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[POLL] Humans -- basically good or basically evil?

brownpaubrownpau Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
When you take the human, and strip away education, family, religion, personal philosophy, social conditioning, and all the other influences of life and are faced with the newborn child... what is he at his core? (Or she, as the case may be?)

Basically good? Basically evil?

Is the human person basically good? Or basically evil?

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  • ¤ HoLYcRaP ¤¤ HoLYcRaP ¤ R e v e n a n T PExer
    Oh gosh, let me see here... our group just did a report on Jean Jacques Rousseau and John Locke and both think that human beings are basically pure. Not necessarily pure as in good-pure. but pure as in blank. I think it was Locke who said that we are born with tabula rasa, or a blank soul, which is neither good nor evil. only when he enters the society that he is shaped to whatever it is he'd become.

    If the third option is that--amoral, or being neither good nor evil, but a blank page to be written on--then I that'd be my vote.

    "For myself I live, live intensely and am fed by life, and my value, whatever it be, is in my own kind of expression of that." (Henry James)
  • beamsbeams Member PExer
    i believe int he basic goodness of people. but that doesn't exempt them from making mistakes.
  • green gringreen grin Member PExer
    i think we've all read "Lord of the Flies".

    and it's not about irish river dancing, either.

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