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a1 is so back

The British-Norwegian band a1 is made up of Christian Ingebrigtsen, Ben Adams and Mark Read. The band was put together and managed by Tim Byrne in the late nineties. Christian was discovered at “The Paul McCartney School” in Liverpool. Mark and Ben were already in a band together when they were discovered. Paul Marazzi was chosen as the last member of the group through auditions, and a1 was complete.

a1 got their breakthrough in The UK in 1999 with their first album “Here We Come”. In Norway they became popular after “Everytime” was released as a single the same year. They went on to win a Brit Award for “Best British Break Through Act” in 2001. In total the band achieved two number 1s and eight top 10 hits in the UK. They released 3 albums and had great success in large parts of Europe and Asia. During autumn of 2002 Paul decided to leave a1 for personal reasons. Christian, Ben and Mark continued as a1 for a while before they later that year announced that they would take a break from the band. During their break, Ben, Mark and Christian all stayed in the music business working with individual projects.

In late 2009 the boys reformed as a band and decided to do a series of 10 year celebration concerts in Norway in collaboration with manager Christian Dyresen. They performed 7 reunion shows with the HIM choir exclusively at Christiania Theatre in Oslo. A1 started off 2010 by participating in Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest with their song "Don't Wanna Lose You Again". They went through to the final in Oslo Spektrum where they took 2nd place behind winner Didrik Solli Tangen. A1 are currently touring Norway and working on a new studio album that will be released in October 2010.


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