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What you Hate about the Animes you Love

sophionsophion PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Dragon Ball Z: I loved the action, the comedy, and sometimes the plot. But:

* i dont like the disney characters - talking pigs and all that sh1t.
* the repetitive plot formula - 1. earth is threatened 2. heroes test the enemy strength. 3. heroes gets beaten up. 4. heroes get stronger. 5. heroes win.
* character development is mostly defined at how stronger they get at each episode.

Death Note: this show is amazing in every aspect except for one tiny bit:

* the death gods are too cartoonish, and awkward at the face of a very serious story.

Gundam 00: loved the action & the plot, but:

* the first few episodes were boring.
* the movie finale was cut short from explaining why the aliens decided to spare earth of the countless worlds they destroyed.

Full Metal Alchemist: another masterpiece. di ko lang magets iyung title. iyung side kick ang full metal, hindi iyung pinakabida. :confused:

Evangelion: not enough detail about adam.


  • Death Note - I didn't like how the anime ended. After L died, the show got kinda boring.

    - fillers
    - fights drag on too much
    - Orihime is annoying
    - plot holes
    - the start of each episode always have a long review of the past episode

    Jyu Oh Sei
    - useless deaths of characters in the end
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