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Willie Revillame RESIGN on TV 5!?

Follow the news here : Willie Revillame RESIGN on TV5

April fools ! :bop:

Peace !! *peace* Ang mapikon panget.


  • tripl3tripl3 Banned by Admin PExer

    very funny
  • birdy90birdy90 Member PExer
    rickroll-proof na pala ang Firefox 4 :glee:
  • jpd74jpd74 Member PExer
    hahaha ... tapos lumipat sa channel 7 .........
  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    i'm giving this thread a day.
  • TTJedTTJed Banned by Admin PExer
    Mas effective sanang pang April Fools kung walang question mark.

    Saka dapat Willie Revillame resigns FROM TV5 ang title.
  • g_lyn24g_lyn24 the sun still shines PExer
    ^uy english, swak na ang "grammar police" :rotfl:

    pero agree with jed. sana wala nang question mark. ;)
  • TTJedTTJed Banned by Admin PExer
    Pag walang question mark,magmumukha lang syang petition para magresign si Willie. Pano naman naging prank yun?:lol: Di ba may article na nga si Ed Sicam na dapat daw umalis na sya sa TV?:lol:
  • luks7210luks7210 Member PExer
    :lol: parang tabloid kung may question mark eh.

    Sana totoo na lang.
  • Jewel3Jewel3 Amas♥Veritas PExer
    jpd74 wrote: »
    hahaha ... tapos lumipat sa channel 7 .........

    hindi bebenta thread na to kung ang title "Willie lilipat na sa Channel 7" :D
  • luks7210luks7210 Member PExer
    Halloween na din! :glee:
  • soltera81soltera81 A little bit of everything ✭✭
    Willie Revillame is not a pervert, is not abusive, is not conceited, and not arrogant. Happy April Fools Day!!
  • tripl3tripl3 Banned by Admin PExer
    Bump lang. April Fool's thread
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