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White Shoes or Other Colored Shoes?

Mahilig akong mag-sneakers and yung mga Nike Air Force 1 shoes na kulay puti na iteterno sa boot cut jeans at fit na shirt.

Uso pa ba ang white shoes?

Or should I try other colors?


  • puro puti kasi ang mga sapatos ko.

    from the chuck taylors, to nike's and even yung slip on na vans.

    maganda kaya ito?


    and the likes na itim ang kulay ng shoes then puti ang suwelas?

    gusto ko din i-try yung sa gola na iba iba nag kulay.

    salamat sa advice.

    na-hook kasi ako sa white shoes mula high school eh.
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    af1= jologs.
  • Sorry to say boi but wearing rubber shoes (AF1's or others) as casual wear (a.k.a. when not playing basketball) has been OUT for a very very very very very very..... very long time. ;)

    Given your choices you have better luck with your chuck taylors because HIGH TOP SNEAKERS are IN; And so are brown leather shoes, black leather shoes, boots (but be careful with this ones NEVER buy ones with square or rounded tips because they make your feet look stubby, try to but pointed ones).

    Your question regarding white shoes... hmmm... well they aren't exactly IN but you can still wear them (JUST NOT THE RUBBER SHOES!) white sneakers are ok paired with raw denim and a simple top or maybe a nautical shirt.

    If you want samples on MEN'S LOOKS click here:


    Look at the pages with Men's Fashion as their tags and look at THEIR SHOES! *okay*
  • ok pa naman ang white rubber shoes, imbes na airforce 1 mag air jordan ka nalang

    hindi na ok ang bootcut jeans imho
  • ok yung vans na pinost mo dahil simple lang siya

    ang advice lang na mabibigay ko sa iyo ay pumili ng simple lang ang designs
  • D3ZD3Z PExer
    uso pa ba white shoes?
    - most fashionable white shoe that i can think of that will look good on every slim cut dry denim and khaki is the common projects achilles.

    or should i try different color?
    - imho shoes and other pieces should depend on your wardrobe. for ex... buying bball sneakers where as all your clothes are preppy... the only bball sneakers that goes like puto and dinuguan w/ preppy is chucks.

    re: AF1s... i dont mind having the AF1 JPrizal :D

    re: rubber shoes won't work as casual wear.

    lanvins are based on chucks


    mmm where u can substitute adidas samba

    even avantegarde designer ro was inspired by the lowly dunks... rick owens version

    nike vandals = raf vandals
  • I will always have at least one pair of white sneakers.
    Don't you already have the MMM GATs?
  • D3ZD3Z PExer
    yup, both the lows and mids.
  • xxxanderxxxander PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    having a good pair of white shoes (sneakers) is very safe...and i dont think mawawala siya sa uso.
  • a0ccr5.jpg

    For girls and guys, if you can carry white sneakers or whatsoever, then go :D
  • those aren't sneakers
  • Mukhang plimsols yun pero parang nagiging synonymous na ang sneakers sa lahat ng klase ng casual shoes.

    Try mo din ang walang kamatayang Adidas sambas at stan smith

    Off topic pero parang gusto kong bumili ng classic New Balance 574
  • I always assume sneakers to have some sort of athletic/sportswear origin, even if the current incarnation is not functional as sportswear.
    So yea, plimsolls are sneakers but the shoes in the previous photo look like espadrilles or alpargatas.
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