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REBECCA BLACK - What day is it today? Today is Friday, Friday.



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  • LOL, PAndi! :rotflmao:
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    You are what you post.
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    Hello guys !

    Which seat should I take ? I think am kicking in the back seat today :p


    On another note, am expecting a thread like this. I think there is hope pa naman for Rebecca Black :)
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    But on the serious side.. Di naman siya yung nagsulat ng kanta,
    and di naman siya yung nag-autotune, so I don't think she deserved the cyberbulling she's receiving. Can a 13 year old take that kind of pressure, especially when she's being told to "kill herself" *looks at tween Beliebers*?
  • Today it is Friday! Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. We we we so excited fun fun fun fun
  • [video]http://www.youtube.com/v/9FISHEO3gsM[/video]



    I don't get the hate either, seriously. For all we know, may conspiracy na nagaganap behind the scenes para lang ma-point out ang lahat ng mga commonalities sa mga pop songs of today:

    Auto-tune - CHECK
    Rent-a-rapper - CHECK
    "Inane" lyrics - CHECK
    Electronic/pop beat - CHECK
    Overnight viral sensation - CHECK

    Sheer genius!!! :cool:
  • kaboses daw siya ni Spongebob....
  • THIS THREAD IS FULL OF WIN :roflmao: Nice one gais.
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    :handsdown: :handsdown:

    new TWITTER QUEEN [highlight]REBECCA BLACK[/highlight]
  • O.C.'s Rebecca Black talks about ‘Friday'

    A snippet of this article
    Riding home from school with her mom on Friday, March 11, Rebecca got her first inkling that something strange had started when she checked her phone and saw a comment that said comedian Daniel Tosh, host of a Comedy Central's "Tosh.O," had posted her video on his blog. "Uh-oh," the comment read. "Not good."
    At home she went online and saw that her YouTube view stats were soaring, jumping 10,000 or more since that morning.
    "I looked at my video and it had gotten all these comments," Rebecca says. "They were all mean and really nasty – 'This man has a beautiful singing voice.' And I was like, 'Mom?' – I was almost on the verge of tears – 'look at this.'"
    Her mother's first response was to tell her they were just making fun of the song's very simple lyrics (co-written by Ark's Wilson and Jey) but many were much more personal attacks: You can't sing, you're not pretty, your song is the worst song ever were among the more printable paraphrases of the Internet slings and arrows thrown her way.
    "I think I broke down in tears just about then, and I thought, 'Well, this isn't good. I'm getting views, but this isn't the way I wanted them.'
    "I really thought, 'Should I have not done this?'" Rebecca says. "'This is my fault, I should have gone with the other song.' I haven't ever gotten that much hate. I thought the world is going to hate me. My self-confidence had dropped down to the ground. I thought I'd get made fun of at school."
    After an hour of self-doubt and sorrow, Rebecca wiped away her tears and went to find her mom, who told her that Wilson from Ark had called and said they'd been receiving offers for TV spots for Rebecca and dozens of other e-mails after the video started taking off that afternoon.
    "I'm like, 'Well, maybe this is a good thing – you never know,'" Rebecca says. "My mom said to me, 'We can either keep it up (on YouTube) or take it down.'
    "I said, 'No, I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of making me take it down.' I said, 'No, this is going to work out. I just want to let it go. Let it do its thing.'"
    By 7 p.m. that night the "Friday" video had reached 100,000 views. "I called my dad and said, 'I think it's going viral.' I was just happy to get to 100,000. I never thought I'd get to 1 million."

    Source here!
  • Got this screenshot from Pulse Music Board.


  • Has anyone here seen the video by Rebecca Black?
  • erzo01 wrote: »

    kakaloka naman ng remix mo! :lol:
  • Rebecca Black Opens Up About “Friday” On ‘GMA’

    In just one week, Rebecca Black has gone from a virtually unknown aspiring pop star to a household name — she’s even managed to replace Charlie Sheen as a Twitter trending topic. While her low budget tween fest music video “Friday” has over 16 million views (and counting) on YouTube, the response hasn’t all been positive. How has the 13-year-old singer been handling the instafame and backlash? Below Ark Music Factory’s brightest star opens up to the Orange County Register and Good Morning America, and let’s just say she won’t be “gettin’ down” because of the haters out there.

    We’re impressed by Rebecca’s grounded approach to dealing with online bullying. Let’s face it, if she can brush off harsh criticism while just starting out, she might have a long career ahead of her.

    We only wish the Register had asked the songstress’ to settle her song’s philosophical question once and for all: which seat will she take? Front seat or back seat?

    Here’s the musical calendar on Good Morning America as well this Friieeee-daaaay, Friiiieee-daaaay morning, where she asks Justin Bieber to do a duet with her. (Keep dreaming, honey. Chris Brown might be down, though!)

    “‘This song is the worst song I ever heard, even deaf people are complaining,’” the GMA reporter says right to Rebecca’s face, reading some Internet complaints of her song. “‘I will never get this song out of my head, OMG.’”

    “I consider that an accomplishment,” says the infinitely sunny Rebecca. This girl is maybe the most optimistic person we’ve ever seen.

    By Erika Brooks Adickman on Fri Mar 18 2011

    Source here!


    In the GMA Interview, she was asked to sing a couple of lines from Star Spangled Banner. She can carry a tune, I must say. And it seems that she's got a good head above her shoulder. :)
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    Selena and Bieber WHO???? Who can make a song chart high on iTunes because it's FRIDAY? QUEEN REBECCA
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