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vanilaguy xPS console
any info on this company?

reportedly offers 25k plus (undisclosed) benefits. dayshift australian accounts, doing outbound calls to australian households for a survey. must have even just a slight english or aussie accent.

plus points for this is: dayshift and higher-than-industry startup compensation.

email resume to
[email protected]
Subject: Australian CSR Application


  • vanilaguy
    vanilaguy xPS console
    any updates? does anybody in the forum work at powerconnex? any additional information?
  • vanilaguy wrote: »
    any updates? does anybody in the forum work at powerconnex? any additional information?

    Oh! I received a text message from This Company last March 2010.. I'll send you a PM.. :)
  • salbakuta02
    salbakuta02 Serious type
    do they have available positions for TS/Helpdesk Reps?
  • aileenc_516
    aileenc_516 walang pakialamanan,, ok?!
    hiring pa kaya tong australian na to?
  • Oh! I received a text message from This Company last March 2010.. I'll send you a PM.. :)

    hi! pls pm me details too.. am interested. thanks!
  • hi! im also nterested kindly pm me please thanks!
  • pa pm po sana ng info and requirements. thanks po:)
  • vanilaguy
    vanilaguy xPS console
    please do walk in. they need customer care agents asap! bring your resume.
  • vanilaguy
    vanilaguy xPS console
    Number 1 and most important requirement is able to speak straight english with a hint of british english or aussie accent.

    just walk in to their office at 22F Trafalgar Plaza (beside Pacific Star) Dela Costa corner Valero. Bring your resume and look for Melanie.
  • vanilaguy
    vanilaguy xPS console
    its better to take the buendia route rather than ayala. kase mas malayo ang lalakarin to trafalgar plaza kung sa ayala ka dadaan. mas malapit kung sa buendia ka dadaan.
  • Iyong pacific star, un ba *** harap ng Shell gasoline station???
  • telco account po ba?
  • I'm considering application with this company, but since this is an outbound gig, does it involve selling among others - aside from doing surveys? As I work for an inbound Australian account I can sense that they're also allergic to outbound calls kahit survey pa yan...
  • Sa mga nag-PM po sakin at balak pang mag-PM about the Info about this company I guess you need to ask [Vanilaguy] siya po ang talagang makakasagot sa tanong nyo since nagbigay na siya ng details sa address ng company and nag-drop by na siya.. The only details that I have was a year ago na.. I guess they increase the figure with regards to salary..not sure about the full details.. and I'm not part of this company.. At Reminder ko lang po.. kung sino man ang willing na mag-drop by be sure na alam nyo yung Name.. It's Powerconnex may nagPm kasi sakin na Powerconnect.. hehehe.. :lol: yun lang.. sana mag-update more update.. :)
  • vanilaguy
    vanilaguy xPS console
    here are the ONLY information i know. if you want more details, better walk-in to their office and ask all you want from the recruiter.

    1. company name is PowerConnex.
    2. address is 22F Trafalgar Plaza, near Pacific Star.
    3. Buendia corner Makati Avenue area.
    5. Australian Dayshift account, doing surveys only as far as I know.
    6. Monday to Friday schedule.
    7. No info re: fixed Sat Sun off.
    8. No info re: selling involved.
    9. No info re: what type of business the account is.
    10. office hours 8am to 5pm for application.
    11. bring resume and ID.

    It is better to walk-in to their office so you can get the information straight from Melanie.
  • kelan ang start mo vanilaguy?
  • We are in URGENT NEED of Excellent English Speakers for a Pioneer Australian Survey Account in Makati

    Enjoy the following :

    * Day Shift

    * P 25,000 Starting Salary

    * Perks and Benefits

    * Weekends Off

    Job Qualifications:

    - Call Center Experience (Australian or US Account)

    - Excellent command of the English language (Australian Accent is a plus)

    - at least 2 years of college

    - Computer Literate

    If you are qualified, please send us an email with your CV attached. You will then receive an email with instructions to submit two sample recordings for evaluation.

    You can send your resumes to :

    Please use "Australian CSR Application" as your subject

    [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Hindi po puwede walk-in????
  • Hi everyone, we are the recruiters for Powerconnex pioneer australian outbound survey account. The application process includes recording a couple of scripts in Australian accent. Please email your resume to us if interested and we will send you a reply with the instructions for the recordings. We advise everyone to send their applications via email versus walking in, so that you will have a better idea of what you have to do during the recruitment process. Please send your resumes to [email protected] and [email protected] and the subject should say "Australian CSR Application"
  • any QA or TL post opening?
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