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Canine Delicacy No More

Erle Frayne D. Argonza:lol:

As young a tot I was so supple and innocent
Did I copiously follow my oldies who slaughtered
Dogs for delicacy that they quaffed with liquor

Such was then tradition that withstood no perdition
For its own commission would shoot up one’s esteem
As one who can stand along with the tribes of Pinoys

And so twas my delicacy as a young man thereafter
Who’d make fallows to task and earn my keep
Excellent to quaff with brandy dog meat was
That burned one to brims of libidinal desires to consume

By late 80s my flights of fantasy for canine meat
Was scoffed by my own conscience
No more to eat a friendly pet I finally decided

Till law comes to ban the slaughter and eating
Of canine delicacy that’s now proscribed
The calling of innate wisdom has come to bear at last
For which we followed conscience in daily acts

[Philippines, 27 October 2010]


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