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Condo or Dorm near DSL-CSB?

im from cebu and im planning to go to college in manila, ano ba ang mga good condos or dorms malapit sa St. Benilde. I just visited the website of One Archer's Place and its really cool. Pero magkano ba per month?
Nakita ko 9k per month pero meron ding 1.7M for the indicative price.. what's the difference??


  • nakita ko rin ang archer's place pero i think it's pre-selling. yung 9k/month is for the 22sqm. (1.3m ata) and for 14.9k/month is for the 30sqm. (2m+ ata). it's a good studio if you're staying in manila for a very long time or lifetime, but if you're staying for only a couple of months or years, then i think you should find another place to stay which isn't pre-selling, that is if money is an issue to you. hindi pa ako sure kung pre-selling ang mga studio sa archer's place. tatanungin ko pa when i go to manila tomorrow. i'll just update you once i get back.
  • Thank you, that's really nice. :)
    Yung room na 9k for one person lang ba yun?. I have a question, if your staying in a condo, do you really need to buy it? or can you just rent it for 3 and half years? Is it different from dorm? can you explain?:confused:
  • j5bataj5bata PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Subukan mo Residencia de Dios just beside St. Scho
  • no problem, actually you're just in luck kasi magtatake ako ng entrance exam this sunday and just so it happens na mag sesearch din ako ng matitirhan.;)

    supposedly it's good for 1 person only because according to the brochure, it has only 1 bedroom but i don't know if pwede magshare. well, there are some condos that are for rent and some for sale, it depends. i just assumed that the archer's place are pre-selling it because according to their website, they are.

    well, in condos, you can rent or buy it. you can decorate the interior anyway you want (style, color, etc.) and you can add furnitures if you want. basically like a home. in dorms, you can't customize because it's only for rent. you have to deal with their design. basically, it's standard. lastly, they got both amenities but mostly condos have the edge but pricey at the same time.
  • i really dont know haha i dont understand my mom she said its costly daw kasi wala pa raw yang food whatever haha well GOD BLESS on your exam =). possibly i can see you along the hallways at benilde a year from now wahahahah XD:rotflmao:
  • j5bata wrote: »
    Subukan mo Residencia de Dios just beside St. Scho

  • wala po bang pics ng rooms nila? and how much per month?
  • AlnorafricaAlnorafrica PEx Rookie ⭐
    For rent Cityland Vito Cruz Tower ll, 1 bedroom condo unit facing Manila Bay. 5 min walk to DLS-CSB. Tel #3317414
  • xjeenx wrote: »
    wala po bang pics ng rooms nila? and how much per month?

    sent u a pm.:)
  • Meron dito bago lang yung dorm: http://sulit.com.ph/3633096

    Since bago pa lang, may introductory price: P6,000/month. Partly furnished na. Townhouse-style, so it’s very homey. Here are the accommodation details:
    • Low density as there are only 56 beds available in 16 rooms. There are 4 double rooms and 12 quadruple rooms.
    • Each room has its own bathroom with hot water.
    • Furnished with beds, study tables, air-con, electric fan.
    • Each room has its own power meter so electricity bill is divided among room occupants.
    • Common kitchen for eating and re-heating of food.
    • Common garden/ outdoor area.
    • Limited parking.
    • 24-hour security.

    You should reserve your slot now and call 0917-8496364 or (02) 708-8181
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