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FC Bayern München


Happy Birthday Bayern. February 27 1900-2011. 111 years of Mia san mia! *okay*



  • robertbrian23robertbrian23 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i thought it is an official bayern munich thread though. anyway happy anniversary to your club.
  • ^

    It is. just wanted to start the thread on a good note, focusing on the anniversary rather than the loss to BVB. :p It was a good week nonetheless with a win over Inter.
  • robertbrian23robertbrian23 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    the problem in bayern munich is the board against van gaal. gaal wants kraft to be bayern's no.1 which kraft did some superb displays on certain occasion. but still very too young. and bayern bought a lot of uprising stars from different clubs in bundesliga.

    but still a good competition within bundesliga and hope for the best. maybe bayern v united if united would progress unto the next round. hehehe
  • marozsanmarozsan 10 PExer
    DFB Cup (German Cup) semis at Allianz Arena

    Bayern - Schalke 20:30 CET

    This is a repeat of last year's semis where Bayern won in extra time 1-0. The winner will face Duisburg who beat fellow 2nd division team Cottbus 2-1 last night.
  • robertbrian23robertbrian23 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    nice for lower league clubs. hope for the best for the german cup.
  • marozsanmarozsan 10 PExer
    yeah... Raul.

    no domestic silverware this year.
  • thekaisermarcthekaisermarc Sami you're a ****! PExer
    raul is class.
  • marozsanmarozsan 10 PExer
    this is getting embarassing. LVG insisting on putting players out of position. Breno got red carded. Cherundolo owned Ribery. Lahm looked tired. Only Robben played with intensity.
  • bitemebiiitchbitemebiiitch I don't bite. PExer
    You'll be stuck with Kraft, Neuer will have second thoughts of joining a rival team most especially after that reception at the Allianz.
  • robertbrian23robertbrian23 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    bayern lost to hoff. dortmund is on a different class on bundesliga this season. nueuer really won't go to bayern coz of the fans wanted kraft to settle as their long term no.1 gk.
  • marozsanmarozsan 10 PExer
    yeah those signs were pretty harsh. wtf were those fans thinking? maybe it was just mind games but what the hell did Neuer do? and who the hell doesn't want Neuer? :confused:

    being a Gelsenkirchen native he just might not sign with a rival club. and there's no way he'll go to Munich if he can't play in the CL.

    Hoene? and Kalle Rummenigge already apologized to Neuer and i'm glad he accepted the apology.
    Hoene?: "This is not my FC Bayern"

    Mr. Hoene? how did you find the demostration against Manuel Neuer?

    That was really bad! Therefore, I have apologized with Manuel Neuer after the match. It was only a small portion of our fans, but I found their behavior disastrous! Manuel Neuer has done us absolutely nothing.

    He is not only a guest, he is also a competitor of Thomas Kraft ...
    The competition has nothing to do with that! Every second Saturday our competitors come into our stadium and are treated decently. This was the first time in many, many years that a player has been treated with such disrespect. This is not Bayern Munich, it is not my Bayern Munich!

    Does the behavior of the fans affect your decision on Manuel Neuer?
    No! We decide according to sporting criteria and nothing else! Manuel Neuer has nothing to be blamed for, he can come out to be the best goalkeeper in the world. Therefore I have no understanding for such behavior. I don't accept that! This is a baseless impertinence.

    How has he reacted?
    He has taken it quite easily, he says he finds it worse in Dortmund. I'm glad he hasn't taken it personal.
    Rummenigge: "The boy hasn't done anything to Bayern. He has not even commented negatively on Bayern Munich. I want to apologize to Manuel Neuer in the name of FC Bayern. "
  • robertbrian23robertbrian23 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    nice one mate. for bayern the current best thing they can do is give everything to UCL and get a UCL spot. they are still one of europe's big club anyway.
  • marozsanmarozsan 10 PExer
    from twitter:
    "Whenever the Champions League Final has been played in Munich (1997, 1993 & 1979), Bayern hadn't even qualified for the competition. Curse."

    The 2012 final will be played at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

    There's still enough games to break the 'curse'. :p

    Club: Van Gaal to leave Bayern at end of season

  • marozsanmarozsan 10 PExer
    Six-love!!! :D:D:D

    Arjen Robben with a hat-trick (40',47',55'). Ribery and Mueller added two more (64',79') and Heiko Westermann with an OG (85') to complete the rout.

    with Hannover's loss last night, we're now just 2 points behind for 3rd place and the last CL spot.

    Massive win just days before the CL 2nd leg with Inter. *okay*

    the 6 goals:

  • robertbrian23robertbrian23 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    there are rumours that robben wanting to leave and go to milan? any bayern insider facts?

    a bust up or recently unhappyness issue from robben's camp?
  • marozsanmarozsan 10 PExer

    I'm not sure but probably it's just mind games before the CL match with Inter. Italian football kind of doesn't suit Robben's style of play and with his injury history he better stay away from the Serie A. But you'll never know, crazier things have happened...
  • robertbrian23robertbrian23 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    he is good. world class really. been a chelsea player but he has an attitude problem which why even for united i don't want him.
    instead of making a positive environment with his teammates he tends to be hated.

    anyway i still think bayern could make to the UCL spot.
  • TheCitizenTheCitizen Banned by Admin PExer
    bayern lost to hoff. dortmund is on a different class on bundesliga this season. nueuer really won't go to bayern coz of the fans wanted kraft to settle as their long term no.1 gk.
    Kraft is not even half the keeper Nueur is, It is every german footballers dream to play for bayern, I'm pretty sure he'll join bayern. besides, where would united get the money to buy Nueur?
  • marozsanmarozsan 10 PExer

    Take that Freiburg !!! :lol:

    Ribery scored an 88th minute goal to break a 1-1 deadlock and salvage a win to stay in contact with 3rd place Hannover.
  • bitemebiiitchbitemebiiitch I don't bite. PExer
    Expert financial assumption brought to you by the citizen. :glee:

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