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If you could chat with a historical figure...who would it be?

weapon_x11weapon_x11 close but no cigar PExer
My first 3 picks would be (not in particular order)

1. Albert Einstein (I'm a fan... I'd like to know if he's funny as Yahoo Serious or talk about the EPR paradox) :D
2. Jesus Christ (who wouldn't)

(man, I must be a Jew in my previous life)

3. Ingrid Bergman (I'm also a fan)


  • red_door8red_door8 PExer PExer
    If I could chat with a historical figure... I'd say that i would chat with Leonardo da Vinci. Of course, I would ask him on how did he come up with the designs he made which turn out to be the inventions used today.
  • kartoonistakartoonista Member PExer
    Those who saw God:
    Moses - I'd ask him what happened during those 40 days on top of Mt. Sinai
    Isaiah - "what did it really look like inside the Temple when the vision started?"

    "Was it frightening seeing those moving pictures of the future?"

    National Heroes:
    Rizal - "kuripot ka daw? ano masasabi mo?"
    Juan Luna - "Ano ba talaga nangyari nung araw na pinatay mo asawa mo?"

    Hmmm... dagdagan ko na lang later. :D
  • hitler
    i'd ask him to explain to me the why of the holocaust ... to my satisfaction.

    jesus was a jew, you sauerkraut!
  • QuentinQuentin Montejo PExer
    to hitler:
    is that your bigoten? or your tutsangen?
  • brownpaubrownpau Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Probably C.S. Lewis. The guy was an amazing philospher and theologian.

    St. Paul, too, would be an interesting chat. (Although historians point out he was a bit fiery-tempered.) I'll ask him, "What do you think of the letter of James?" :D Of course I'd have to learn Greek first.

    Also, I want to ask Archimedes if he really ran around Athens naked, screaming "Eureka!"
  • chelseachelsea ArgentineQueen PExer
    1. Walt Disney--he got me started in being crazy with animation in the first place. It would probably be great to get cartooning tips from him.

    2. Mary Magdalene--I wanna see her face when she tells me how she saw the empty tomb and realized the guy she thought was the gardener was actually Jesus. I want to tell her how I admire her humility, just being broken and using her hair, a woman's glory at that time, to wipe the Savior's feet.

    3. Michelangelo--who wouldn't wanna meet the guy who painted the Sistine Chapel and sculpted the La Pieta?
  • vijdaqvijdaq bisayang dako PExer
    The designer/architect/mastermind/chief builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    I don't subscribe to the view that it was built by the Pharaoh Khufu or Cheops. I think it was someone of another culture, someone who antedated the Pharaohs by thousands of years...someone unknown.

    I'd ask him how he moved those heavy blocks of stone. I'd ask him how he selected the site and how he knew it would support such an enormous weight. I'd ask about the math implicit in the dimensions of the Pyramid. I'd ask about the stars to which the Pyramid is aligned.

    I'd immerse myself in the culture that produced a race that could build something like that.
  • denseminddensemind evil & demented PExer


    bob marley

    da vinci

    well i will ask everything about them and their works and why did they do it.
  • weapon_x11weapon_x11 close but no cigar PExer
    Looks like Hitler is quite popular. I wonder what really happened to him.

    Assuming you have knowledge of his future, and you were to meet him while only as a soldier in WWI and was given an opportunity to put a bullet or two in his head before he can rally his Nazi troops years later, would you do it? Personally, I like the idea of sending him to his maker before he can rise to power, and make him eat his Mein Kampf after finishing his first draft :rotflmao:

    Would we still have WWII/Holocaust or would someone step up to the plate and replace him? How will this affect the technological advancement of the 21st century?

    For Da Vinci, given an opportunity to live in the future (present day), I'd ask if he'd be willing to do it?

    Kartoonista - Hi! Rizal was kuripot? Thats the first time I've heard of this. Must be from allocating his budget while overseas.
  • Lucca YamazakiLucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die! PExer
    My favorites:
    Chopin. Genghis Khan.

    Just to find out if they're really that cute. (tee-hee)
    Emily Dickinson. Joan of Arc.
  • Sniper_ZealSniper_Zeal Member PExer
    Adolf Hitler- i want to say SIEG HEIL to him personally. for me he was the greatest man that ever lived.

    Otto Von Bismarck-i want to be in the presence of a genius

    Joseph Stalin-i want to face the Soviet savior of World War 2.

    (if he really did exist) Jesus Christ-to say to his face that he doesnt exist.

    Shinino Kireina
  • Sniper_ZealSniper_Zeal Member PExer
    people hate Hitler. why? because he killed 6 million Jews? or maybe (from the people of the Western World) they were jealous of his achievements? from the depression of 1929, Hitler restored Germany (the greatest country in the world today) to its pre WWI status in just 7 or so years. we Filipinos are nervous that our dollar exchange is 50+. that's nothing!! the German mark once reached an exchange rate of 10000000+ to one dollar. but look at Germany now, the most powerful nation in Europe. Hitler played a big role in that economic rebound. i want to see us Filipinos do it. can we restore the power of our peso? not in this lifetime.

    Shinino Kireina
  • FarOutFreakFarOutFreak deranged hermit PExer
    Let's see if I get his name right?

    Wilhelm Friedrich Nietszche

    Was that the right spelling?

  • drimerdrimer Endangered Species PExer
    let's see

    Jimi Hendrix
    Bruce Lee
    and of course, Jesus Christ
  • the antagonistthe antagonist Member PExer
    does not need to be someone dead, right?

    ernest hemingway.. he might fire up my interest in lit.
    nietzsche.. he should come back.
    nixon.. what does he think of himself? err.. how does he see himself?
    cobain.. if only he's no theist, he'd still be here.
    hitler.. what's wrong? fuhrer? something bothering you?
    bin laden.. if he'll chat in english...
    cleopatra... the usual reasons:wink:..
    freud... ask him to tell me his nightdreams and use his techniques on him.

    dami pala...
  • MymnoseneMymnosene WiccanKitten PExer

    the pilot who followed orders to the letter and dropped the A-bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima -- WHY?

    Machevelli -- wala to me, teach me....i bet he has a lot to say.
  • weapon_x11weapon_x11 close but no cigar PExer
    FarOutFreak and The Antagonist - why Friedrich Nietzsche? Honestly, this is the 1st time I've heard of him and did some google search on him. Seem like a pretty cool guy and asks some pretty interesting questions. Is he like the Michael Jordan of Existentialism?
  • weapon_x11weapon_x11 close but no cigar PExer
    My curiosity got the better of me so I just ordered Thus Spake Zarathustra for $1.80 at :D

    I'll read more of his books if I like this title. Apparently, he's as widely read/quoted as Plato. ;)
  • FarOutFreakFarOutFreak deranged hermit PExer
    On why Wilhelm Friedrich Nietzsche...

    Well, I could actually say in a nutshell that his concept of the ?bermensch may be the primary reason behind the establishment of the ideologies of Nazism...

    He'd be a heck of a guy to chat with, although I remember that he went insane a little bit after his best writings...

    Der Wille Zur Macht...

  • Lucca YamazakiLucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die! PExer
    Oh yeah, how can I forget Machiavelli? Make him my mentor so I could take over the government and finally build the Holy Pinoy Empire.

    Like a dream come true.......

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