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His Royal Hotness SAM MILBY:Prince of Romance &d MostHandSAM Motorcross Rider[Part 6]





    Close to You (with John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo)
    Sam as Lance Miller

    You Are the One (with Toni Gonzaga)
    Sam as Will Derby/Vernard Garcia


    You Got Me! (with Toni Gonzaga and Zanjoe Marudo)
    Sam as Lt. Kevin Robles


    My Big Love (with Toni Gonzaga and Kristine Hermosa)
    Sam as Chef Macky Cordova

    Cul De Sac
    Sam as Hero

    And I Love You So (with Bea Alonzo and Derek Ramsay)
    Sam as Chris Panlilio

    Ang Tanging Pamilya (A Marry-Go-Round) (with Ai-Ai, Erap and Toni)
    Sam as Prince

    Babe, I Love You (with Anne Curtis)
    Sam as Nico Borromeo

    Third World Happy (with Jodi Sta. Maria)
    Sam as West


    *PDA Season 1

    Maging Sino Ka Man Book1/2
    Sam as JB Berenguer

    Sam as Prince Adonis

    *Only You
    Sam as Theodore "TJ" Javier Jr.

    *Your Song: Someone To Love
    Sam as Morrison "Morrie" Parunga

    *Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Impostor
    Sam as Anthony Florencio

    Sam as Vince Serrano

    *Happy, Yipee, Yehey

    SAM MILBY (self-titled album)
    1. Close To You
    2. This I Swear
    3. I've Fallen In Love
    4. Missing You
    5. Wherever You Will Go
    6. Only You
    7. My Guitar(Interlude)
    8. Magmahal Muli

    SAM MILBY (repackaged album)
    1. Close To You
    2. This I Swear
    3. I've Fallen In Love
    4. Missing You
    5. Wherever You Will Go
    6. Only You
    7. My Guitar(Interlude)
    8. Magmahal Muli

    Added Tracks:
    * My Girl
    * Maging Sino Ka Man
    * There's More

    Toni Gonzaga feat. SAM MILBY
    Toni Gonzaga featuring Sam Milby

    1. We Belong
    2. Kung Kaya Ko
    3. Kapag Tumibok ang Puso
    4. Love Fool
    5. Wishin' & Hopin'
    6. You Are The One (ft. Sam Milby)

    Pinoy Big Brother

    Music Videos
    1. Pinoy Ako - performed by Orange and Lemons feat. PBB Housemates
    2. Magmahal Muli- Feat. Sam and Say
    3. I've Fallen In Love - Feat. Sam
    4. Pinoy Rap - feat. Jayson & Franzen
    5. Pinoy Ako Xmas Remix - Feat. PBB Housemates

    Audio Tracks
    6. Pinoy Ako Dance Version
    7. Magmahal Muli
    8. I've Fallen In Love
    9. Pinoy Rap
    10. Pinoy Ako Xmas Remix
    11. Pinoy Ako


    1. Maligo na Jam
    2. Your Girl
    3. Chill (Sa Aking Duyan)
    4. Love is True
    5. Panaginip
    6. Sikat ang Pinoy (ft. Toni and Sam)
    7. Sikat ang Pinoy (Dance Remix)
    8. Budoy Ako
    9. Maligo na Jam (Acoustic)
    10. Your Girl (Acoustic)

    Manila by Gary Valenciano
    Annie Batungbakal by Toni Gonazaga & Marcus
    Pers Lab by Sarah Geronimo
    Ms. Universe by Piolo Pascual Panaginip by Rachelle Ann Go
    Bitin Sa Iyo by Erik Santos
    Bongga Ka Day by Sheryn Regis
    Beh Buti Nga by Mark Bautista & Anne Curtis
    Langit Na Naman by Sam Milby
    Kasi Naman by Nikki Gil
    umapit Ka by Nina
    Ikaw Pa Rin by Jed Madela
    Dying To Tell You by Christian Bautista
    I Can’t Forget You by Zsa Zsa Padilla & Rene Garcia

    1. A Little Too Perfect
    2. Love of My Life
    3. Buong Buhay Ko
    4. Where Did You Go
    5. Can't Help Falling In Love
    6. Shining Star
    7. Mahal Pa Rin
    8. It's You All Along
    9. Right Here Waiting
    10. I Don't Wanna Miss A Chance
    11. Where Did You Go (Acoustic Mix)
    12. Buong Buhay Ko (Acoustic Mix)
    13. Mahal Pa Rin (Acoustic Mix)
    14. A Little Too Perfect (Instrumental)
    15. Right Here Waiting (Instrumental)
    16. Can't Help Falling In Love (Instrumental)

    MAGING SINO KA MAN BOOK 2 (Official Soundtrack)
    Maging Sino Ka Man(Erik S.)
    Ikaw Ang Buhay Ko(Kris L.)
    Without You(Martin Nievera)
    You and I (Sam Milby)
    Forever(Roselle Nava)
    Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw(Sheryn R.)
    Can't Cry Hard Enough(Sam Milby)
    I've Fallen For You(Toni G.)
    In Love With You(Sam & Toni)
    I'll Always Love You(Bea Alonzo)
    Magpahanggang Wakas(Erik S.)
    Maging Sino Ka Man(Vina M.)

    Love Duets
    1. Cruisin' (4:23) - Sam Milby And Toni Gonzaga
    2. Suddenly (3:33) - Sam Milby And Toni Gonzaga
    3. Against All Odds (3:26) - Sam Milby And Toni Gonzaga
    4. Way Back Into Love (4:05) - Sam Milby And Toni Gonzaga
    5. I've Had The Time Of My Life (5:13) - Sam Milby And Toni Gonzaga
    6. Sometimes When We Touch/After All (Medley) (5:50) - Sam Milby And Toni Gonzaga
    7. If Ever You're In My Arms Again (4:16) - Sam Milby And Toni Gonzaga
    8. In Love With You (4:29) - Sam Milby And Toni Gonzaga
    9. You Are The One (4:44) - Sam Milby And Toni Gonzaga

    Information c/o Got Milby Multiply Site and Sam Milby Official Site

    *6th Asap Pop Viewers Choice Awards Pop Movie Loveteam with Anne Curtis from movie Babe I love You
    *6th Asap Pop Viewers Choice Awards Pop Pin-Up Boy

    *Dangal ng Bayan Awards Best Actor and Male Performing Artist[1]

    *2nd Star Magic Ball "Most Chandon Sparkling Couple of the Night" (with Anne Curtis)

    *ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards Pop Best Movie Screen Kiss (for You Got Me with Toni Gonzaga)
    *Anak TV Seal Award Top 10 Most Admired Male Personality
    *Guillermo Awards Prince of Philippines Movies (for You Are The One)

    *Anak TV Seal Award Top 10 Most Admired Male Personality
    *ASAP Pop Viewers Awards for Movie Pop Movie Themesong & Pop *Screen Kiss (for You Are The One with Toni Gonzaga)
    * PMPC Star Awards for Movies Pop New Movie Actor (for You Are The One)
    *PMPC Star Awards for TV Best New TV Male Personality
    *Guillermo Awards Most Promising Male Singer
    *19th Aliw Awards Best New Male Artist
  • 4629738247_31d4c4d63f_o.jpg


    Samuel Lloyd Lacia Milby (born on May 23, 1984 in Troy, Ohio, United States), commonly known as Sam Milby, is a Filipino-American actor, commercial model, and recording artist. Milby grew up with a Filipina mother native to Tago, Surigao del Sur and an American father. He became an instant celebrity and heartthrob after leaving the Pinoy Big Brother House in November 2005. He currently appears in a Sunday musical variety show, ASAP '08, through the segment called 'The Hearththrobs' with Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz. He also rendered his version of Only You to ABS-CBN's Tagalog-dubbed Korean soap of the same title.

    Milby's first major film debut was Close to You, produced by ABS-CBN subsidiary Star Cinema and co-starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Milby also released a self-titled debut album in early 2006, which was repackaged in the third quarter of 2006.

    Heartthrobs, featuring Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby at the Music Museum last February 2 and 3, has a repeat concert on March 17 following the big success of their first concert together. Milby was recently seen in the recently concluded top rating ABS-CBN primetime soap opera, Maging Sino Ka Man which garnered a 42.0% rating nationwide according to AGB Nielsen Philippines, the soap opera will have a book 2 following a big success and is tentatively schedule to be seen on September 2007. He is also starred in the blockbuster movie You Got Me with Toni Gonzaga and Zanjoe Marudo and he is schedule to shoot another movie with Toni Gonzaga and Kristine Hermosa entitled "My Big Love". Milby just concluded his successful US tour with Piolo Pascual, Pokwang and Rica Peralejo and scheduled for another European tour before the year ends. Milby is one of the busiest and bankable talents of ABS-CBNs Star Magic.

    Early life: 1984-2005

    Samuel Lloyd Lacia Milby is the youngest child of Elsie Lacia, from Tago, Surigao del Sur and Lloyd Milby, an entrepreneur from Dayton, Ohio. Sam was raised in Tipp City, Ohio.

    Milby's early passion was ice skating. Training for competitive skating followed soon after. From age 9, Milby trained and lived with his coach and was home schooled until he was 15. On the weekends, he would get the chance to go home to his family and spend time with them. During this period in his life, he competed in numerous major ice skating competitions including the Junior Nationals. He and his skating partner of 4 years won silver and other awards in the course of his serious skating stint.


    Aside from his immediate family, Milby did not grow up with many Filipinos around. Yet the talented Fil-Am was no foreigner to his mother's country. He, along with his family, had visited the Philippines several times before. At one time he did take a shot at Philippine showbusiness. But pressing personal matters then prodded him to return to the States.

    In his March 2005 return to the Philippines, Milby decided to seriously pursue a career in showbusiness and modeling. At the time, he temporarily stayed with relatives in Bulacan. Everyday he would take the bus to Manila to answer casting calls and auditions for modeling. Results were not always encouraging but his tenacity did yield some fruit. He landed bit roles in certain ads. Then came a big break from Close Up when he starred as their lead in their TV commercial with Barbie Almalbis.

    Sam and Pinoy Big Brother

    In July 2005, a phenomenal show hit Philippine TV – Pinoy Big Brother. This show featured 12 men and women from different walks of life. However, Sam was not part of the original 12. His break came when one of the contestants volunteered to leave the house for an urgent matter with her family. The show immediately held another audition in order to find a replacement. Milby was encouraged to audition by his then friend and current manager, Erickson Raymundo. Though unfamiliar with the show prior to his audition, he won the favor of the panel of judges and bested 200 plus others. The next day, he was informed of the spot he won in the Big Brother house.

    In the Big Brother house, he won the affection of many Filipinos with his shyness but obvious pleasant character. But his shyness was often mistaken for alienation, something that his “housemates” had to confront him with. He also had his share of controversy as only days after he entered the house, he found himself in a situation with one of the ladies during his welcome party. And this was of course viewed on national TV, thus prompting the government regulatory board to step in and suspend the show for a day. Yet this did not take away the favor that Sam had already gained from the Filipino viewers. With his dedication to complete tasks and build genuine friendships with his housemates, he became one of the most well-endeared housemates.

    Some of the challenges he endured in the house were tasks that provided very little time for them to be accomplished. He memorized and sang the Philippine National Anthem overnight – a feat for someone who had almost zero knowledge of Tagalog. He was able to display some of his athletic skills on tasks that were physically demanding. When the housemates were asked to put up a mini show inside the house, Sam was able to share some of his compositions. All these songs however, were in English. With the help of some of the housemates, he translated one of his best love songs and performed it with housemate Say Alonzo. Unknowingly, he launched his career in showbusiness and one of the biggest hit songs of 2005 – Magmahal Muli.

    He was evicted after 49 days. Yet this display of talent and good looks may have been the very reason why he got evicted. Rumors circulated on the day of his eviction about fans deliberately not voting for him to get him evicted. They could not wait for Milby to come out and join mainstream showbusiness.

    Television Career

    The closing of the door in Kuya’s house opened so many more other doors of opportunities for Milby. Today Sam has a platinum album, a budding film career, a regular spot in ASAP ’06, other TV guestings and another movie in the making.[citation needed]


    February 14, 2006 marked the beginning of Milby's movie career. Starring alongside the love team of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, Close to Youwhich grossed in excess of P120,000,000 in the Philippine Box Office.

    On August 30, 2006 You Are The One, the long awaited film starring Milby and Toni Gonzaga, Milby's popularity extends to the United States as the film was screened throughout the country beginning on September 15, 2006.

    Pardon of taxi driver

    Milby forgave the FX taxi driver who almost killed him and friend Liz Uy, a fashion editor and stylist who is also the girlfriend of actor John Lloyd Cruz. Sam was driving his car along C-5 in Taguig City on July 10, 2007 on his way from a bar in Makati City, when they were suddenly struck by FX taxi that made an illegal U-turn around 5 a. m.[1]


    In November 2007, Sam Milby and fellow actor Piolo Pascual filed a 12 million libel suit against TV host Lolit Solis after alleging that she saw the two actors "whispering to each other" in the poolside cafe of the Hotel Sofitel on October 12. The two actors have been hounded by long-rumored gay relationship which they deny. Both actors accused Solis of fabricating the story and making malicious claims that threatened their reputations and careers. The hotel has already issued a statement refuting Solis's claim that the two actors were within the premises on the said date however, Solis refuses to retract her story and claims she has a security video to back up her story. Milby continues to be dogged by questions regarding his sexual orientation.[2]

    c/o SAM MILBY Wikipedia Page
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  • Opening - ASAP Rocks Cebu (March 27, 2011) http://fb.me/F5D2UDbB
  • Dance U + Spiels - ASAP Rocks Cebu (March 27, 2011) http://fb.me/wjmj4PI2
  • Summer Station ID Launch - ASAP Rocks Cebu (March 27, 2011) http://fb.me/SktalJFE
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  • Samthing Special Birthday Concert!
    Zirkoh Tomas Morato, Quezon City
    May 14, 2011 10:00pm


    With special guests
    Ms. Toni Gonzaga, Angeline Quinto, Krissel, K-La
    May 14, 2011 Saturday 10:00PM
    Zirkoh Tomas Morato

    VIP (RESERVED ) Free Seating Php 2,000

    PATRON Free Seating Php 1,000

    BALCONY Free Seating Php 1,000

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    Hi po @samuelmilby! Thanks so much 4 taking d time to have ur pic taken with us! Hope u enjoy ur stay here in cdo! ☺

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    Parang Mall Tour nga...

    c/o eiabang


    posted mar 26

    with @samuelmilby :))) weee. he was in CDO yesterday. <3

  • Sam Milby Cosmo Bachelor 2010


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    Welcome sa ating new house Milby Mobs and sa lahat ng sumusuporta sa aming IDOL na si Sam Milby!!! Post lang ng post guyz! :)

    Special thanks kay Ann a.k.a Bunso sa 2 banners ng thread na ito. You're the best! *okay*

    To jeffpipoy:
    Wowwww... super ganda ng banner !! PANALO .... captured ang super handSAM face & super sexy body ni SAM ! *okay*

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