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Manila Imperialism?

Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago:confused:

Then was I a leader among teachers
In the 90s decade it came this tall task
For which called was I to make rounds
Of mentors ‘round the country to glee
That aura of mine inspires them to reveree

Then came this news conference in Bacolod
Where I was introduced as man from Manila
Then exclaimed the tv man to shame
That I am agent of Manila imperialism cold!

Shocked as I was and infuriated likewise
Did I regain control of my composure
I was a leader among teachers across the land
Not a local agent of Manila nor its fens

Yet surely there are those who build discord
From petty and asinine viewpoints they breed
Unable to see the world in larger clime
They will perish with shame and dirty slime

[Philippines, 15 November 2010]

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