88 beautiful ladies representing their country display elegance and brilliance for the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant. The Philippines’ representative, 2014 Bb. Pilipinas Mary Jean Lastimosa is among the pool of women who has the chance to be crowned Miss Universe.

    Other familiar Filipino faces will be present in the Miss Universe Pageant as well. Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is one of the pageant judges this year, while 2013 Miss Universe 3rd Runner-Up Ariella Arida will be the online backstage host.

    Don’t forget to catch the live airing of the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant on the Lifestyle Network on January 26, 9AM with replays on January 27 (12MN), January 31 (9PM), and February 1 (3PM). You can also catch via satellite the Miss Universe Pageant on ABS-CBN on January 26, 10AM.
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    The wildest and most controversial national costumes at Miss Universe

    Fri, Jan 23, 2015 2:00 AM PHT

    The candidates competing in the Miss Universe pageant showed a bit of their culture through the national costumes they wore. Some candidates missed the mark with costumes that looked like underwear or from a parade. Others sparked controversy because of the design of their national costume.

    Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Castillo, was the center of a huge controversy because her costume, in honor of the Virgen de la Altagracia, was considered disrespectful by many.


    Desire Lamb Ferrer of Spain seemed like a cross between a queen and a virgin which divided opinions.


    Grace Levy of Great Britain wore this suit that made her look like a tin soldier.


    Melissa Gurgel of Brazil looked like she was dressed for the Carnival or the Victoria’s Secret fashion show rather than representing her country.


    Miss Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos proudly wore her national costume despite being scrutinized on social media for looking like a plant with feet.


    Brittany Mesa-Bell of Guam looked like a peacock with leaves instead of feathers.


    Miss Croatia Ivana Misura’s national costume looked so simple, it looked like a sundress.


    Yulia Alipova representing Russia wore an intricately stunning costume many believed was too extravagant.


    Miss Hungary Henrietta Kelemen confused a lot of people with the connection of her simple dress to her country.


    Chanel Beckenlehner of Canada stepped out channeling Lady Gaga.


    Miss Nigeria Celestine Queen wore a typical Nigerian tribal costume but looked less like a beauty queen.


    Photos By Miss Universe Organization
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    Miss Universe expert: MJ Lastimosa is a candidate to beat

    January 23, 2015 6:51pm

    French fashion expert and beauty producer Ines Ligron is very outspoken with her commentary on the Miss Universe 2014 candidates on her public Facebook page—and she has every right to be, having been National Director of the Miss Universe pageant in Japan for 10 years before retiring in 2010.

    She also maintains close ties to the pageant, often posting backstage and show photos of many of the candidates. Her three favorites? Colombia, Jamaica, and the Philippines.


    558542_691181797559828_2094885978_n.png?oh=b42d12341d4d7ff40ac8a4fff3fc0d3f&oe=55596E49&__gda__=1428457970_58ff01fd5a690514f173d4e1d7b73f81Ines Ligron
    MY BEST 3:

    wow the most beautiful ever at Miss Universe! Never saw a body like that, even at Victoria Secret. Beyond!

    very Hollywood in the 50's, mega elegant, aristocratic, perfect fit beauty.

    regal, charming, royal, graceful, amazing body and smile. The only Asian with an amazing booty-full. I am impressed!

    January 21

    She named Mary Jean Lastimosa as one of the candidates to beat, calling her the Filipina's self-introduction at the opening of the pageant "a much classier version" as opposed to many other candidates' “embarrassing” screaming.


    558542_691181797559828_2094885978_n.png?oh=b42d12341d4d7ff40ac8a4fff3fc0d3f&oe=55596E49&__gda__=1428457970_58ff01fd5a690514f173d4e1d7b73f81Ines Ligron

    COLOMBIA the one to beat
    Jamaica & Philippines
    Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Curacao, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuela

    So disappointed with Spain... Argentina was a big surprise to me!
    Her evening look, wow!

    Watch the show at (but warning, the opening is awful, as the girls are screaming which makes it very embarrassing.. best self-intro by USA, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Jamaica as they gave a much classier version... enjoy the show!

    Rathi with Alejandro & Claudia when Rathi tried on her gown for the first time.
    Couture designer Alejandro Fajardo whom designed this couture gown, and Miami beloved fashion stylist Claudia Zuleta at her studio.

    January 21

    On Jan. 17, Ligron called MJ Lastimosa “divine” in a Facebook post.


    558542_691181797559828_2094885978_n.png?oh=b42d12341d4d7ff40ac8a4fff3fc0d3f&oe=55596E49&__gda__=1428457970_58ff01fd5a690514f173d4e1d7b73f81Ines Ligron

    Ligron also seems to have a soft spot for the Philippines as a nation, having packed two balikbayan boxes full of warm clothes for children who live in the mountains.


    558542_691181797559828_2094885978_n.png?oh=b42d12341d4d7ff40ac8a4fff3fc0d3f&oe=55596E49&__gda__=1428457970_58ff01fd5a690514f173d4e1d7b73f81Ines Ligron


    My son Noa took these pictures of us. With my accomplice Leah Turqueza who works in my home, we finished today packing 2 huge boxes full of warm clothes to be sent to the mountains in the Philippines for the street children. The boxes will be picked up tomorrow. Salamat to my sweet friends who sent goodies to my home. — with Vicky Multani.
    January 21

    — Vida Cruz/JST, GMA News
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    Final Preview: Miss Universe 2014

    Posted on January 23, 2015 by John Hinderaker in Beauty pageants

    The finale of the 2014 Miss Universe pageant is Sunday evening on NBC, at 8:00 Eastern, 7:00 Central. And no, that isn’t a typo. They must know it’s 2015, but this is indeed the 2014 Miss Universe pageant.

    And a good one it has been. The contestants have been in Miami for the last three weeks engaging in a variety of activities, which are documented at the Miss Universe site. If you have somehow missed our prior posts on the pageant, we have featured some of our favorite contestants and covered the only political controversy to arise so far here, here, here and here. Why so much coverage? Two reasons: First, Miss Universe is now the premier international beauty pageant, by far, in part because, unlike Miss World, it retains the traditional swimsuit competition. Also, it excels in social media and marketing generally. Whether the fact that Donald Trump owns it is a plus or a minus is up to you. Second, whom would you rather write about, Barack Obama or Miss Puerto Rico? I rest my case.

    You can actually waste quite a bit of time following the Miss Universe pageant. Not only can you look at photos of all of the contestants and a multitude of videos on the pageant’s site, you also can watch brief interviews with all of the contestants on YouTube. The preliminary evening gown and swimsuit competition was on Wednesday, and you can watch the whole thing here. It is around two hours long; the swimsuit portion starts about midway through.

    You can also bet on the competition. I am not sure who does that, but the action seems to be pretty lively. And we have a news flash: there is a new betting favorite, supplanting the home country entrant, Miss USA. Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, is now the favorite, at odds ranging from 2 1/2 to 5 to 1, which seem like awfully short odds for such a strong field. Here is Miss Colombia during the preliminary competition on Wednesday:


    Like a lot of Latin American beauty queens, Miss Vega is not exactly an underdog: she is the daughter of a cardiologist and the granddaughter of a famous tenor. Her grandmother was Miss Atlántico 1953. She has been a model since she was eight and speaks several languages. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

    The next betting favorites are contestants we have already pictured and profiled: Miss USA, Miss Venezuela, Miss India. I don’t think we have pictured Miss Spain:


    By the way, if you have ever wondered: surgical enhancement is not against the rules of the major international beauty pageants.

    Miss Philippines is the next favorite among bettors:


    Those are all terrific contestants, and probably one of them will win the crown. There are lots of other strong competitors. For example, Miss Czech Republic:


    Miss Angola has zoomed up the leader board and now sits at 24-1. I am not sure how serious a contender she is, but if they gave an award for most impressive physique, she might win it:


    This year, as is usually the case, my personal favorites are not among those preferred by bettors. What’s more, they haven’t changed since the first post I did on this year’s pageant. Miss Gabon, Maggaly Nguema–cutest entrant in this year’s pageant? I say yes. Plus, how can you not like someone who generally goes barefoot and campaigns for equal treatment for victims of leprosy?


    Then we have Miss Puerto Rico, Gabriela Berrios. In her official, glamorous pageant shots, she looks great, but pretty much like a generic beauty contestant:


    But if you check out her candid shots on Instagram, she is pretty angelic:


    One more:


    By the way: if you have never been to Puerto Rico? You should go.

    And, finally, we have Miss Israel, Doron Matalon. She is a legitimate beauty queen but also a formidable character: she is a former assistant to the Commander of Israeli Central Command and has been pictured rock climbing as well as frolicking in Miami pools. Miss Matalon is a bit of a trouble-maker, having been involved in the pageant’s only political controversy. She published on her Instagram feed a photo of herself with, among others, Miss Lebanon. Consternation in the Arab world ensued. We wrote about that controversy here. Still, apart from anything else, Miss Matalon is a strong contender. Like Miss Puerto Rico, she is a master of social media and has made a big impression over the last few weeks:


    So there you have it. Tune in Sunday evening to see who wins the Miss Universe crown.
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    PAISTARAN: MJ Lastimosa, Spain at Colombia, PASOK sa Top 15 (mock) sa Miss ‘U’!

    Sunday, 25 January 2015
    Written by Dondon Sermino


    Miss ‘U’, live sa ABS-CBN at Lifestyle Network!

    Ka-Facebook namin si Jonas Antonio Gaffud, na mas kilala bilang ‘CREATOR’ ng mga Beauty Queens. Eh, ‘di ba nga, halos lahat ng isinabaka niya sa Miss Universe, nakakuha talaga ng puwesto o pasok na pasok sa Top 5. Mula ‘yon kay Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup, Janine Tugonon, at Ariella Arida.

    Ngayon ay nasa Miami Florida si Jonas, kasama si Ara Arida, na portion host (pang-YouTube o Internet nga lang ba?) ng Miss Universe. At siyempre, aliw na aliw kaming basahin ang kanyang mga pinu-post dahil nandun nga siya, sa kung saan ang aksiyon.

    Sa rehearsals pa lang ng Miss Universe, nakaramdam na ng tuwa si Jonas, dahil sina Philippines (Mary Jean Lastimosa), ang Miss Spain at Miss Colombia, ay napili agad-agad sa ‘MOCK’ ng Top 15. Parang may pahiwatig na nga ito, na ang tatlo talaga ang maglalaban-laban, ha!

    At siyempre, dasal ng mga bakla, huwag mabago ang eksena!

    Narito pa ang ilang mga pinu-post ni Jonas sa kanyang FB account:

    “With the hometown girl Nia Sanchez, Miss USA. Great personality. Told her I want to take a photo with her after she’s done with her salad. She reminded me about it.”

    “After I saw the girls up close and actually I’m impressed with Miss Thailand (tall, makinis, maaliwalas, maganda and speaks very well). She’s a bit shy lang, I think.”

    “I saw Miss India, for the first time too, and maganda naman pala siya. May dating. Si Miss Austria is another beauty. Mesmerized lang ako habang nagrereklamo or may sinasabi siya kay Miss Canada. I forgot what she was saying. Hahaha. So cute!!!”

    “Miss Serbia, Miss Lithuania, Miss Great Britain are beautiful ladies. Grabe. I hope lang the Europeans can show great personalities kasi. Ang do-DIYOSAa pa naman nila!”

    Anyway, I’m sure, sa pageant night mismo, mas maraming posts si Jonas sa kanyang Facebook account, na tututukan din ng kanyang mga FB friends.


    Si MJ Lastimosa na kaya ang hihiranging ikatlong Pinay Miss Universe? Alamin ang sagot sa 63rd Annual Miss Universe na mapapanood sa ABS-CBN via satellite sa Doral-Miami, Florida sa Lunes (January 26), 10 AM.

    Umaasa ang Pinoy fans na mauwi na sa wakas ni MJ ang korona lalo pa at laging pasok ang Pilipinas sa top 5 simula noong 2010.

    Crowd favorite rin ang 27 year old beauty mula South Cotabato sa kumpetisyon. Mainit ngang tinanggap ang pambato ng bansa sa ginawang preliminary round kung saan rumampa si MJ suot ang kanyang national costume, swimsuit at evening gown.

    Pasok din lagi sa top 5 si MJ sa iba’t ibang pageant sites na nagbibigay ng kani-kanilang prediksyon sa magiging resulta ng patimpalak.

    Sa huli, nakasalalay ang kapalaran ni MJ sa napiling mga hurado na kinabibilangan nina Kristin Cavallari, Lisa Vanderpump, Louise Roe, William Levy at mismong Pambansang Kamao ng Pilipinas na si Manny Pacquiao.

    Gaganapin ang pageant night sa FIU Arena sa pangunguna ng hosts na sina Natalie Morales ng “Today” at Thomas Roberts ng MSNBC. Magtatanghal din ang international recording artist na si Nick Jonas at breakthrough Latin superstar na si Prince Royce.

    Huwag palalampasina ng pinakamagandang araw sa buong sa universe sa via satellite telecast ng “63rd Annual Miss Universe” pageant, 10:00 AM, sa ABS-CBN. Mapapanood din ito sa Lifestyle Network ng 9:00 AM.
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    Colombia at Spain, mahigpit na kaagaw ni MJ sa korona

    JANUARY 26, 2015

    BONGGACIOUS ang showbiz kibitzer na si Bernard Cloma (aka Mega PR) dahil karay-karay siya sa mga lakad nina Manny at Jinkee Pacquiao, pati na sa dinner with Prince Harry ng UK at sa Miss Universe judging ni Pacman ngayon sa Miami.

    Dala kaya ni Bernard ang suwerte para sa ating kandidatang si MJ Lastimosa?




    Mapapanood ang laban ni MJ sa 63rd Miss Universe ngayong 9:00 AM sa Lifestyle Network.

    10:00 AM ang delayed telecast nito sa ABS-CBN.

    Ayon sa isang kilalang designer sa Cebu City, mahigpit na kaagaw ni MJ sa korona si Miss Colombia.

    Minsan pa lang nasungkit ng Colombia ang korona ng Miss U.

    Maliban sa mga kandidata ng Venezuela at USA, malakas din ang dating ng panlaban ng Puerto Rico, Spain at Argentina.

    88 ang kalahok sa Miss U ngayong taon.


    Bago na ang korona ng Miss U at gawa ito ng D.I.C.

    Ayon sa website ng Miss U, “The new crown was designed to blend the Czech roots of D.I.C. with the beautiful skyline of New York City, home of the Miss Universe Organization and its titleholders.

    “Craftsmen spent over 3,000 hours to create this beautiful and timeless crown with a very unique infrastructure, inspired by design elements of various royal crowns throughout history.

    “The crown symbolizes and expresses the beauty, stability, confidence and power of women around the world.”

    411 grams ang timbang ng korona at tinatayang $300,000 ang halaga nito.

    Nasa korona ang:

    33 natural, translucent and colorless Bohemian crystals, cut, polished and metalized on the rear side to enhance light reflection.

    5 large light blue topaz stones, symbolizing strength and loyalty, each weighing 18.6 karats.

    198 dark blue sapphire stones, symbolizing faith and wisdom weighing a total of 29.7 karats.

    Encrusted with 311 small polished diamonds, weighing a total of 10.37 karats.

    Base consists of 18-karat white gold strip that is 2 cm. tall, 0.5 mm thick weighing 220 grams.

    Abante TONITE Entertainment Staff
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    Will Miami be MJ’s lucky charm?
    By Celso de Guzman Caparas (The Philippine Star) | Updated January 26, 2015


    Miami played host to Miss Universe pageant from 1960 to 1971 (held in Miami Beach Auditorium), 1984 and 1985 (in James L. Knight Convention Center) and 1997 (in Miami Beach Convention Center).

    After 17 years, the pageant is back in Miami (this time in Doral City) where our bet Mary Jean “MJ” Lastimosa (left) is touted by locals, international pageant webmasters and aficionados as “one of the most likely” to wear the newly-designed Miss U crown (inset).

    In a while, we will know what fate awaits MJ as ABS-CBN airs the pageant live starting at 10 o’clock this morning and Lifestyle Network an hour earlier (9 a.m.), with replays on Jan. 27 (12 noon), Jan. 31 (9 p.m.) and Feb. 1 (3 p.m.).

    It was in Miami, dubbed as the “Capital of Latin America,”
    where our first-ever Miss Universe Gloria Diaz (above) won,
    beating 60 other delegates.

    Other Filipinas who shone in Miami: 1963, Lalaine Bennett(above),
    third runner-up; 1965, Louise Vail Aurelio

    Top 15 semi-finalist; 1966, Clarinda Soriano, Top 15 semi-finalist;
    1984, Desiree Verdadero (above), third runner-up;
    and 1997, Abbygale Arenas, Miss Photogenic.
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    Miss Colombia Paulina Vega crowned Miss Universe, full list of winners

    Published 12:00 PM, Jan 26, 2015
    Updated 1:36 PM, Jan 26, 2015

    TOP 5. Ladies from Colombia, Jamaica, Ukraine, the Netherlands,
    and the USA. Photo by Timothy A. Clary/AFP

    See the full list of winners plus special awards here

    The 63rd Miss Universe pageant aired Sunday, January 25 (January 26 in Manila). Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler crowned her successor, Paulina Vega of Colombia.

    Photo by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images North America / AFP

    Paulina, 22, is from Barranquilla and stands at 5'9, according to the Miss Universe website.

    This is the full list of winners.

    Miss Universe: Colombia
    1st runner-up: USA
    2nd runner-up: Ukraine
    3rd runner-up: Netherlands
    4th runner-up: Jamaica

    National Costume: Indonesia
    Miss Congeniality: Nigeria
    Miss Photogenic: Puerto Rico

    The Philippine delegate, Mary Jean Lastimosa, made it to the top 10, but did not progress to the question and answer portion. –
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    Miss Colombia Paulina Vega Wins Miss Universe 2014

    Published by Blair Sparks+ on January 26th, 2015 04:03 AM | News and Scoops

    Congratulations Miss Colombia Paulina Vega for winning the Miss Universe 2014 title beating other 87 candidates during the final show at FIU Arena, Doral, Miami, Florida.

    Photo courtesy: Miss Universe

    Photo Courtesy: Missosology

    Photo Courtesy: Missosology

    Let’s know more about Miss Colombia, shall we?

    AGE: 21
    HOMETOWN: Barranquilla
    HEIGHT: 5’ 9”
    LANGUAGE: Spanish, English


    Paulina Vega, who stands 5’ and 10” tall, hails from Baranquilla, Colombia and a Business Administration student at the Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. She is the daughter of Dr. Rodolfo Vega Llamas, a cardiologist, and the granddaughter of Gatón Vega-a legendary tenor. She also is the granddaughter of Elvira Castillo Gómez, who won the Miss Atlantico 1953 title. Coming from a well-known family, Paulina Vega, who speaks German, Spanish, and French, is characterized as a simple woman who has put all her enthusiasm in preparing for the Miss Universe 2014 pageant and bring home the crown to her country.

    To prepare herself for the Miss Universe 2014 pageant and fulfill her duties, she decided to stop studying for the meantime, but promised to continue after her reign.

    In an exclusive interview with the Vanguardia Liberal, she stressed that her grandmother, Elvira Gómez inspired and motivated her to win the Miss Colombia title. When asked about her preparation for the Miss Universe pageant she said, “I prepare mentally, being aware of all that I have to show, having clarity in how I want people to see me. I must further strengthen my English, work my body, eat healthy to feel good and see myself as a Miss Universe.”

    “I want to show that despite all our history and the difficulties that we have passed, we are still the happiest people in the world who are fighters and workers, very important qualities for Miss Universe”, she said in an interview when asked about what she can show in Miss Universe pageant. She describes herself as a proud Baranquillan woman, a dreamer, competitive, considers herself as a leading person, and very passionate at what she does.


    Miss Universe 2014: MISS COLOMBIA – Paulina Vega
    1st Runner-Up: MISS USA – Nia Sanchez
    2nd Runner-Up: MISS UKRAINE – Diana Harkusha
    3rd Runner-Up: MISS NETHERLANDS – Yasmin Verheijen
    4th Runner-Up: MISS JAMAICA – Kaci Fennell

    Top 5 Semifinalists

    Miss USA – Nia Sanchez
    Miss Colombia – Paulina Vega
    Miss Netherlands – Yasmin Verheijen
    Miss Ukraine – Diana Harkusha
    Miss Jamaica – Kaci Fennell

    Top 10 Semifinalists

    MISS PHILIPPINES – Mary Jean Lastimosa
    MISS VENEZUELA – Migbellis Castellanos
    MISS ARGENTINA – Valentina Ferrer
    MISS AUSTRALIA – Tegan Martin
    MISS SPAIN – Desiree Cordero Ferrer

    Top 15 Semifinalists

    MISS INDIA – Noyonita Lodh
    MISS ITALY – Valentina Bonariva
    MISS BRAZIL – Melissa Gurgel
    MISS FRANCE – Camille Cerf
    MISS INDONESIA – Elvira Devinamira


    Best in National Costume

    MISS INDONESIA – Elvira Devinamira

    Miss Photogenic
    MISS PUERTO RICO – Gabriela Berrios

    Miss Congeniality
    MISS NIGERIA – Queen Celestine

    Top 5 Best in National Costume

    MISS ARGENTINA – Valentina Ferrer
    MISS CANADA – Chanel Beckenlehner
    MISS GERMANY – Josefin Donat
    MISS INDIA – Noyonita Lodh
    MISS INDONESIA – Elvira Devinamira
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    MJ Lastimosa's family still proud of her Miss Universe performance
    1/26/2015 4:44 PM
    by: Jeff Fernando


    Pinaghalong nerbyos at tuwa ang makikita sa mukha ng kapatid ni MJ Lastimosa na si Maricar at ng Tita Evelyn Lastimosa na nagpalaki sa kanila. Magkatabi silang umupo sa harap ng malaking TV screens sa isang special viewing party ng live telecast ng 63rd Miss Universe Pageant sa Kagandahang Flores Beauty Camp kung saan nag training si MJ.

    National costume parade pa lang hindi na mapigil na mapaiyak ang Tita Evelyn ni MJ ng makitang rumarampa ang pamangkin.

    “Win or lose, proud pa rin kami. Itong pag iyak ko tears of joy yan na nakikita ko si MJ na lumalaban para sa Pilipinas.”

    Ang kapatid naman na si Maricar, all smiles sa kapatid na dala ang pangalan ng Pilipinas.

    “Masayang masaya ako para sa kanya, it’s a dream come true for her.”

    Narrating ni MJ hanggang top ten finalist at di na napasama sa top five finalist na ikinalungkot nila, pero ganun pa man, masaya pa rin si Maricar sa narating ng kapatid.

    “Kinakabahan ako kanina habang nanonood sa kanya pero masaya ako kasi ang galing galing niya. Siguro naman naibigay na nya ang best niya nakita naman natin yun kumbaga na kay Lord nya un eh, pero masaya kami at proud sa kanya.”

    May mensahe naman ang Tita Evelyn ni MJ sa pamangkin na name miss na niya ngayon.

    “Yayakapin ko siya at iko congratulate ko pa rin siya and I’m very proud of her, marami ang sumusuporta at marami ang nagmamahal sa kanya alam ko proud sila sa naging performance niya.”

    Para naman sa mga bashers ni MJ nakiusap ang kapatid na si Maricar na maging masaya na lang sa naabot ng kanyang kapatid.

    “Hindi po lahat nabibigyan ng pagkakataon na marating ang narating niya, dati pinapanood lang namin yan Miss Universe sa TV, at para sa akin ang husay niya lalo na doon sa swimsuit competition nadala niya talaga ng maayos amazing wala ako masabi.”
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    MJ Lastimosa's mentors dismayed by Miss Universe results
    1/26/2015 4:32 PM
    by: Jeff Fernando


    Ramdam na ramdam na malungkot at dismayado ang pageant experts at mga naging mentor ng 2014 Miss Universe Philippines na si MJ Lastimosa sa naging resulta ng pageant.

    Pero kahit di pumabor ang resulta sa pambato ng ating bansa, proud pa rin sila sa performance ng kanilang alaga.

    Ito ang sinabi ni Rodgil Flores ng Kagandahang Flores Camp na nag training kay MJ.

    “It was a very commendable performance and she gave it her best kitang kita naman we are very happy and so proud of her. Sana maging magandang inspirasyon si MJ sa lahat ng gusto maabot ang mga pangarap nila lalo na sa larangan ng beauty pageant. The final attempt sobrang hirap talaga she prepared well for this talagang ginawa niya lahat she didn’t leave any stone unturned para lang mai represent ang Pilipinas at her very best. Patayan talaga ang training araw araw. Everything that she can possibly learn and everything that she can possibly do to have an excellent performance ginawa naman po niya kaya I’m very happy for her.”

    Ang question and answer coach naman ni MJ na si Jerome Balute, masaya na rin sa naabot ng alagang beauty queen.

    “I am so proud of MJ as a mentor I have seen her hard work she’s the most determined, most dedicated person I met, kahit hindi siya nanalo we have been given a glint of hope. The jusges are looking for something that is not MJ pero its not MJ’s fault. She did her best.”

    Inulan naman ng comments ang social media na malaking epekto daw sa scores ni MJ ang gown na hindi bumagay kay MJ. Nilinaw ni Rodgil na hindi na ito ang problema sa kabuuan ng performance.

    “Actually po at this point ang dapat tingnan na lang natin is yung performance niya she did her very best so I think she deserves pa rin po ang congratulations from all of us. Ideally maganda po talaga kung Pinoy designer ang gagawa ng gown sa susunod. Pero as a mentor wala naman po ako nagging problema sa isinuot ni MJ.”

    Para naman kay Jerome, ang desisyon pa rin at kumbinasyon ng mga judges ang importante.

    “Regarding the gown, I think it’s very important but it’s the performance that counts I mean with MJ’s performance it’s faultless but at the end of the day it’s still the judges decision. So no matter what gown a candidate is wearing and whoever the designer is a Filipino or otherwise, its still the decision of the judges.”
  • steelbardancersteelbardancer Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    'If short hair is a problem why didn't they say': Fury of family of Jamaican beauty queen as they claim she lost out on Miss Universe crown because of Halle Berry hairstyle

    Audience erupted into boos as Miss Colombia Paulina Vega, 22, was crowned Miss Universe in Miami yesterday
    Source of the controversy was 22-year-old Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell, who was a favourite to win but came fifth
    Kaci's grandfather has now publicly criticised the pageant judges for being too unclear about the criteria for winning

    By Daniel Bates and Josh Gardner for MailOnline and Ap
    Published: 04:06 GMT, 26 January 2015 | Updated: 21:08 GMT, 26 January 2015

    The grandfather of the Jamaican beauty queen who lost out on the Miss Universe crown has hit out at the pageant judges for being unclear about the requirements needed to win the show.

    Michael Fennell said that Kaci was the victim of ‘unwritten factors’ and that the judges should have stated if Miss Universe needed to have long hair.

    He said: 'If short hair is a problem why didn’t they say so in the contest?'


    Mr Fennell continued: ‘In my mind she was absolutely beautiful in her short hair.

    'She was different but if the judges didn't want short hair then say so.

    'I wish I knew how these contests were judged where there are other factors that are unwritten that have to be considered'.

    He also criticised those who questioned his daughter’s claims that Jamaica’s contributions to the world are Usain Bolt and Bob Marley.

    He said: ‘Of course it’s Bob Marley and Usain Bolt...the answers of the other contestants did not answer the question’.

    It's renowned for its swimwear round, stunning dresses and a seemingly never-ending array of beautiful women.

    However, last night's Miss Universe final in Miami got hotter than ever - after Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, 22, was controversially crowned the winner of the beauty pageant.

    Instead of the usual cheering, the audience erupted into boos of disapproval as favourite-to-win Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell only made it to fifth place.

    Shortly after Miss Fennell, 22, left the stage in the 63rd annual contest, her name began trending on Twitter along with the hashtag [#]MissJamaicaShouldHaveWon[/#].



    Unlike Miss Vega, who looks every-inch the beauty queen, Miss Fennell gained a large following due to her striking beauty, confidence intelligence and unconventional style - wearing her hair in a Halle Berry-esque pixie cut instead of the traditional long pageant waves.

    Fans claim Miss Fennell was denied the title after she proudly called Usain Bolt, the world's fastest short-distance runner, and reggae-king Bob Marley her country's greatest contributions to the world.

    'I don't have long tresses like everyone else, I'm just representing myself and that's what beauty pageants are all about,' said Fennell, who wore a long, red beaded evening gown. 'You don't have to look a certain way ... and I feel like I represent that.'

    Her non-traditional answers along with her pixie cut and Caribbean confidence, likely contributed to her not placing higher in the final, according to her fans.



    Winning competitor Miss Vega is from Barranquilla, Colombia and is studying business administration. She said that she isn't planning to enter any more Miss Universe beauty competitions as she's eager to return to her studies. The 22-year-old is the granddaughter of a legendary tenor, Gastón Vega.

    Earlier she said, 'It will be a dream come true to represent the woman of today. A woman that not only cares about being beautiful and being glamorous, but also cares about being a professional, intelligent, hard-working person.'




    First runner-up was Nevada resident Miss USA, Nia Sanchez. Coming in third was second runner-up Miss Ukraine, Diana Harkusha. Miss Netherlands took the fourth spot as third runner-up.

    The first beauty eliminated from the top 5 was Miss Jamaica, whose departure brought loud and unmistakable boos from the international audience.

    All top five finalists had been individually serenaded with a song by singer Gavin DeGraw in the moments leading up to the big reveal in the competition, which had 88 contestants and was held in Miami.


    Miss USA Nia Sanchez, 24, said she had been looking forward to the often-dreaded interview portion. In the week leading up to the final she had been practising answering questions with her roommate Miss Australia, Tegan Martin, who made it to the top ten.

    Sanchez, a Nevada resident, has a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has traveled the country teaching others. She spoke about equipping women to defend themselves against crime.

    'It's just something that's so prevalent in our society and why not empower women to take control of a dangerous situation into their own hand,' she said.


    'Today Show' personality Natalie Morales hosted the show, Miss Universe 2014, Gabriela Isler of Venezuela passed the crown along to Miss Colombia and viewers heard performances from singers Nick Jonas and Prince Royce.

    In another moment of controversy, crowd favorite Miss Venezuela Migbelis Lynette Castellanos was cut after the top ten She had tremendous support both locally and back home.

    The Miami suburb of Doral, which is hosting the women during their stay, is also known as 'Doralzuela' for its many Venezuelan residents. Three of the last six Miss Universe titles have gone to Venezuela, where beauty pageants are big business.
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    Angel Aquino, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Bea Santiago, Wilma Doesnt weigh in on national costume issue in international beauty pageants
    by Bernie V. Franco posted on January 26, 2015

    Known fashion and beauty personalities (left to right) Angel Aquino,
    Bea Rose Santiago, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and Wilma Doesnt agree
    that Philippine candidates in international beauty competitions
    should wear gowns by Filipino designers. Photo: Noel Orsal

    The indignation of netizens over the use of a Colombian designer for the national costume of Mary Jean “MJ” Lastimosa, the Philippine bet to Miss Universe 2014, has reached fever pitch.

    It is now a national issue, and celebrities are weighing in. MJ wore the outfit at the preliminary competition of Miss Universe last January 22, and it immediately became the subject of mockery in social media for resembling a birthday cake.

    The gown was made by Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza, who has been doing the outfits of Philippine contestants in Miss Universe pageants for a number of years now.

    The bone of contention: the national costume should have been done by a Filipino designer.

    Renowned local fashion designer Cary Santiago posted a comment on his Instagram, saying that Filipina beauty queens should wear gowns by Filipino designers in international pageants.

    He said that while his designs may not be be pageant-fit, he can vouch for the competency of local designers in dressing up the Philippine bets in international competitions.

    He then urged the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. founding director Stella Marquez-Araneta to check out the creations of Filipino designers.

    Ms. Marquez-Araneta—a Colombian who became the first Miss International in 1960 and married Filipino businessman Jorge Araneta—has picked Barraza to be the outfitter of Philippine candidates in Miss Universe.

    Director and screenwriter Jose Javier Reyes has also been vocal on Twitter in criticizing Ms. Marquez-Araneta for her decision.

    Aghast at Ms. Marquez-Araneta’s statement that she hasn’t found any local design good enough for the international pageant, the directed tweeted: “Bad taste is one good reason why you think Filipino designs are not good enough for Filipinos to design their own national costumes, Stella!”

    At an event last Saturday, January 24, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) talked to Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago, who revealed that she had questioned Ms. Marquez-Araneta’s decision not to get more pageant wardrobes from local designers.

    “We were like, ‘Madam [Stella], why don’t we try our national costumes during the press presentation?'”

    Bea related, explaining she had hoped it could help improve the situation before the actual pageant abroad.

    She added, “But she had her own answers and we respect that.
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    Maria Isabel Lopez on national costume of MJ Lastimosa in Miss U: "It’s a sacrilege! Sampal yun sa ating mga local designers."

    by Rommel Gonzales posted on January 27, 2015

    Ayon kay Maria Isabel Lopez, noong panahon niya ay mga Pinoy fashion designers
    ang gumagawa ng kanilang kasuoton. Nagbago lang daw ito nang magbukas
    ng kanyang sariling boutique ang chairman ng Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc.
    na si Stella Marquez-Araneta. "It’s all business interest, e. It all boils down
    to commercialism," sabi ng Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 1982. Photo: Allan Sancon

    “Hindi gawang-Pinoy. It’s a sacrilege!

    “Sacrilege yun, sampal yun.

    “Sampal yun sa ating mga local designers. That’s a slap.

    “Talagang nobody could interpret our national costume except a Filipino themselves.”

    Ito ang pahayag ni Maria Isabel Lopez nang hingan ng opinyon ng (Philippine Enterainment Portal) tungkol sa kontrobersiyal na gowns ng kandidata ng Pilipinas na si Mary Jean Lastimosa sa ginanap na preliminaries ng Miss Universe 2014 sa Florida, USA.

    Na-bash nang husto ang gown ni Mary Jean o MJ, na ang iba pa ay inihalintulad ito sa kakaning sapin-sapin at sa makulay na cake.

    Ang national costume at evening gown ni MJ ay idinisenyo ng Colombian fashion designer na si Alfredo Barrazza.

    Sabi pa ni Maria Isabel, “Sabi ko, parang ano, alam mo yung mga Mexicana?

    “Parang gawa ng Hispanic, gawa ng Latina, hindi siya gawa ng Pinoy.

    “At saka, my God, that’s a slap to our world-class designers like Albert Andrada, sila Rocky Gathercole, mga well-known sila around the world, even si Francis Libiran.

    “That’s sacrilege, para i-interpret nang ganun.

    “So, iyon lang yung sa akin. Para sa akin, it’s ano… sacrilege!

    “’Tsaka sampal sa mga local designers at saka everybody knows it’s really ano, pangit!"

    Patuloy niya, “At saka alam mo, way back, nung time namin, even time nila Alma Concepcion [Bb. Pilipinas-International 1994], lahat ng Binibining Pilipinas, may kanya-kanya kaming designer.

    “It’s a glorification of our local designers, ‘tapos lahat ng mga bakla, lahat from sila Aureo Alonzo, Pitoy Moreno, mga icons, lahat ‘yan binibihisan nila yung mga bawat candidates.

    “When she opened her Cumbia, yung boutique niya, nawala na."

    Ang tinutukoy ni Maria Isabel ay ang Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. chairman na si Mrs. Stella Marquez-Araneta.

    Patuloy ng beauty queen turned actress, “It’s all business interest, e.

    “It all boils down to commercialism.

    “Nothing personal, ha? Kahit sabihin mong may rift kami before, it’s just being objective.”

    Okey na ba sila ni Mrs. Araneta?

    “No, wala lang kaming communication.

    “Pero, hindi ba, ang gagaling ng mga designers natin, recognized abroad?

    "Para namang... at saka, my God, yung evening gown competition, na ang haba-haba ng figure ni MJ, nilagyan ng cut?

    “Nagkaroon ng cut 'tapos naka-white, imbes na humaba yung svelte figure, na-shorten yung figure niya tuloy.

    “Sabi ko nga, sana maisalba, sana huwag niyang suotin, 'tapos nilagyan ng mga parang ang laki-laking bulaklak sa ano.

    “So, iyon lang.”

    Nakauspa ng PEP si Maria Isabel Lopez sa taping GMA afternoon soap na Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra sa Wawa River, sa may montalban, Rizal, kahapon, January 26.

    POLITICS IN BEAUTY PAGEANTS. Hindi pinalad si MJ na maiuwi ang korona ng Miss Universe, hanggang sa Top 10 lamang ito umabot.

    Sabi ni Maria Isabel tungkol dito, “Okay lang yun, basta ang importante, she made her mark.”

    Sa tingin ba niya ay may halong pulitika ang isang beauty pageant?

    Tugon niya, “Hindi naman nawawala kasi ang politics, e.

    "There’s politics in any field.

    “Whether it’s showbusiness, beauty pageants, lahat nandiyan ang politics.”

    Si Maria Isabel ay nagwaging Bb. Pilipinas–Universe noong 1982, at ang nagbihis daw sa kanya noon ay ang designer na si Rudy Fuentes.

    May mensahe ba siya para kay Mrs. Araneta?

    “Wala! No comment.”

    Ano naman ang maipapayo niya sa mga kandidata sa Binibining Pilipinas this year, ‘tulad ni Winwyn Marquez, anak nina Alma Moreno at Joey Marquez?

    Sabi ni Maria Isabel, “Naku I’m so happy for Winwyn, for the win!

    “They have to dare to be different. Hindi puwede na yung typical beauty queen ka.

    “Kasi lahat maganda, lahat naman maganda ang katawan, lahat sexy, na how do you stand out?

    “You have to dare to be different.”
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    Pinoy cop Neil Perez named Mister International 2014
    By Chuck Smith ( | Updated February 15, 2015

    Neil Perez is Mister International 2014. Photo courtesy
    of Neil Perez for Mister Philippines 2014 Facebook page

    MANILA, Philippines - The police officer from Tondo, Manila is the Philippines' latest pageant titleholder.

    Neil Perez, also known as Marian Perez Flormata Jr. of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Aviation and Security Group, was named Miss International 2014.

    The male pageant was held in Seoul, South Korean on Saturday, February 14.

    Rabdu El Zein of Lebanon was named first runner-up while Tomas Dumbrovsky was named second runner-up.

    Perez bested 42 other contestants for the title. He is the ninth Mister International and first Filipino to win the title.

    Photo courtesy of Missosology/Mister International Facebook Official

    Perez, in an interview with the press prior to the pageant, said he is dedicating his participation in Mister International to the 44 police officers who were slain in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

    "Naawa ako sa pamilya ng mga kapwa pulis ko dahil alam kong umaasa silang babalik silang buhay at walang nangyaring masama sa kanila. Pero ito nga ang nangyari. Sana may managot sa pangyayaring ito." Perez said.

    He added, “Kaming mga nasa PNP, sinusugal namin ang buhay namin para sa bayan. Kaya nga Tagaligtas kami. Sa nangyaring ito, may mali, eh. Hindi dapat nangyari ito kung may maayos na pagbigay ng order."

    “Kaya ipinagda*rasal ko na may umako ng pagkakamaling ito. Maawa sila sa pa*milya ng Special Action Force 44.”

    The new Mister International became an internet sensation after his photos for the local Mister Philippines 2014 pageant surfaced online.

    Congrats! :bounce2::alien:
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    The making of a Bb. Pilipinas queen
    By Tessa G. Mangahas (The Philippine Star) | Updated February 17, 2015

    1975 Miss Universe fourth runner-up Rosemarie ‘Chiqui’ Brosas

    MANILA, Philippines - It’s that time of year again. Just a few days into 2015, more than a hundred of the country’s loveliest once again trooped to the offices of Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) and filed their applications to join the premier beauty pageant. Only 34 made the final cut and will be presented to the press today at the Sunset Pavilion of the Sofitel Manila. Two Binibining Pilipinas queens, Rosemarie “Chiqui” Brosas (1975 Miss Universe fourth runner-up, held in El Salvador) and Ariella “Ara” Arida (2013 Miss Universe third runner-up held in Russia) share their insights on the current batch and how the search has evolved and reached new heights.

    There are 34 ladies in this year’s roster. What are your initial reactions to the batch and how do you think they will fare in the international competitions?

    Ariella: Most people say, and I agree, with this observation, that this is the batch which has the most number of prettiest faces. I also noticed that there are a good number of returning aspirants, which is good because one should keep trying to reach a dream. The Philippines will always be a strong contender in beauty pageants although sometimes hindi naman tayo laging mananalo.

    Chiqui: Back then we were having such a hard time getting good candidates. Through the years, we were really trying to get the candidates na talagang maganda at pambato. Maybe because of the winning streak, Binibini now enjoys better prestige and presentation of the winners so there are more candidates who are attracted to join. And the winners through time become successful in their careers even after Binibini. People realize that Binibini is able to develop personality as well and get to travel.

    The girls will immediately plunge into several training sessions until the Coronation Night on March 15. What are the important things they should keep in mind?

    Chiqui: I feel that the girls during the recent batches have more training. So the girls should take advantage of that. Right now, I think they actually hire someone to train the girls even out of the country. I noticed particularly this in the Q & A portion. They are given sample questions to ponder on. There is more presence, more training in the way they walk and other things.

    Ariella: It is easy to learn the moves and be beautiful physically and all, but the important thing is to be sure of yourself, to not have insecurities. That for me is the most difficult thing to prepare for. When you are confident and comfortable with yourself and you are pitted against all the other beautiful ladies from all over the world, “dedma lang sa mas maganda or mas sexy.” It was during my send-off that I really felt that confidence. I didn’t think of anything negative and just focused and got excited when I competed. I just enjoyed every minute of it.

    2013 Miss Universe third runner-up Ariella ‘Ara’ Arida

    What was your favorite gown during competition?

    Ariella: I loved the white gown I wore the night I won Miss Universe Philippines because it made me look like a Grecian goddess. It was flowing and I loved the way it followed my movements. It was also a very flexible kind of gown because there were several movements that you could do with it. During the Miss Universe competition, the yellow gown was a bit challenging to walk in it, but I loved the way it followed the shape of my body. So during rehearsals I tried to perfect walking in it.

    Chiqui: During my time, they used local designers. A designer would endorse you. In my case, Rudy Fuentes endorsed me and was also my designer. Since I was also modeling for Pitoy Moreno, in the competition, I also used his gown. I remember I also had another gown for the National Costume with another famous Filipino designer, Christian Espiritu. The gowns were really, really nice.

    Your message to Binibining Pilipinas 2015 candidates?

    Ariella: Just enjoy and don’t dwell on the pressure. In this country, the beauty pageant stage is very competitive and it can eat you up. Just enjoy the journey to the crown.

    Chiqui: Just be yourself. Just enjoy and practice sportsmanship. Never give up, there is still next year. Polish yourselves and become better and then join again. Just enjoy! It is something that is once in a lifetime. And don’t forget to build friendships among the other candidates.

    The Binibining Pilipinas 2015 candidates still have a lot on their plates after the Press Presentation. The girls will be participating in a Fashion Show on Feb. 26 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, Parade of Beauties on March 7 and the Grand Coronation Night slated on March 15 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, which will be telecast live at ABS-CBN.
  • steelbardancersteelbardancer Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ABS-CBN Entertainment Lifestyle Network
    March 12, 2015


    The most beautiful night in the country is about to happen.

    With 34 stunning Filipinas soaking in the limelight, the question as to who will shine and impress the crowd and judges the most will be answered as Binibining Pilipinas names its brand new winners on Sunday (March 15). The coronation night will air live on ABS-CBN and a replay will be aired on Lifestyle Network on Monday (March 16).

    Expected to be another grand coronation night, the 52nd Bb. Pilipinas coronation night showcases a wonderful mix of candidates composed of previous local pageant winners, working professionals, graduates from reputable schools, and celebrities.

    Back in the competition this year are Pia Wurztbach and Hannah Ruth Sison, who both managed to be part of the top three in past ‘Binibini’ coronation nights. Wurztbach who bagged first-runner up in 2013 failed to enter the top five last year while Sison hopes to take home one of the five crowns after her strong second runner-up finish last year.

    Meanwhile, rookies Ann Lorraine Colis, Alaiza Flor Malinao, Kylie Verzosa, and Teresita Ssen “Wynwyn” Marquez are all set to charm the judges to emerge triumphant at the coronation night. Marquez, the daughter of Joey Marquez and Alma Moreno, who is also starting a career in showbiz just like her parents. The pressure is on Marquez as well since her aunt, Miss International Melanie Marquez, is assisting in her training.

    Who are the ladies who will shine and represent the country in prestigious international beauty tilts? Find out at the Binibining Pilipinas 2015 coronation night at the Smart Araneta Coliseum with a live telecast on ABS-CBN on Sunday at 9:30PM. Catch the replay on Lifestyle Network on Monday at 6:30 PM.

    For more information, visit,, the Lifestyle Network’s official Facebook page (, and

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