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Accenture - BPO : Para sa mga Nagtapos ng Pagnanars

frozenfire03frozenfire03 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
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We are looking for Nursing graduates to join our workforce as Care Management Analyst for our Care Management Openings.


1. Nurses with license to practice in the Philippines or the United States
2. Graduate of BS Nursing, without license are also welcome to apply.

Be one of our Care Management Analyst.

Interested? Send your resume to [email protected] or send me thru pm.



  • interested but can you tell us the salary range? for experienced and non experienced applicants ..thank you
  • non voice po ba toh? TIA
  • can I go directly to your office? same question is this Non voice?
  • frozenfire03frozenfire03 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Apologies, but salary range is confidential. Yes it's a non-voice.

    Send your resume to [email protected] so that I could refer you for faster processing.
  • sabi po kasi sa description you'll be answering via email, fax and via phone..ttangap po ba ng phone calls dto or minimal phone calls ***.. TIA
  • BingoWingoBingoWingo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Apologies, but salary range is confidential. Yes it's a non-voice.

    Send your resume to [email protected] so that I could refer you for faster processing.

    U sure its faster processing ba or are you just the "referral person" since I know accenture employees can get bonuses ranging from 10T up for every successful referral...
  • citrix29citrix29 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    12k lang ang offer
  • pwede bang walk in nlng?
  • afterimage143afterimage143 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    for referral tapos 12k pala..hmmm
  • citrix29 wrote: »
    12k lang ang offer

    12k *** tlAga?? no other benefits or incentives?
  • post deleted
  • This is purely voice not NON VOICE. You will be doing outbound calls/telemarketing. Offer is 12k only.
    Walk-in and Be Processed Immediately!

    Accenture Recruitment Center
    3/F Forum Robinsons Mall, Pioneer St. cor. EDSA,
    MandaluyongCity(near Boni MRT Station)
    Recruitment Hours: 10am - 4pm(Mondays to Fridays)

    Care Management Associates (Underboard Nursing Graduates)
    (National Capital Reg - Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Makati)

    Conduct outbound scripted calls to members that do not respond to Health Care survey.
    Conducts Health Care survey via telephone including system documentation of all call activity.
    Directs member inquiries to appropriate Health Coach or Nurse Health Coaches.
    Responsibilities exclude providing medical advice/opinion on treatment or services.

    Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
    Fluent English communication skills
    Willing to work shifting/ graveyard schedules.
    Must be attentive to details; goal-oriented, team-player and flexible
    Must have excellent English communication skills, both oral and written
    Outsourcing operations experience preferred, but not required
    Prior experience in health and/or patient education preferred, but not required
    At least 6 months customer service or telemarketing experience (prior call experience)
  • agentboi wrote: »
    This is purely voice not NON VOICE. You will be doing outbound calls/telemarketing. Offer is 12k only.

    how about for PH RN's is that the same?? i wondering kasi kung same *** din ba yung for NON RN tska PH RN ,and same din ba ng sahod??
  • hala...12k lang ang basic?ang baba pala...what about allowances or incentives?meron bang may alam jan?thanks...
  • sportjocksportjock PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    may referral sa accenture malaki ata referral fee for successful applicants
  • yung 12k na yun para lang yata yun dun sa outbound non-registered PH nurses. yung PH nurse ( care management ) ibang level yun. agent position sa accenture level G. level F mas malaki sweldo, from a friend ranging from 22-25 tapos may project allowance yata na 3k. plus yung iba pang allowance. pag US RN yun ang malaki. 30+++ yun kasi naman mataas ang requirement. dapat may clinical experience.
  • new_lifenew_life PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    still hiring right now?
  • The HR at accenture is not that reliable you should follow your application once in a while. maybe because nurses are so many and they do not care who gets in or not.i hope this is not the case.especially if you are a nurse for their nursing account and please try not to give peanut valued salaries to nurses because nurses have licences compared to the guys at HR.
  • both of us are RNs and im curious on how much should we expect from the given pos i mean if a US RN is receiving 30k up and non RN is receiving 12k isnt it that its fair to think that the salary is somewhat in between?or higher than those who are not RNs?im confused is it a voice or non voice? Apir* to the person posted before me,wag nmn sana kameng mga hamak na nars na baratin,we worked hard just to get the two letters at the end of our names,we also studied countless meds and diseases halos pre-med n nga eh,kala ko p nmn sa nursing industry lang puro barat ang tao even in the BPO industry barat din.anyways it says the office can be found @ robinsons not familliar with the place but eto b yung katabi nang statue mismo? Im using google map and this place pop up,i just hope some one can post the offer here, hmo, basic salary, night diff, incentives? Signing bonus? Sana may makasagot today TIA!
  • Open position:
    US Licensed Nurses (Levels C - D) --> please PM me. I can help you :)
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