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Igorots,muslims vs. american indians

I know this will never happen and may seem whacked out but for the sake of discussion, If you could turn back time and have a setting where Igorots, muslims, and early filipinos were to fight native american indians in a war who would win? In a head to head match up who would win and why? Don't be appalled just think of it as a mock war.


  • marlon3452marlon3452 Member PExer
    its a matter of terrain and who is more familiar with it. also, im assuming that guns would not be used, only the traditional weapons of the combatants.

    if the battle happened in the mountains, the igorots has the edge as they are accustomed to the rarified air. if it happened in the forests of mindanao, the muslim has the slight advantage since they know every forest trail. just look at the abu sayyaf. however, the indians are known for their tracking skills so they might be able to find them. both are skilled in close quarters combat so if the muslims werent able to ambush them, the fight could go either way. on the other hand, the indians are also skilled in the use of the bow, so they might be able to pick off the muslims before they could come in close. if the battle happened in wide open terrain, the indians would surely win. aside from their bows, they would also use their horses for shock effect. in history, a mounted cavalry is always better than an army of mounted foot soldiers. at least, before guns came into effect.
  • ibarramediaibarramedia Member PExer
    Interesting opinion. Some indian tribes are also used to the rareifed air like those who lived in colorado and utah. What do you call those guys during lapu - lapu's era? How would they fare? The native americans may be able to defeat the igorots easier than the muslims. The muslims are a little fierce but then againthe navajos, apaches and iroqois are also fierce. The igorot/muslim parctice of head hunting would probably scare the beejeezus out of the indians since the indians only scapled their opponents.

    The kind of war I envisioned had the igorots,muslims and early filipinos(lapu-lapu's contemporaries) against all the tribes of the north american indians in a neutral site.
  • Lucca YamazakiLucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die! PExer
    Hope nobody learns how to use a crossbow. Those things can be frighteningly accurate.
  • ibarramediaibarramedia Member PExer
    Let's see a tomahawk against a bolo, A million scenarios abound here. Both the indians and the moros are known for being fierce and fearless, And Igorots, muslim moros, indians, and other early filipinos from lapu lapus time have given the white man fits over the centuries. Imagine a match up between lapulapu and sitting bull, or rajah lakandula against hawkeye or hiawatha. chincachgook of the delawares vs. an ifugao chieftain. One thing is for sure the native americans win in cold weather.
  • SP_PerezSP_Perez Shore Patrol PExer

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