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GeGeGe No Kitaro Anime and Mythical Ghosts and Monsters of Japan

(source: http://insendai.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/kitaro-anime.jpg)

This anime is very unique. Its about a falf monster half human boy who fights ghosts and monsters. But the ghosts and monsters in the episodes are not made up, theyre legendary ghosts and monsters in Japan, like the aswang and mananaggal and kapres here. It turns horror to adventure. A lot ef his enemies are in the list of Japans legendary and Mythical creatures http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_legendary_creatures_from_Japan.

From watching this anime, I developed a hobby of reading Japanese myths. I couldnt imagine how many are the ghosts and monsters in every City and Town in Japan. I wonder if those were all true.

This anime became very popular in Japan. A lot of merchendise and video games. It even has its own City, in Sakaiminato City Japan, the home of the anime's creator where every where characters of the anime could be seen in establishments, railroad and trains, streets, bill boards, statues, even in their foods.

Unfortunately I was unable to watch every episode shown in Animax in Sky Cable because of work and changing of cable providers. Since then I just search on the internet for new or old episodes I havent watched. It also had a movie which I cant find any with english subtitles.

Anyone who likes this anime and have further info on episodes and about the movie, or likes the legendary mythical creatures of Japan, please feel free to post.
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