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The Beauty Pageants Thread - 17



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    Ms. Odessa Mae Tadaya: Philippine’s First Ms. Heritage

    ■ Lifestyle ■ People by Armela Patalud - Nov 4, 2014


    About the Pageant

    The Miss Heritage pageant was founded in Zimbabwe in the year 2012 by Miss Heritage Foundation who also holds the exclusive rights to host the pageant.

    More than a showcase of beauty and talent, the Miss Heritage Pageant is not like any other beauty pageant. Ms. Heritage is centered more on safeguarding and promoting the heritage of each country. The candidate from each nation stands as ambassadors for sustainable development for universal heritage promotion.


    The country’s first Ms. Heritage Philippines

    Odessa Mae Lucquiao Tadaya hails from Camiing, Guimba, Nueva Ecija. She is a junior Tourism Management student at the University of Baguio. The 3rd child of Mr. and Mrs. Alberto and Lourdes Tadaya, Odessa loves reading and watching movies. It has been her dream to become a beauty queen and this dream finally came true when she was offered to join Ms. Filipinas, bagging the crown as the country’s first Miss Heritage Philippines.

    In preparation for the upcoming pageant on December 13, 2014 in South Africa, Odessa Mae had been going to different places all over the country such as Vigan, Iloilo, and Pampanga to learn more about the Philippine heritage. She’s also been actively involved in promoting the anti-bullying act of the Philippines and is attending various workshops and seminars like the Heritage Cultural summit 2014 held in Iloilo. Recently, she attended the Raniag Festival and the Repaso de Vigan.

    Since the Ms. Heritage competition is not only about physical beauty, part of her presentation as Philippine’s candidate is to demonstrate one Philippine handicraft, one Filipino dish, and one cultural dance. Our Ms. Heritage will be judged according to the following categories:

    Pre-Pageant: Contestant Heritage Video Shoot 5%, Social Media (Facebook) 5%, Media Presence, Press, TV, Radio, Etc. 5%, National Queen Project 10%, Contestant Heritage Photo Shoot 5%.

    Categories during the pageant will be: Heritage Championship Events 25%, Judges Interviews 5%, Main Event on Stage Attires & performances 35%, and Official Photo Shoot 5%.

    Odessa Mae belongs to one of the most prestigious training camp for beauty queens – The Kagandahang Flores. Along her journey as Ms. Heritage Philippines, she said that “It is very important to learn about our heritage to know who we really are. Our past is the key to our future and whatever we do in our past has an impact to our future. So we should be careful on what we do today because it will affect the future.”

    Odessa Mae Tadaya wins Miss Heritage 2014

    Posted by Norman on December 21, 2014

    Our 2nd crown for the year!

    Congratulations to Miss Philippines Odessa Mae Tadaya for winning Miss Heritage 2014 during the finals held at the Ballroom of Silver Star Hotel in Krugarsdorp, Johannesburg, South Africa. Her court includes 1st Runner-Up Miss St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 2nd Runner-Up Miss Botswana, 3rd Runner-Up Miss South Africa and 4th Runner-Up Miss Australia.

    Miss Heritage 2014 Odessa Mae Tadaya (2nd from right)
    poses with 1st Runner-Up from St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    (leftmost) and 2nd Runner-Up from Botswana (rightmost)

    A winner, Odessa Mae Tadaya is.

    Photos and details to follow in this thread as soon as they are made available.

    Excellent job, Odessa! [#]ForThePhilippines[/#]
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    Miss Heritage 2014 Odessa Mae Tadaya

    Posted by Norman on December 22, 2014

    Left to right: 1st Runner-Up Anna La Borde of St. Vincent
    & the Grenadines, Miss Heritage 2014 Odessa Mae Tadaya
    of the Philippines and 2nd Runner-Up Katlego Mendry of Botswana

    These images may have taken longer than expected, but still, the large crown is ours and no doubt that we have added a new title to our collection of international wins.

    Miss Heritage 2014 Odessa Mae Tadaya is now a member of the select group of Filipinas who have contributed to the recognition of our beautiful women as world-class beauties.

    Congratulations once more, Odessa! Have a safe trip back to Manila tomorrow! :-D

    Odessa Mae (left) being interviewed after her coronation
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    The secrets behind New York's stunning three Miss America wins in a row
    For the third straight year, Miss New York has been crowned Miss America. What's our city's secret?

    BY Molly Friedman
    Monday, September 15, 2014, 6:38 PM

    Welcome to the supersecret Miss America training center.

    For the third year in a row, Miss New York took home the crown in Atlantic City — and we can thank a state program that treats the celebrated pageant as a political campaign, not a beauty contest.

    “Miss America is not a beauty pageant,” says Debra Cantoni, the executive director of the Miss New York State organization, based on Staten Island. “They’re looking at young women who are interested in education, in developing a platform.”

    Other states — we’re looking at you, Miss Tennessee — concentrate their efforts on hair, posture and killer curves, but the Miss New York office focuses on intellect.

    “We do mock interviews with our contestants — they’re always looking at current events,” says Cantoni. “They know what’s going on in the media, (and they) read the newspapers and watch the nightly news programs.”

    As a result, New York contestants are better prepared for the all important pre-show interview. It’s not enough anymore for a contestant to say she supports world peace. So when this year’s Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev, was asked about Ray Rice and domestic violence, the Hofstra University graduate didn’t flinch on the current-events topic of the week.

    “In the United States, the justice system is driving the getaway car for abusers,” she said.

    Nailed it!

    Last year’s winner, Nina Davuluri, spoke intelligently about diversity. The 2013 Miss New York, Mallory Hagan, spoke about child abuse.

    Cantoni wasn’t surprised that all three won the pageant.

    “I have to say that the last three Miss New Yorks had extraordinary interviews,” she said.

    Pageant queens of years past agree that New York’s media-savvy, workaholic culture forces would-be winners from the Empire State to up their game, which prepares them for the rigors of the Atlantic City contest.

    Kazantsev “had to be a smart girl to get through that interview,” says former Miss Black USA Elaine Swann, who has 30 years of pageant experience.

    Swann said Kazantsev reminded her of what she had to go through during her own time as a contestant.

    “In order to become competitive in New York, I had to become way more well-rounded and well-versed in world issues, I really did,” says Swann. “The women tend to be a little more fierce.”

    Fierce and unique. When it came time for the talent portion of the evening, Kazantsev, 23, sang “Happy” and accompanied herself with a red Solo cup for percussion.

    In the primped and permed world of Miss America, it was crazy — crazy enough to work.

    Individuality and intelligence are relatively new things on the circuit.

    In fact, Miss America was originally titled the Inter-City Beauty Contest, and the first winners were given Golden Mermaid trophies. The first queen, Margaret Gorman, was billed as “the most beautiful bathing girl in America.”

    In the 1950s and ’60s, Southern winners were the norm. From 1951 through 1971, for example, eight winners came from the Deep South, where the definition of female attractiveness was not expected to include rocket science.

    But now the contest officially treats itself as a “one of the nation's leading achievement programs” for “empowering young women to achieve their personal and professional goals, while providing a forum in which to express their opinions, talent and intelligence.” The closest the Miss America Organization comes to using the term “beauty” is describing its racy swimsuit competition as “fitness.”

    The rest of the country needs to get the message that it takes more than old-fashioned ideals of femininity to win the tiara.

    “Many states have a reputation for not selecting the contestant who is the ‘total package,’ ” says Valerie Hayes, a Houston-based pageant coach and former beauty queen. “It might be time for those states to reevaluate that strategy.”

    Or they can keep getting schooled by future Miss New Yorks.

    Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri, top, crowns Miss New York
    Kira Kazantsev as Miss America 2015 during Sunday's pageant.
    Julio Cortez/AP

    AdMedia / Splash News/AdMedia / Splash News

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    Feng shui expert may babala sa KathNiel
    0:25 :beauty:

    Nagbabala ang isang feng shui expert kaugnay sa relasyon ng showbiz couples na sina Gerald at Maja, Sarah at Matteo, at Kathryn at Daniel. [highlight]May forecast na rin siya sa laban ng Pilipinas sa Miss Universe[/highlight], at maging sa pagtatapat nina Manny Pacquiao at Floyd Mayweather Jr. Nagpa-Patrol si Mario Dumaual. TV Patrol, Disyembre 30, 2014, Martes



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    (Pang-Masa) | Updated January 3, 2015

    Kahit judge pa si Pacman, MJ hindi siguradong masusungkit ang korona sa Miss U

    Excited at happy si MJ Lastimosa, kandidata natin sa Miss Universe na gaganapin sa Miami, Florida dahil isa sa judges ay si Pambansang Kamao, Manny Pacquiao. Bagama’t hindi siya nakasisiguro kung makukuha ng ‘Pinas ang Miss U crown this year, kampante naman siya sa patutunguhan ng contest.

    Anak ng dating aktres na si Vida Verde wagi sa Pinay Beauty Queen Academy

    Ginanap kamakailan ang Grand Finals ng reality show na Pinay Beauty Queen Academy kung saan 20 kandidata ang naglaban-laban na kinuha mula sa 100 candidates na nag-audition.

    Tumawag ng pansin sa amin si Katrina Verde, candidate number 14 dahil anak pala siya ng dating sexy actress na si Vida Verde na naging kaibigan namin noon. May maganda pala siyang anak at matalino pa. Si Katrina ay 20 years old at may taas na 5’7. Taga-Tumauani, Isabela ang dalaga at may sukat na 34-25-34.

    Sa 20 contestants, walo ang naging semi-finalists. Isa-isa lang tinawag at tinanong ang mga ito at dito nag-base ang mga judge sa intelligence factor. Mahirap ang tanonng kay Katrina pero nasagot niya ng maayos.

    Nang tawagin ang pangalan ni Katrina bilang 3rd unner-up, umakyat si Fernan de Guzman, PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club), president, isa sa mga judge na nag-abot sa kanya ng premyo at flowers.

    Nagwagi rin ng special award si Katrina na Tempo Choice Award. Siya rin ang nanalo sa Military Challenge Award. Halos magkasunod ang numero nila ng grand winner na si Joanna Romero.

    Ito ang kauna-unahang Pinay Beauty Queen Academy, hosted by beauty queen Ali Forbes at mataas ang ratings nito sa GMA. (ROLAND LERUM)
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    Past beauty queens to Valerie: 'You gave it your best'
    By Chuck Smith ( | Updated December 15, 2014

    valerie-weigmann.jpg Asuncion

    MANILA, Philippines - Filipino netizens still support TV host-actress Valerie Weigmann despite failing to bag the title of Miss World 2014 in London on Sunday.

    It was Miss Africa Rolene Strauss who won the title, with Miss Hungary placing Edina Kulscar second and Miss United States Elizabeth Safrit placing third.

    Valerie made it to the quarter finals but failed to reach the top 10.

    Former beauty queens, however, remain proud of the “Eat Bulaga” co-host and erstwhile TV actress, saying the 24-year Valerie “did her best” during the pageant.

    “Congratulations to the New Miss World from South Africa. And to Valerie Weigmann, our Miss Philippines, you did great,” Miss International 2005 Lara Quigaman said on her Instagram account.

    “You gave it your best...Good job! Thank you for representing our country in the best way you could,” Miss World 1993 second runner-up Ruffa Gutierrez said on her Twitter account.

    Many netizens believe Valerie had a difficult job of trying to succeed fellow Filipina Miss World 2013 Megan Young for the crown. Only two countries in history managed to do a back-to-back win in the Miss World pageant.
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    MJ Lastimosa flies to US for Miss Universe 2014
    By Joyce Jimenez ( | Updated January 3, 2015

    mary-jean-lastimosa.jpg Cayanan

    Mary Jean "MJ" Lastimosa is set to fly Saturday to Miami, Florida for the culmination of the Miss Universe beauty pageant on January 25 (EST).

    The Philippines' bet, who took up computer engineering in Davao City, said that she does not let pressure get in her way and enjoys instead every moment of the competition.

    In 2014, the Philippines' Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti for Miss International and Valerie Weignmann for Miss World failed to take home the crown, while Jamie Herrell was crowned Miss Earth.

    Asked if she feels pressured to bring home the crown, she answered, "Hindi ko na iniisip kasi gusto ko na mag-focus doon sa competition ko."

    "It's another experience for them, this is a new experience for me. So I just want to enjoy this," she said in an interview on "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" aired on Friday.

    Just like other beauty queens, MJ has undergone tough training courses ranging from fitness workouts to personality development sessions. She was also taught how to handle the competition's question and answer portion.

    Despite the hardships she has gone through, MJ is thankful to have finally reached her dream of becoming a beauty queen.

    "Sobrang excited ako kasi minsan kapag matutulog na ako iniisip ko, 'Wow, since 2011 I have been dreaming of this to happen,' " she said about representing the Philippines in international beauty pageants.

    "So sabi ko I should enjoy this kasi kapag nagpa-pressure lang ako I'll just put this to waste. Magigising na lang ako wala na, it's gone," she added.

    Miss Universe 2014 will be held at the FIU Arena in Miami, Florida on January 25.
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    Bye for now, MJ. Bring it home!

    Posted by Norman on January 3, 2015

    Miss Universe Philippines 2014 MJ Lastimosa during her departure
    at NAIA (Photo credit: Ginger Conejero)

    By now, Miss Universe Philippines 2014 is already aboard her Philippine Airlines flight going to Los Angeles where, after a few hours of layover, she will connect with another plane that will bring her to the destination of her dreams, Miami. From there, she will head straight to Doral to check in at the Trump National Doral Miami to start the journey to the Philippines’ 3rd Miss Universe crown.

    We can only wish you the very best of luck, MJ!

    Throngs of well-wishers for MJ (Photo credit: One PTOP World)

    Photo credit: Melvin Sia

    Left to right: Gio Lazaro Flores, MJ and Rodgil Flores
    (Photo credit: Melvin Sia)
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    More MJ Lastimosa Departure Photos

    Posted by Norman on January 4, 2015

    More of MJ Lastimosa before leaving for the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant
    (Photo credit: Joselito Calendar for Fabmanilaph)

    MJ Lastimosa for flag and country
    (Photo credit: Joselito Caleon for Fabmanilaph)

    Miss Universe Philippines 2014 MJ Lastimosa has already arrived in Los Angeles and on a layover at LAX before boarding the flight that will bring her to Miami.

    So before we get to see photos of her arrival in the host city of the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant, I decided to post more images of her departure from NAIA Terminal 2 last night. All these high-res shots are courtesy of Fabmanilaph’s Joselito Caleon.

    MJ Lastimosa in LAX

    MJ Lastimosa with her adoring ever-loyal fans and supporters
    (Photo credit: Joselito Caleon for Fabmanilaph)
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    Sunday Specials: Alfredo Barraza is happy for Paulina. Will he feel the same for MJ?

    Posted by Norman on January 4, 2015

    A visibly elated Alfredo Barraza after his final fitting
    with Miss Colombia Paulina Vega

    Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza was looking all so pleased as Punch after finishing the final fitting he did for Miss Colombia Paulina Vega. And he cannot hide his true feelings in the photo above. After all, his efforts here are for flag and country.

    Now, will he show the same reaction for Miss Philippines MJ Lastimosa? Perhaps, but for totally different reasons. And in a lesser degree, I might add. But then again, Filipinas have been showcasing his gowns in the Top 5 of Miss Universe for the past four years now. So he owes all of us that much to make sure that our bet is equally taken care of.

    But hey, if I were in his shoes, my own delegate will definitely get the more superior designs. I’m not sure about how deep his friendship with Madame Stella Marquez de Araneta is, though.

    Paulina is ready for the Universe
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    Sunday Senti Specials: The Youngest and Oldest to be crowned Miss Universe

    Posted by Norman on January 4, 2015

    Miss Universe 1952 Armi Kuusela and Miss Universe 1997 Brook Lee
    hold the age records for the youngest and oldest to be crowned
    Miss Universe, respectively.

    At 17 years and 303 days old, the first-ever Miss Universe – Armi Kuusela of Finland – is the youngest to be crowned as winner back in 1952.

    On the other hand, Miss Universe 1997 Brook Antonette Mahealani Lee of the USA is the oldest on record to win the title at the age of 26 years and 128 days.

    Now, in the current roster of candidates for the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant in Doral Miami, there are four (4) pre-arrival ladies who are at least 27 years and they are Laurien Angelista of Curacao, Brittany Bell of Guam, Marline Barberena of Nicaragua and MJ Lastimosa of the Philippines. What are the chances of one of them setting a new age record come January 25?

    being What are the chances of the oldest age record
    rewritten on January 25?

    Will one of these four 27 year-old ladies become the 63rd Miss Universe?
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    The Miss Universe Celebration of Nations Parade and Festival

    Posted by Norman on January 4, 2015

    Mark your calendars for this one. If you're in Doral Miami that is.

    Save the date – January 11, 2015. That is, if you’re in the Doral Miami area as early as then, or residing within manageable driving distance from the same. The Miss Universe Celebration of Nations Parade and Festival will take place around the Doral Government Center where the event will kick off at 1:00PM.

    Our Queen, MJ Lastimosa, will definitely appeciate your cheers and full support. It goes without saying that the presence of kababayans will help in boosting her confidence even more. :-D

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    Repeaters, showbiz among Bb. hopefuls
    FUNFARE By Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) | Updated January 13, 2015

    Thirty-four hopefuls were launched over the weekend as official candidates of the 2015 Bb. Pilipinas pageant with grand finals set for March 15 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum (aired live on ABS-CBN).

    Among them is Wynwyn Marquez, daughter of Joey Marquez and Alma Moreno and niece of 1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez and model Via Marquez. A Kapuso star, Wynwyn is a Business Administration (major in Marketing/Management) from San Beda College Alabang. Turning 23 on May 4, she weighs 115 lbs. and measures 35-24-35.

    According to Funfare’s “other beauty expert” Celso de Guzman Caparas who covered the announcement, there are eight repeaters: Hannah Ruth Sison (#19, 2013 candidate and 2014 second runner-up), Anabel Christine (#6, 2014 candidate), Toni Alyessa Hipolito (#16, 2008 Top 10 finalists and 2010 candidate), Ria Rabajante (#1, 2013 candidate), Kimverlyn Suiza (#15, 2014 candidate), Pia Wurtzbach (2013 first runner-up and one of semi-finalists in 2014), Mae Liezel Ramos (one of 15 semi-finalists in 2014) and Patricia Lae Ejercitado (#6, 2010 candidate and one of the 12 semi-finalists in 2012).

    Another candidate, 2014 Miss Philippines-Earth runner-up Maria Jenny Felix Gonzalez, is the niece of 1991 Bb. Pilipinas–Universe Alou Gonzalez and 1975 Miss RP Suzanne Gonzalez. Deaf-mute Christine Balaguer, one of the 13 semi-finalists in 2014 Miss Philippines-Earth, is also a candidate. Her life story will be featured on Charo Santos-Concio’s Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) with 2010 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe/Miss Universe fourth runner-up Venus Raj as Balaguer.

    2015 Bb. Pilipinas hopefuls (from left): Wynwyn Marquez,
    Pia Wurtzbach and Kimverlyn Suiza
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    It's the bikini round at Miss Universe! Contestants showcase their enviable bodies in the world-famous swimwear show in Miami

    Nearly 90 of the world's most beautiful women descended on Miami on the Trump National Doral hotel
    Participated in the Yamamay Swimsuit Runway Show
    Forms part of the busy contest itinerary, which reaches its climax on January 25

    By Bianca London for MailOnline
    Published: 09:44 GMT, 15 January 2015 | Updated: 12:45 GMT, 15 January 2015

    Aside from the glittering dresses and charitable pledges, the swimwear round of Miss Universe is one of the most famous and anticipated.

    And the glossy-haired contestants, who have been working hard in the gym, didn't disappoint as they showcased their toned figures in Miami on Wednesday.

    Nearly 90 of the world’s most beautiful women descended on Miami on the Trump National Doral hotel to participate in the Yamamay Swimsuit Runway Show and splashed around in the pool while showcasing their favourite bikinis.

    Miss Universe contestants Valentina Bonariva, of Italy, left,
    Doron Matalon, of Israel, Marcela Chmielowska, of Poland,
    Gaylyne Ayugi, of Kenya, and Kaci Fennell, of Jamaica,
    splash water at a photographer during the Yamamay
    swimsuit runway show in Doral, Florida

    The swimsuit show forms part of an action-packed itinerary the girls have been partaking in ahead of the final stages of the competition on Wednesday 21 January.

    Women from dozens of countries - including Albania, El Salvador, Great Britain and Haiti - have been preparing for the biggest week of their lives.

    The events schedule kicked off last week with a drinks reception. Miss Universe contestants were introduced to the public and to the City of Doral, where the event is being held, for the first time on stage at the Downtown Doral Park. Quite fittingly, there was a pink carpet for VIP arrivals.

    To show off their modelling skills, on Saturday the Miss Universe contestants showcased fashion brand Chinese Laundry's spring 2015 collection while wearing the latest footwear styles from the label. Later in the day, the ladies put their best foot forward with salsa dancing lessons.

    Tegan Martin, Miss Australia 2014, walks the runway
    during the Yamamay swimsuit fashion show. This forms
    part of the hectic schedule, which sees pageant contestants
    touring, filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the crown

    Miss Universe contestants Laurien Angelista, of Curacao, left,
    Yasmin Verheijen, of the Netherlands, and Kaci Fennell, of Jamaica,
    walk in the pool during the Yamamay swimsuit runway show

    Miss Universe contestant Ziphozakhe Zokufa, of South Africa,
    waves to her fans during the Yamamay swimsuit runway show

    Ivana Misura, Miss Croatia 2014, Jimena Espinosa, Miss Peru 2014,
    and Elvira Devinamira, Miss Indonesia 2014, pose up in their swimsuits

    On Sunday, the enjoyed a Graffiti Art Experience by visiting pop artist Romero Britto’s studio for an interactive painting event. Then, took part in the celebration of the nations with a cultural parade and an afternoon of live music, dancing, food carts, and mingling.

    The parade featured marching bands and a variety of luxury cars showcasing the Miss Universe contestants. Local restaurants held a gastronomic festival and multicultural dances took place.

    This week kicked off with a golf putting tournament, zumba lessons and a cooking contest. Contestants also showed their charitable side when they accompanied Miss Universe 2014, Gabriela Isler, on a visit to FFP, the largest international charity in the United States that serves the poor in countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.

    There will also be a gifting auction. Every year, the contestants bring a gift from their country that will be donated to a silent auction to support a selected charity. This is a special annual event and this year proceeds will go to Best Buddies, a long-term partner of the Miss Universe Organization’s.

    The Miss Universe contestants modelled the Yamamay swimsuits
    at the hotel pool. Hosted by Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler,
    the contestants picked their favorite suit from the collection
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    Gabriela Frankova, Miss Czech Republic, Hellen Toncio, Miss Chile,
    Alejandra Argudo, Miss Ecuador, perfect their poses for the cameras

    Bea Toivonen, Miss Finland, Anissa Blondin, Miss Belgium,
    Kristina Georgieva, Miss Bulgaria

    The ladies will also get to let their hair down ahead of the preliminary competition at a VIP cocktail reception at Image Skincare, the official skincare sponsor. There will be a DJ, red carpet and the women will carry out interviews with press.

    Following on from the preliminary round, the top 15 women will be chosen and they will go straight into the National Costume round the same night.

    The finals will be held at the FIU Arena on Sunday 25 January, when Venezuelan Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler, will hand over her crown.

    Donald J. Trump and Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, recently revealed that Today show host Natalie Morales and MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts will host the 63rd pageant, a three-hour show that airs on NBC.

    It has also been rumoured that Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquioa, will be a judge, although he is yet to confirm his place on the panel.

    Among the notable contestants is Miss Great Britain, Grace Levy, an events executive from London.

    Miss Greece, Ismini Dafopulou, and Miss Czech Repuplic, Gabriela Frankova,
    get set for the finals, which will be held at the FIU Arena on Sunday 25 January,
    when Venezuelan Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler, will hand over her crown

    Miss Jamaica, Kaci Fennell, Miss USA, Nia Sanchez,
    Miss Sweden, Camilla Hansson, will take part in the finals
    presented by MSNBC's Thomas Roberts
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    Miss Venezuela, Migbelis Lynette Castellanos, and Miss Gabon,
    Maggaly Ornellia Nguema, partake in the popular contest,
    which was established in 1952 as a local 'bathing beauty' competition
    spearheaded by Catalina Swimwear in Long Beach, California

    Grace, who studied psychology in Bristol, worked as an event manager of her own annual charity event and starred on popular British dating show, Take Me Out.

    Miss Australia, 22-year-old Tegan Martin, hails from Newcastle, the same town as Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins.

    Tegan, who worked as a model in Paris, came second in Miss Universe Australia twice before she won on her third and final attempt.

    Tegan, who is studying for a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine, has hopes of raising awareness of mental health in youth. She is also part of a youth mentoring program helping schoolgirls struggling with confidence.

    Miss USA, 24-year-old Nia Sanchez, is half Hispanic, and has travelled across the world on countless mission trips.

    After working as a full-time model for the past seven years, she landed a face character role at Hong Kong Disney World.

    The popular contest was established in 1952 as a local 'bathing beauty' competition spearheaded by Catalina Swimwear in Long Beach, California.

    Speaking about the pageant, a spokesperson for the event said: 'These women are savvy, goal-oriented and aware. The delegates who become part of the Miss Universe Organization display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals, who compete with hope of advancing their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women who seek to improve the lives of others.'

    This year's event hasn't come without controversy; tensions are rife in the event's city of Doral, who pledged $2.5million from its reserves to support Trump’s beauty pageant, according to the Miami Herald.

    Speaking about the pageant, which sees Miss Ecuador, Alejandra Argudoa,
    and Miss Venezuela, Migbelis Lynette Castellanos, a spokesperson for the event said:
    'These women are savvy, goal-oriented and aware. The delegates who become part
    of the Miss Universe Organization display those characteristics in their everyday lives,
    both as individuals, who compete with hope of advancing their careers, personal
    and humanitarian goals, and as women who seek to improve the lives of others
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    Miss Philippines makes an impression during Miss Universe Preliminary

    posted on Thursday, January 22, 2015 - 11:53am

    The heat is on.

    Four days before the Miss Universe 2014 coronation night, a prelude to the actual main pageant is held via the preliminary competition today, January 22 (January 21 in the U.S.)

    The grand coronation night will happen on January 26 (January 25 in the U.S.), at FIU Arena, Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA.


    With her chin up, and flashing a big, big smile, Miss Universe Philippines 2014 MJ Lastimosa elicited a loud cheer from the audience during the introduction of candidates at the prelims.

    Photography: Facebook


    MJ (far right) with the other candidates during the preliminary competition.

    (L-R) Miss Norway Elise Dalby, Miss Panama Yomatzy Hazlewood, Miss Paraguay Sally Jara, and Miss Peru Jimena Espinoza.

    Photography: Photo courtesy of OPMB Worldwide


    MJ during the swimwear competition

    Photography: Facebook


    Two days ago, MJ was featured prominently in the trailer of Miss Universe 2014.

    Photography: Photo courtesy of OPMB Worldwide


    Mary Jean in her pure-white mermaid gown at the evening gown competition of the Miss Universe prelims.

    Photography: Photo courtesyof OPMB World


    MJ popularizes "dyosa walk" this year.

    Photography: Photo courtesy of OPMB Worldwide


    MJ in her national costume.

    Photography: Photo courtesy of OPMB Worldwide

    ____________ Cheerleading_emoticon.gifhappyphilippines.gifgoodluck.gifcheer.gif
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    ______________ images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQV8fSXZH4DRcyrEK5nq3k1ftzqKAQ4zIuUXVIUPSG6jrEYGPLzmzd5U2U

    Credits to MJ Cainglet

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    Miss Universe Canada's insane hockey-themed 'national costume' goes viral
    by Lauren O'Neil Posted: January 22, 2015 3:18 PM Last Updated: January 22, 2015 3:27 PM

    If there were anyone left on the internet who didn't associate Canadians with hockey before today, well... suffice to say they've been educated, thanks to this:


    Miss Universe Canada added a new photo —
    at Florida International University.
    Company · 10,345 Likes · January 21

    What you see above is the actual "national costume"
    worn by Canada's contestant in this year's Miss Universe pageant
    during a preliminary show on Wednesday evening in Miami.

    Showing an impressive amount of neck strength, 26-year-old Miss Canada Chanel Beckenlehner of Caledon, Ont., made it to the end of the runway and back without incurring a single injury or penalty (according to her LED scoreboard.)

    We won't know whether or not Beckenlehner's sparkly Team Canada corset or Stanley Cup hat scored Canada extra points with the judges until the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant airs on Jan. 25, but the internet is all about our home and native land's most famous hockey-dress right now.


    Miss Universe 2014 @MsUniverseCrown

    [#]Canada[/#] costume for [#]Missuniverse[/#] ! Thinking of you sarahcaserra 
    4:38 PM - 21 Jan 2015

    "Even wonder what would happen if Don Cherry and Lady Gaga collaborated on a costume? Wonder no more," wrote The New York Daily News after photos of the costume in action went viral on Thursday morning.

    "The outfit featured 10 hockey sticks, a scoreboard, a goal and a Stanley Cup atop a bright white wig," the Daily News continued. "While the look may not get Beckenlehner love from the judges, the folks in the Great White North have to love it. All that is missing is Wayne Gretzky."


    Miss Universe 2014 @MsUniverseCrown

    The Miss Universe Canada national costume will pay tribute
    to Ice Hockey! [#]MissUniverse[/#] [#]MissUniverse[/#]2014 [#]MissCa[/#]...
    7:39 AM - 6 Jan 2015

    Others around the web poked fun at the costume — because honestly, how could they not?

    In a piece called "Miss Canada: What hockey stereotype?" TMZ wrote "Apparently, the costume shop was all out of the other classic Canadian outfit — jeans with jean shirt with jean jacket."

    Uproxx provided its readers with a thorough rundown of every element contained within the ensemble, giving particular attention to the giant scoreboard worn behind Beckenlehner's head.

    "The best and most confusing thing about this costume, by far, is the fact that score of the game appears to be 20-14. 20-14! That’s so many goals! And the third period just started!" wrote Uproxx.

    "They’re on pace for a score of, like, 28-19! That would mean both teams broke the record for most goals in a single game! What happened to the goalies? Did they die? Did Miss Canada kill them with one of the 11 sticks on her person? I desperately want to see this fictional game now. It must have been chaos."

    Twitter users continue to both hail and mock the costume today as a set of photos posted to Beckenlehner's Facebook page from Wednesday night make the rounds.


    Alex Agius @AlexAgius_UK

    Really not a fan of the Miss. Universe pageant
    but Miss. Canada's costume is amazing. Canada to win!
    1:18 AM - 23 Jan 2015

    Michael Carlson @Carlsonsports

    Miss Canada shows Miss Universe the traditional Canajan wedding costume... …
    1:21 AM - 23 Jan 2015


    eden rohatensky @edenthecat

    Miss Universe Canada was heavily inspired by Hexadecimal
    from the Canadian Classic, Reboot. …
    1:15 AM - 23 Jan 2015

    обнимать @mdaliaa

    2:59 AM - 23 Jan 2015


    Rick Porter @Zap2itRick

    I say this without having seen the other Miss Universe
    national costumes, but Miss Canada wins.
    2:07 AM - 23 Jan 2015

    According to a blog post on Miss Universe Canada's website, the kitschy costume was designed by the "talented Canadian film and television costume designer Alex Kavanagh."

    The organization wrote the following of Kavanagh's creation:

    "The concept for the costume is to pay respect to the sport of Ice Hockey. It truly is a sport that defines Canada. All across the country, on frozen backyard ponds, community rinks and in state-of-the-art arenas, Canadians are playing this national winter sport. It is one of our most celebrated pastimes! The game is invariably tied to our collective sense of what it means to be Canadian and is perhaps our most identifiable icon. There is no greater force that unifies Canadians than hockey. It brings together communities and it teaches our children the meaning of dedication to sport and teamwork. Most importantly however, it shows the pride we have for our country! Hockey is a part of our national identity and culture!"


    Miss Universe Canada added a new photo —
    at Florida International University.
    Company · 10,345 Likes
    · January 21

    While many appear to love the idea, Canada's National Costume round entry has not rolled out without generating its fair share of criticism.

    Some on Twitter have said that they feel Beckenlehner's costume mocks Canadian culture.

    Jordyn Marcellus @jordynmarcellus

    We should, as a nation, feel immense collective shame over this … (via @edenthecat)
    1:17 AM - 23 Jan 2015


    Miss Universe Canada REALLY loves hockey
    So much so that she has BECOME hockey.
    SB Nation @SBNation

    Connor Halley @ConnorHalley

    I thought that Canadian Miss Universe thing was a joke. That's embarrassing
    3:27 AM - 23 Jan 2015

    Ashley Csanady @AshleyCsanady

    Miss Canada "Canadian Stereotype" costume for Miss Universe pageant is...
    er, (or should I say eh)... something else …
    2:14 AM - 23 Jan 2015


    All hail Miss Canada, the vengeful god of hockey

    The Miss Universe pageant, like all beauty pageants, makes no sense.
    Wednesday was the costume night of the 63rd annual extravaganza
    and all the Misses dressed up in their best national stereotypes... @CanadaDotCom

    Sihaam @sihmah

    Whoever designed the Canadian Miss Universe costume
    did that lady so dirty....
    3:04 AM - 23 Jan 2015


    Bruce Arthur ✔ @bruce_arthur

    Well, this is embarrassing in many ways RT @xmasape: 20-14?
    Y'all scoring touchdowns in hockey now, Canada?
    1:36 AM - 23 Jan 2015
  • steelbardancersteelbardancer Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    Netizens praise MJ Lastimosa’s pre-pageant performance

    by Marjorie S. Duran
    January 24, 2015

    MJ LASTIMOSA in her national costume
    (Photo from Team_PH Instagram account)

    The country’s Miss Universe bet MJ Lastimosa won the admiration of netizens in the pageant’s preliminaries held Wednesday night (Thursday morning, PH time) in Doral, Florida.

    Lastimosa confidently walked down the ramp first wearing an elegant white evening gown. She also went center stage in a colorful version of the national costume, said to have been inspired by Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival. Lastly, she wore a pink bikini that highlighted her toned figure.

    Her evening gown and national costume were created by Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza.

    “Great performance of @MJ_Lastimosa [#]MissUniversePhilippines[/#],” one said on Twitter.

    Another added, “Mj was AMAZING, she walked on stage like her life depended on it, when it mattered the most, You’re already a winner. ProudOfYou.”


    MJ’s fellow candidates only have good words for her.

    Miss Colombia’s Paulina Vega, considered among frontrunners in the pageant, told ABS-CBN North America Bureau Don Tagala that MJ is “a great human being.”

    “She’s (MJ) so beautiful. She’s a total lady and she gave me a gift from the Philippines on my birthday. I really love it,” said Paulina.

    Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell said she loves MJ. “She’s so sweet, always smiling and (has) a heart of pure gold.”

    Miss Aruba Digine Zimmerman echoed Miss Jamaica’s opinion, adding, “(Miss) Philippines is a sweetheart… She has great energy.”

    The judges will pick 15 candidates who will advance to the Miss Universe finale based on the results of the preliminary round.

    The coronation night will be held on Sunday, Jan. 25 (Monday morning, PH time) in Doral, Florida.

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