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"Faith Healers" Divine? or Deceptive?

desiredesire Tainted Thoughts PExer
Faith healing is big business in many parts of the world. It is hardly surprising in relatively poor countries where good medical facilities are not readily accessible to all, that a widespread culture of faith healing is entrenched.

So, can faith healers really perform miracles? Do you believe that their abilities are genuine, or it’s all a hoax to take advantage of the hopeless?


  • kartoonistakartoonista Member PExer
    Fake or not, to whom do they credit the healing? And permanent ba yung healing or bumabalik ulit yung sakit? If it's Divine the cure is a permanent one. :)
  • green gringreen grin Member PExer
    i think it's pretty well established that faith-healing (like what that guy in baguio does) is a hoax.

    remember they use chicken blood and innards?
  • JCsPartnerJCsPartner Member PExer
    Faith hea;ing is almost parallel to fortune telling.

    As you may remember, Christ warned us that people will come to say they can heal and truly they will be able to heal! but He said Christ is not with them!
    Tanungin mo yung faith healer kung he believes that Christ is God's son who died on the cross in place of him and that he is a sinner and still is continuing to sin. Pag affirmative siya....

    James 2:19
    "You believe that there is one GOD. GOOD! Even the devil believes so -- and they shudder.!"

    ... will you just trust them? delikado pa nga yan baka may orasyon pa silang ginagawa
  • QuentinQuentin Montejo PExer
    let's call it, "man's need for a magical potion to cure everything" syndrome.
  • desiredesire Tainted Thoughts PExer
    Originally posted by JCsPartner
    Faith healing is almost parallel to fortune telling.
    Related thread:Fortune Telling (Hula) - Are you a believer or not?

    Thanks for your replies.
  • Jake Mc NeilJake Mc Neil Bosnian Serb PExer
    Faith healing is definitely deceptive. Those who get well from it either recovered naturally or their diseases were meant to be healed after a certain time.

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