Jaw pain

i have this pain in my left jaw. it has been more than a month already. last january i had my three upper teeth extracted. 2 mollars and one wisdom tooth. weeks after they healed, my jaw
started to ache whenever i try to open my mouth like yawning. hirap talaga. it aches when i try to move it sideways.sabi nung dentist, massage ko lang daw.i tried but it didn't work. :depressed:

is this due to tooth extration ba talaga?
what do you think is the remedy?
if im gonna consult, what doctor?

thank you...


  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    No idea if the tooth extraction caused the persistent of pain but it could be from something else, e.g. a problem with your temporo-mandibular joint. An ENT (ORL) doctor would be best to consult with.

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