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18-Word Stories

We've got a thread for poetry, and a thread for art. Why not a thread for fiction?

Got the idea from a twitter challenge --to write an 18-word story. Which, unless you're addicted to antiquated sesqiupedalian latinate words :lol:, will fit a tweet to a tee, with space enough for a title (most times).

Feel free to post in any genre, English or Filipino, as long as it's recognizable as a short story, and it has -duh- exactly 18 words.

Since I'm TS, I figure I should start:

Fatal Error (Crime)

Note in hand, I watched her writhe on the floor.


Damn! I should've read the address first.


  • this is hard mr bee..:glee:

    will post mine after today :hiya:

  • this is interesting :)
    okay will think about mine too..
  • Waaaaa... Ang hirap naman!
  • :lol: nakaka-challenge nga. may version pa na 6 words lang kailangan, kaso masyado nang mahirap sa akin yun! :hiya: sa 18 words, maliit pa yung frustration factor! :lol:

    miss bb, hard ba? :naughty:

    my entry for today:

    HAPPY ENDINGS! (Fantasy)

    When the enchantment broke, he was a cat.

    She, a dog.

    An unlikely pair...

    They're still a pair. ^_^
  • yes mr bee its hard :naughty2::lol:

    im still trying to make my 18 word story :hiya:
  • nosferatujoenosferatujoe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    mas mahirap siguro yung 6 words, although medyo marami nang gumagawa nun. this 18 words is a breath of fresh air. :)

    will post later.
  • greenandpinkgreenandpink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Meron ka pala nito Bee. I will come up with one mwahahaha :lol:
  • Joining! I fail at title ideas though :bungi:

    THE END (Tragedy)

    My last memory, me playing God.

    A bullet to my head. Classic, cliched.

    Nothingness finds me tonight, forever.
  • greenandpinkgreenandpink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    At the counter,
    color vanishes from her face.
    She pulls out her pockets,
    filled with tickets and lint.
  • nosferatujoenosferatujoe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    lupit naman greenandpink
  • entry no. 2


    A dating couple planned their European honeymoon.

    Years later, two plane tickets lay somewhere, never used and long-forgotten.
  • :wave:

    @brrrr!!! nice work! *okay* the second one reminds me of the supposedly hemingway work: "for sale: baby shoes, never worn"

    @gap :lol: oo... nakakatuwa kasi eh. nakakapiga ng brain cells sa pag-iisip. at nakakapagsulat ka na ulit (hindi nga lang poetry :lol: ) *okay*

    @nosferatujoe, H0KAGE, cindy feel free to post anytime. :D

    @miss bb: paano ka makakasula, iba pinagko-konsentreytan mo? :naughty2: :rotfl:


    new day, new post:

    HUNTER/PREY (Paranormal/Horror?)

    He hugged her tight. Said, “No one’s gonna harm you now, honey.”

    Bared his fangs.

    She bared hers.


    ( :lol: challenging myself even further, trying to think up an 18-word cyberpunk story. :lol: asa-ness. )
  • @miss bb: paano ka makakasula, iba pinagko-konsentreytan mo?

    mr bee :stolenkiss:

    i really cant concentrate on making one because of this handsome distraction :naughty2: :lol:

    *still challenging myself to post an 18 word story* :hiya:
  • beefixer yes i patterned mine over his.
    nice thread btw *okay* medyo addictive! :bungi:

    no. 3


    He called home thrice, still no answer.

    Terror-struck, he rushed home and found everyone weeping.

    Around his coffin.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] PEx Rookie ⭐

    He stood by her side, they hold hands.
    Before she close her eyes she tried to speak -
  • This seems fun! Let me give it a try.


    Finally. He came.


    "I know you."

    Four decades, yet still undeniable.

    "Do tell. What happened...to me?"
  • :lol: dumadami na. hey guys! :wave: keep em coming! *okay*


    "Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do."

    The crowd tore apart the robot as it prayed.


    @brrrr!!! nice twist ending. :lol: *okay*

    @hero_bash tragic ending? nice. *okay*

    @gzople misteryoso yung story. *okay*
  • ^ wow that story tells so much. very nice *okay**okay**okay*

    no. 4


    Every sunrise finds me naked with traces of the previous night.

    Every night a different man.

    My motto.

  • greenandpinkgreenandpink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    lupit naman greenandpink

    salamat pow. :D
    beefixer wrote: »

    @gap :lol: oo... nakakatuwa kasi eh. nakakapiga ng brain cells sa pag-iisip. at nakakapagsulat ka na ulit (hindi nga lang poetry :lol: ) *okay*

    yeah tama ka. managed to write something. :)

    Cinderella Love
    He walks without a shoe, broken slipper in hand.
    She with a slipper and dragging one big sneaker.


    from School Library to Hospital Wing (What's Up Doc?)

    Task: Oculus Reparo

    You've just stepped on Professor Hunter's eyeglasses.

    Search for five (5) Normie-borns (join date must be from 1999 to 2009) who can help you repair the broken eyeglasses.

    To finish the task, the first four (4) Normie-borns must post the following in The Lost Hortifact Main Challenge Thread:
    <your House Name>, have you not been taught by your professors?

    I, <username>, know a mending charm. Let me give it a shot.

    "Oculus Reparo"

    *nothing happens*

    and the last one (1) must post:
    It's been forever since the last time I bumped into students from <your House Name>.

    I, <username>, work at a repair shop down the alley. Let me help you!

    "Oculus Reparo"

    *the pair of eyeglasses has been repaired*

    *Normie-borns are not allowed to post more than once for this task.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    interesting, mukhang kailangan ko na ng ganitong exercise. :hiya:
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