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  • paddylastpaddylast PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    I am such a fan of the first and second part of this series and was looking forward to watching this one. I thought both of its predecessors were quite good especially the first one so I’m expecting a whole lot from this film.

    The film takes place in 1988 showing the young Katie (Katie Featherson) and her sister Kristi (Sprague Grayden) when the haunting started that ruined their life in the future. Kristi befriended a mysterious entity named Toby and strange things started happening in their household since Kristi’s “friend” appeared.

    The film wasn’t that scary during its first half; obviously leading us to believe that it would just be like that but halfway through the film, the “good” scenes were up to scare the socks out of the audience. I wasn’t particularly scared but rather startled that made my heart beat abnormal.

    I thought the scariest part was the “Blood Mary” scene. It was just a wee-inducing scene (sorry for the term folks!) and it gives me chills just thinking about it. If you think that you’ve seen everything about this scene on its trailer, you gotta watch the film itself and watched closely during this scene.


    I won’t say that it was better than the other two but it was definitely a worthy film to watch especially if you’ve seen the first two. You don’t want to miss the last part of the film for it would tell you something about this haunted family. If this would really be the last part of the Paranormal series, I’d say they did a good job ending it this way.

    Rating: 7.5/10


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  • paddylastpaddylast PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    I have been waiting for the first part of The Twilight Saga that I even read the book (again) for the nth time. After watching it though, I’m not quite sure what to make of what I thought about this film. The trailers that have been release were quite impressive and very exciting that it kinda made me giggle with excitement (oh, yes people…I’m a fan of the franchise!) to see it!

    In this film, we’ll see Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) tying the knot with all the grandeur of a wedding that seems like a ceremony from a fairy tale. It was just way over the top but was beautiful nonetheless. Then, they went to Brazil for their honeymoon where they consummated their forbidden love. In a very strange twist, Edward somehow managed to impregnate Bella and what’s inside her is threatening to kill her and her only chance of survival is to become a vampire herself.


    I was expecting a super-good narrative and execution since it was made by Oscar-nominated director Bill Condon but I find it a bit flat, atleast for my taste. It’s comparable to the second installment of the franchise, New Moon that Chris Weitz destroyed but a notch better in my opinion. I feel that the dialogues were just a bit off and the conflicts were crammed to try to stay true to the book (making me hugely disappointed, having read the book myself.)

    I am however impressed with the trio (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner) delivering the best work in the film. I guess that pretty made up my somehow disappointing take on the film. As usual, the soundtrack and its original score are just perfection! If there’s one thing that is consistent with the saga, it has to be its music.

    Although I find the film way too safe for a part one of the last installment, I will still recommend it to “twihards” and non-twilight fans alike. It was still an okay film that was “safely” executed and really entertaining at most parts.

    Rating: 5.5/10


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  • new-the-adventures-of-tintin-movie-poster-captain-haddock-thompson.jpg

    Once again the classical comic character, Tintin will be seen in the big screen. The popular series created by Belgian artist Georges R?mi will provide another exciting mystery adventure that is set to release in 3D. Unlike Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker, Tintin doesn't have alter ego or superpowers, he just doesn't run out of ideas.

    When a courageous young journalist Tintin (Jamie Bell) buys a model ship called the Unicorn, he's life was caught up in his newest adventure that is full of mystery. He was pursued by the merciless Sakharine (Daniel Craig) as he wants to unveil the secrets hidden in that model ship. Together with his trusted companion Snowy they will try to unlock The Unicorn's secret. But they need the help of Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) as he would be the key and start of this magnificent adventure.


    Steven Speilberg never failed to impress me, thanks to his brilliant mind as he always have a full of surprises in his bag of tricks. The movie adaptation of Tintin is marvelous. The visuals are perfectly made as it brings the legendary comic character into life. The story was filled with excitement and adventure. At some point we thought the movie would never end, until the credits was rolled in. Solving the mystery about the 'Secret of the Unicorn' was full of contingent search of clues with thrilling situations that will totally amaze the viewers.


    For us Tintin is a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones. A genius that have an extraordinary life that is encrypted in his personality. There are jaw dropping moments and the characters seems so realistic as they have perfect movements, reaction and emotions. We also enjoyed Snowy, this astonishingly cute fur ball and as we may say 'intelligent dog'; as the best accomplice that dethroned any sidekick you can name or think of. We think that The Adventures of Tintin is the best animated film released this year so don't dare miss it.


    The Adventures of Tintin will be released on November 30, 2011 and it is available in 3D and IMAX. It is distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corporation.

    Rating 9 out of 10 stars


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  • Theseus+Immortals.jpg

    Honestly Immortals did not reach our expectations. The trailer was good as it motivated us to be excited to watch it. The first 30 minutes of the film was boring as the story was going nowhere. The dialogues was not that clear. The trailer gave all the exciting bits and revealed all the cool scenes. The only positive side we enjoyed was the battle between the Gods and the titans with the slow-motion fight scenes, it was really awesome.


    King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his army was storming across Greece to find the long lost bow of Epirus. With this bow he can overpower the Gods of Olympus to become the undisputed ruler of the world. Hyperion's Army was indestructible as they destroy anyone in their path. Meanwhile a brave man named Theseus (Henry Cavill) vows to avenge the death of his mother in one of Hyperion's raids. When he meet the Oracle (Freida Pinto) a young woman who has the power to see the future, she convinced Theseus that he is the only hope to stop the King's plan. With her help Theseus assembles his own army and embraced his destiny to fight for the future of the whole humanity.


    With the Greek mythology as their concept, I felt that they over done it. It also lacked in battles scenes though the visuals of the fight scenes was outstanding. The pacing of the story was too slow as we kept on waiting when would we see the exciting bits. Immortals was not that bad it should have been better. If you are planning to watch it don't expect too much Conan the Barbarian was way better than this.

    Distributed by Pioneer films opens on December 07, 2011

    Rating: 4 out of 10 stars


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  • The-Road-Movie-New-Poster.jpg

    We waited for these movie for weeks as we find the trailer very amusing and I've heard a lot of good feed backs from twitter and facebook. Well made film by Director Yam Laranas he is just a brilliant director giving a new breed of horror for Filipinos. I salute his talent as he can match other foreign directors with his masterpiece. The Road is not a typical horror movie with "Aswang" or other evil creatures that is trying to give some creeps to its viewers. He made a simple three linked stories that would leave its audiences thrilled and puzzled to connect the pieces of the story. It also had an awesome cast with young teen stars like Barbie Forteza to the hard hitting lines by Carmina Villaroel the road simply gives a frigid feeling as the scenes had the impressions of happenings in real life.


    The story is about an abandoned road with relentless spirits. The movie was split into three stories, In 2008, where a group of teenagers (Barbie Forteza, Lexi Fernandez and Derek Monasterio) tries to test drive a car making a wrong turn into the abandoned road where they were haunted by vengeful spirits. In 1998 Sisters (Rhian Ramos and Louise Delos Reyes) was abducted by a psychopath (Alden Richards) in an old house beside the road that holds deadly secrets. In 1988 a young boy was held captive by his stringent mother (Carmina Villaroel) and forbid him to go outside. Soon he witnessed some horrifying things that eventually will haunt him for the rest of his life.


    Each of the parts gives different genre of horror, three types that will surely blew your mind. Each of the stories are connected but it also have some twists. The movie was not just about scaring people based on horrifying ghost or spirits but it also gave some realization of disturbing scenes that can be based in reality. It is a one of a kind horror movie that is worth seeing in the big screen. It did not scare us though it leaves a mark.

    Rating 7 out of 10 stars

    Casts: TJ Trinidad, Barbie Forteza, Carmina Villaroel, Alden Richards, Rhian Ramos, Derek Monesterio, Lexi Fernandez, Marvin Agustin and Lousie Delos Reyes.

    Directed by: Yam Laranas
    Distributed by: GMA Films
    Now Showing on your favorite cinemas


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  • Lola_RoseLola_Rose PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Blisterin' Barnacles!

    In the mood for an animated cinematic masterpiece? For an ultimate adventure experience? Then let us thank Steven Spielberg for bringing to life the beloved 1940's Herg? serial comics in motion-capture 3D animation: The Adventures of Tintin.

    The famous young redhead sleuth/journalist Tintin (Jamie Bell of Billy Elliot) and his fox terrier partner, Snowy, are enjoying a day in a European flea market when Tintin falls in love with a model ship of the legendary double-deck, 50-gun, three-masted Unicorn, and he promptly purchases it. Immediately, he is surrounded by threats.

    And thus begins the fast-paced, whirlwind adventure of Tintin and Snowy, as they are swept away in a centuries-old mystery and legend, with the company of the perpetually drunk Captain Haddock (the brilliant motion-capture master Andy Serkis I]LOTR[/I]'s Gollum and Caesar of [I]The Rise of the Planet of the Apes[/I), assisted by incompetent inspectors, the Thompson twins (the British tandem of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg), and chased by the shady Sakharine (Daniel Craig).


    Only Spielberg can pull off something like this, to absorb us in a thrilling, action-packed adventure in a visually dazzling world. Produced by Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson and written by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, the movie is a cinematic delight, an awesome 3D experience. Despite its modern treatment of motion-capture 3D, the atmosphere of the movie is still charmingly old-fashioned because of the period setting, bringing back good ol' times of simple-structured childhood stories of mystery and adventure, treasure hunts, pirates, and faraway lands.

    The Adventures of Tintin, based on three of the original comic books: The Crab with the Golden Claws (1941); The Secret of the Unicorn (1943); and Red Rackham's Treasure (1944), is oftentimes hilarious, charming, a delightfully escapist adventure. And with the 3D experience, will transport you into its world; as if you're suddenly on board the Karaboudjan, in the heat of the Sahara desert, and in the mystical fictional Moroccan town of Bagghar, and of course, in charming Old Europe.

    Highly recommended for loyal Tintin fans and animation junkies-- and, of course, for adults and kids who have an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Spielberg did it again. Definitely one of the best movies of 2011 that even 3D haters would enjoy in 3D... and only in 3D. A must-see!




    10 out of 10 stars

    Catch it while it's still showing in Philippine theaters!



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  • new-years-eve-poster.jpg

    New Year's Eve have a multi-storyline formula of trials, problems, and different romances from different people as the year is about to turn. The stories from each characters were good as the actors used their charm to captivate the hearts of it's audiences. The pairing was exquisitely adorable specially the chemistry between Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeffier. I also loved the part of the competition between the pregnant ladies (Jessica Biel and Sarah Paulson). There are also heart warming scenes from Robert De Niro and Halle Berry.


    Times Square development project Vice President Claire Morgan (Hillary Swank) is doing the best she can that the annual Ball drop will run perfectly at midnight. At the hospital there's Stan (Robert De Niro) who is sharing his last moments to a nurse (Halle Berry). There's the two couples, Tess (Jessica Biel) & Griffin (Seth Myers) and James (Til Schweiger) & Grace (Sarah Paulson) who is racing to see who's baby will be delivered closest to midnight in order to win $25K. Also there's Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer) who makes a semi impossible resolution list which she wants to accomplish before midnight,with the help of a Messenger (Zac Efron) he'll try to make her list possible. There's Laura (Katherine Heigl) bumping with her ex musician, Jensen (Bon Jovi) who left her last year. There's Sam (Josh Duhamel) whose hoping to see the lady he dated last new year's eve. There's Randy (Ashton Kutcher) who hated New Year's Eve and was stuck in the elevator with Elise (Lea Michelle) the back-up singer of Jensen. And lastly there's Kim (Sarah Jessica Parker) an overprotective mother who thinks that her daughter (Abigail Breslin) is still a 12 year old.


    New Year's Eve was a really entertaining movie in which you'll feel mixed emotions, a few good laughs and a spectacular way to set things straight and reflect on what you did on the past year. You can learn to forgive, take some challenges, build some trust, and appreciate the people that surrounds you. A great film to cap off your weekend.

    Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

    Directed by: Garry Marshall
    Distributed by: Warner Brothers Pictures Philippines
    Now Showing at your favorite Cinemas


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  • wont+last+a+day+without+you.jpg

    Following up the blockbuster movie they made last time (Catch Me I'm In Love). The hottest love team on the big screen, Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson once again brings another cheesy film that never fails the Filipino audiences. Once again Star Cinema's formula in romcom movies has a great script and a charming chemistry between its leads.


    George, better known as DJ Haidee (Sarah Geronimo) is taking the midnight radio time slot by storm. She is dishing out advices to handle the bitter truth about love. One night a caller named Melissa (Megan Young) ask some advice on how she could handle her boyfriend's playboy ways. George immediately tells her to end their relationship. That boyfriend, Andrew (Gerald Anderson) rushed to the station and filed a complaint. To avoid suspension George volunteered and promised to win his girlfriend back but as the time passes by with each other on their side, they formed special feelings for each other.

    Sarah Geronimo is one of our favorite leads as she always have that sweet alluring character that is so fun to watch. She constantly express her talent in such a nice way and she is so likable. She also lived up to her role as a "Papa Jack" DJ version in the movie. While Gerald Anderson always had that charming looks he already gained much more respect in acting. And the scene stealer was Joey De Leon, its been a very long time when we last saw him in a film under Star Cinema. As a rock star dad he gave us a few good laughs. I hope that Abs-Cbn could give the team-up of Sarah and Gerald a series in their prime time slot during weekdays.


    The story was interesting it was fun and had a lot of feel good moments. It tackles more with failed relationships, giving out second chances and forgetting about the past to start a new beginning. The movie gave a lot of mushy sweet moments that provided a lot of spark to its viewers. The pacing was good the cutesy and drama scenes was balanced. Though the story was predictable we enjoyed it a lot. If there's one thing to improve, its the end part. It was lame for me as I imagined a much deeper climax at the end. The bloopers in the credits was a bonus so don't leave your seats yet.

    Rating :8 out of 10 stars

    Directed By: Raz Dela Torre
    Distributed By: Star Cinema and Viva Films
    Now Showing on your favorite cinemas


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  • vertigovertigo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Star-studded revelry


    The experience of watching New Year’s Eve must be akin to attending an A-list party—you get lost in a sea of beautiful people and see so many things happening at once. The title speaks for the revelry that is this movie, beginning with a confetti of Academy Award winners and nominees: Hillary Swank, Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Robert de Niro. There was also an endless stream of big star cameos. However, similar to older movies with stellar casts (Nine, Contagion), the story became secondary to celebrity.

    However, if you are only after a good time at the movies, New Year’s Eve will be worth your time. You will thank Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara, and Katherine Heigl for their standout comedic props. Pfeiffer was charming and still very beautiful as a quirky middle aged woman. Zac Efron was youthful and fun sans his teen idol persona. The heartwarming mini plots are all familiar, inspiring and suited for the spirit of the holidays.

    A surprise ending was painstakingly concealed that it lost steam in the grand reveal. But to distract you are sights and sounds that will make you dream of spending the New Year’s in the NYC. All in all, I would say Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day was more memorable, but New Year’s Eve was great fun that I do not mind if he makes "Thanksgiving" next.

    Rating: 8 out of 10
  • sleeping-beauty-2011-movie-poster-01-490x700.jpg

    Intrigued with the title, we decided to see Sleeping Beauty. This is not the remake of the classic Walt Disney animated film. The star, Emily Browning is known for her attractive role in Sucker Punch. Here the story revolves around a woman named Lucy who sleeps and sold into wealthy clients. This is a classic and ambitious erotic tale that failed to reach our standards.

    Lucy, a student finding what life really means. Having different jobs and several hook-ups that really don't satisfy her she tried to apply for a job she saw in the newspaper. The job was looking for attractive women that deals with escort service. She serves drinks with rich clients only with her lingerie while other women are half-naked. With her good performance and her charming beauty she was promoted by her boss to their special service. She is drugged and made sleep in bed naked while the rich clients can do whatever they want without penetration.


    The concept was good but it was kind of dull and flat. It's seemed like that this R-18 movie planned to satisfy the audience by presenting the alluring body of Emily Browning, nothing more nothing less. We salute Browning taking this role seriously as she is partnered with old guys in bed. We were just wondering what the end part really means as were left clueless what really happened. Definitely not worth it in the big screen but if your a big fan of Baby Doll in Sucker Punch you might consider it. Just few more days left to catch this film as it is shown in selected cinemas only.

    Rating: 3 out 10 stars

    Directed By: Julia Leigh
    Distributed By: Megavision
    Now showing on selected cinemas


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  • Lola_RoseLola_Rose PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    A glimpse of the teaser scene, when Tom Cruise is scaling Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is probably enough to convince you that it's going to be this year's most jaw-dropping action scene. And with two-time Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner included in the picture, fans of the movie franchise, as well as action/espionage movie enthusiasts, won't have any reason not to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol-- enhanced in an IMAX theater, and actually partially filmed using IMAX cameras.

    Super-spy Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise, who did all of the stunts in this movie) returns to the big screen after five years, in Ghost Protocol, this time working equally with a team, alongside Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead), and Paula Patton (Precious). In this fourth installment, Hunt's agency, the IMF (Impossible Missions Force), is disavowed-- blamed for the bombing of The Kremlin in Moscow (The U.S. counterpart of the White House), the U.S. president initiating the black operation "ghost protocol." With no back-ups, stripped off their gadgets, and no support from the U.S. government, the four-person rogue team works hand in hand, making do with what they have, to clear the agency's name and chase the villain in a seemingly impossible mission to save the world.


    Ghost Protocol, directed by Brad Bird (his first time to helm a live-action movie after captivating the world with his Oscar-winning brilliant animation films The Incredibles and Ratatouille), is a whirlwind fast-paced action flick intended to tense your muscles, keep you at the edge of your seat, and leave you breathless...and also laughing from time to time. The first scene is instantly a Brad Bird trademark: humorous, light, and entertaining-- a prelude to the rest of the movie's mood and feel. Simon Pegg's appearance alone in the opening scene, as the tech savvy agent, already spells out comedy.

    If you haven't seen, or can barely recall, the first three Mission Impossible movies, this is probably the most action-packed... and the most light and playful. And with the movie writers ridding us off serious and complex mysteries in the plot, Ghost Protocol is almost like the live-action counterpart of the The Incredibles-- an enjoyable popcorn movie. Not much thinking is required here; apparently, it only wants you to experience the adventure of a team of highly skilled agents with no time to lose, trying to catch a villain with a cliche-ish evil agenda. So if you're looking for a mentally stimulating, or a challenging unpredictable mystery plot, then you're not going to find it in here-- because Ghost Protocol is only about fun, action, and entertainment-- and it fairly succeeded in its intention. It's engaging, tensing, and oftentimes funny, with seamless special effects, beautifully choreographed one-on-one fight scenes, and delightfully impressive displays of modern technology.


    The team has good chemistry. Renner adds spice to the movie without outshining Cruise; Pegg is an effective comic relief; Patton, though, as the female lead, lacks personality and is too teary eyed, but is fairly in sync with the dynamics of the team.

    As the last Hollywood blockbuster movie you will see in the cinemas this year, Ghost Protocol is a fitting year-ender for movie buffs out to be solely entertained and de-stressed in the holiday season. If you want to be taken from the heart of Moscow to Dubai, to India, in a breakneck-speed ride of spy action, suspense, and comedy in a light story, then seeing Ghost Protocol is a mission that you must choose to accept.

    8 out of 10 stars

    Philippine theatrical release: December 16th 2011


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  • SRR13.jpg

    The longest Filipino film franchise is back one more time to give creeps this Christmas day. And now three stories will open another chapter in this installment.

    Casts:Zanjoe Marudo, Maricar Reyes, Bugoy Carino
    Directed by: Richard Somes

    A family transferred into an isolated town where the family man Allan (Zanjoe Marudo) tends with his blind wife (Maricar Reyes) and illegitimate son (Bugoy Carino). Soon they found out that there are extraordinary creatures lurking outside their house that is looking for something they claim that is stolen from them.


    Tamawo is an Ilonggo term for evil creatures. The story in this episode is not scary but the make-up extremely caught are attention. The white cannibal-like creatures was well made and impressed us. The cast did their best specially Bugoy Drilon whom we think has a bright future in this industry. The Tamawo episode decently provided the spark to start the movie. We rate this 5 out of 10 stars.

    Casts: Kathryn Bernardo, Louise delos Reyes, Sam Concepcion
    Directed By: Jerrold Tarog

    Best friends Lucy (Kathryn Beranardo) and Shayne (Louise Delos Reyes) enters inside a forbidden lighthouse. When they reached the top they saw two ghosts causing them to fall down. They survived without scratches and they discovered after the incident that the ghost from the lighthouse followed them. Soon they uncover that the place was haunted by two witches with an unfinished business. It starts to possess them so they can finish what they started.


    No doubt that this is the best episode in this movie. It gave the creeps ind chills that were looking for. The make-up was really scary and realistic, we didn't recognize right away that the other ghost was Julia Clarete. The story was impressive and fresh thanks to the brilliant mind of Jerrold Tarog, he also made the best episode last year titled "Punenarya". For the casts Kathryn and Louise gave a nice job in acting kudos to both of them as we really enjoyed their episode. For this episode we rate it 8 out of 10 stars

    Cast: Eugene Domingo, Jay Manalo, Edgar Allan Guzman
    Directed by: Chris Martinez

    Mar and Cynthia ( Jay Manalo and Eugene Domingo) celebrated their anniversary during the wrath of Ondoy. After the typhoon they closed down their factory and tries to sell it. After some time, unexplainable things started to happen as one by one each of her family members started to die due to drowning. The story unfolds into a much darker hidden secrets they've done in the past that is now haunting them.

    At first we thought that this episode will be funny because Eugene Domingo is the lead star. But she performed well in taking a serious role. The pacing was just slow as they intend to keep the twist latter towards the end part. The death scenes was not that impressive but the idea of the story was fresh yet unforgivable. This episode really relied to the concept of it's story. It was good but we felt that something's missing. We rate this 6 out of 10 stars.

    Shake Rattle and Roll became a tradition to the Filipino audiences. This franchise gave the most horrendous creatures into Philippine cinema.

    Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 stars.

    Distributed by: Regal Films
    Opens on December 25, 2011
    Official Entry for the 37th MMFF


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  • panday2-poster.jpg

    Last night was the red carpet premiere screening of Panday 2 at Sm Megamall. We checked some of the big stars graced into the red carpet. Lucky for us we stayed long as cinema 8 was opened to the public even if your not a ticket holder.


    Flavio (Bong Reviila Jr.) returned to his town as they celebrate the death of his mortal arch enemy Lizardo (Phillip Salvador). As they thought the peace has been restored, Flavio is scheduled to marry Maria (Iza Calzado) but without knowing that an evil witch revived Lizardo once again. He abducted Maria and drained her to restore his evilness. Now Flavio once again hunts him down but in order to reach and end their rivalry he must face a lot of evil creatures along the way.


    Panday is a legendary hero made by Carlo J Caparas. Already graced the big screen a lot of times even made as a series and also had Panday kids version. This is the second installment of the series and they made the special effects staggering as ever. No doubt they made a lot of changes to improve the movie and they spend big bucks to complete this film. In our opinion the special effects and action scenes overshadowed the story. It was too shallow as they only concentrated in different creatures that would face Panday. For the fight scenes it was impressive though some of it was not that clean. It made a huge gamble and really paid off. The sand battle was brilliant, the costume and make ups was great. We love the rivalry between Flavio and Lizardo but in the end they made Lizardo a gigantic creature that looked like from the Clash of the Tiatans. We think that messed it up. They should have ended the duel in a sword fight in a much intense way.


    For the cast we loved Phillip Salvador a lot as Lizardo is like the Joker in Batman. He is one perfect villain that gave a lot of memorable scenes. Benjie Paras leave a lot of good laughs specially to the younger audiences. Bong Revilla Jr. still charismatic as ever once again proved that the legend of Panday still lives. Also a perfect combination of leading ladies with Iza Calzado and Marian Rivera. Overall good supporting powerhouse cast that will entangled your imaginations because some of them can change as dragons. And don't forget the cameo role of Lorna Tolentino in the end. We think she's the next villain for the next movie.

    Overall the movie will attract a much younger audience. They would appreciate it much more with the visuals and fight scenes. Panday 2 is distributed by GMA Films and Imus Productions and will be shown on December 25 nationwide.

    Rating 6 out of 10 stars

    Directed by: Mac Alejandre
    Distributed By: GMA Films and Imus Productions
    Official Entry for the 37th MMFF


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  • Enteng-Ng-Ina-Mo-Movie-Poster.jpg

    Our MMFF experience would not be complete if we don't watch the entry of Bossing Vic Sotto. He is one of our favorite comedy actor and has been the main man every year in the festival. Today was the last day of the year and to end it up we watched Enteng ng Ina Mo.

    This is a spectacular movie since two of the biggest rivals in MMFF joined forces in one single movie. A lot of people don't appreciate MMFF anymore as many says that entries are always recycled every year. For us MMFF is a weekend for families and kids who enjoy spending their time watching this kind of movies. The producers and the stars only think about on how they can make people happy. We salute everyone in making this kind of movies.


    Ina Montecillo (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) is in state of depression because her children are set to leave her for adulthood. Meanwhile in the life of Enteng Kabisote, Ina Magenta (Amy Perez) was abducted by his bitter rival Satana (Bing Loyzaga). Faye (Gwen Zamora) needs to be in Engkantasya to replace Magenta in the throne leaving a depressed Enteng behind. With Satana's magic he made Enteng fall for Ina and that's how they finally met. Together with each other on their side they battle the evil forces of Satana.


    Vic Sotto always have that one of a kind humor that never fails to make us laugh. Together with his best side kicks Jose and Wally they add a lot of things to spice up the comedy factor. While Ai-Ai Delas Alas gave the cuteness whenever she is with a scene with Bossing. Still she proves to be the undisputed comedy queen. Even though the siblings of Ina are not complete they still made a perfect casting. And as always the scene stealer is Eugene Domingo which gave a huge laugh in some of her part as the best friend of Ai-Ai. Their team-up together with the whole cast had a cheerful chemistry which is really fun to watch. The only lows we saw was the cuts was not that clean and the sounds was not edited clearly. But overall after three movies we watched in the film fest Enteng ng Ina Mo clearly was our top favorite.


    Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

    Directed by: Tony Reyes
    Distributed by: Star Cinema, M-Zet productions and OctoArts Films
    Now on it's 2nd Week
    Offical Entry in the 37th MMFF


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  • url.jpg

    Last night we decided to watch My Househusband as we heard a lot of positive reactions about the movie.

    Reunited with Director Jose Javier Reyes is real life couples Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo barraging another movie about a challenging life of a married couple.


    Rod (Ryan Agoncillo) and Mia (Judy Ann Santos), married couples who has two kids are living in a normal life. One day Rod found out that the bank he manage is going to be closed because of a merge with another bank. He will be transferred to Isabela for a promotion with more work but without salary increase. He decided to resign and look for a new job without telling it to her wife. Soon Mia found out and took over Rod's place as the money maker in the family by joining a team in an insurance company. Now it's Rod's turn to do the chores and take care of the kids. With both of them taking new roles in their married life they enter in different challenges and misunderstanding in their relationship. And did i forget to mention their chatty neighbor Aida (Eugene Domingo).


    Story wise My Househusband is an another story of couples facing tough problems in life. But in this film it gave a new sense of dimensions in the story to make it much enjoyable. Not being serious and giving a lot of comedy made it sensible movie which really pleased the crowd. We really enjoy the team up of the real life couples as they act very naturally, adding Eugene Domingo also gave a spice as now we understand how she won the Best Supporting Actress. The chemistry of the three leads really carried the film to it's finest as we enjoyed what we paid for.


    Overall My Househusband is a must watch movie in the film fest for couples, friends and barkadas who would love to see a stress reliever after work. Definitely worth of the time and money. We tied it with Enteng ng Ina Mo as the best among the 4 movies we watched in this festival. Hope that we could finish the other three before it ends.

    Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

    Directed By: Jose Javier Reyes
    Distributed By: Octo Arts Films
    Now on it's 2nd Week
    Official Entry at the 37th MMFF


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  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator

    The Alvin and the Chipmunks movie franchise had been very successful in the box office but is not well-received by the critics. Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked does nothing new to elevate the material and continues to deliver more of the same. But it was a formula that was supported in droves by the audience, so people who enjoyed the first two movies will like this one and while giving those didn't like it no reason to give this franchise another look.

    The Chipmunks Alvin (Justin Long), Simon (Matthew Gray Gubler), Theodore (Jesse McCartney) and the Chipettes Brittany (Christina Applegate), Jeanette (Anna Faris) and Eleanor (Amy Poehler) goes on a cruise with their surrogate father/manager Dave (Jason Lee) but due to Alvin's mischief they find themselves stranded on a mysterious island and meets Zoe (Jenny Slate), the island's castaway for almost a decade. While Dave and a reluctant Ian (David Cross) searches for them, the chipmunks must find a way to survive.

    Chipwrecked follows the template of the past movies: The playful Alvin, the uptight Simon and the adorable Theodore goes on an adventure while they perform pop songs from time to time. It goes the same to the Chippettes who all basically mirrors the personalities of their male counterparts. The movie did somehow shake things up with Alvin learning about responsibility and Simon loosening up (albeit beyond his control). But in the end, the story does not offer that much excitement or insight despite the premise as the movie just coasts along until we reach the conclusion.

    But on the “cute” aspect, Chipwrecked certainly delivered from the showstopping numbers of Katy Perry and Lady GaGa hits to the various shenanigans in the cruise ship and the island. Regardless of your overall view of the movies, only those with a heart of stone will not fall for Theodore's cuteness. Lee and Cross are good actors and while they are still not used to their fullest potential, they do deliver good enough performances as opposed to Slate who played Zoe terribly. To be fair, Zoe is a weakly-developed foil and was totally unnecessary to the story.

    Alvin and The Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked is basically just fluff but it's all pretty harmless. I don't think one has to be ostracized for liking this movie, it has its fun moments and it's very kid-friendly. The movie sticks to the formula that worked well for its predecessors and while it's understandable to not mess with something that keeps the cash register ticking, there will come a point that the novelty will soon wear off if the lack of ambition goes on. 6/10


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  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator

    The first Sherlock Holmes movie pulled off a surprise with its interesting yet different take of the legendary character. While some viewers disapproved the movie's portrayal of Holmes, it still managed to win the hearts of the general audience thanks to remarkable performances and fun dynamics from the cast. This time around Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows introduces Holmes' greatest adversary: Professor James Moriarty, which automatically raises the stakes and expectations. The movie is definitely larger in scale but it was bogged down by not giving an essential element of the story the treatment it deserves.

    After Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) successfully stops one of James Moriarty's (Jarred Harris) schemes, he becomes the hot target of the brilliant but mad professor. Holmes finds out soon that Moriarty plans to kill his newly-wed friend Watson (Jude Law) and his wife out of vengeance but he was able to save them in time. Watson then joins Holmes to uncover Moriarty's evil plan that could potentially cause a war. In the process, they meet a gypsy named Simza (Noomi Rapace) who is the key to solve the case.

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows opens on a strong note with a fun-that-became-intense-later-on sequence which involves Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams). That particular sequence explains why the main female character of the previous installment has a small, albeit important, role in this sequel. The opening sets up the movie's tone quite well but it took quite a time to establish the threat and what is at stake. It's actually alright for them to take that approach since the main character is a detective after all but unfortunately that's the part where the movie hit a snag. There's not much detective work in this story and the movie just conveniently situated set pieces for it to progress. Sure, we still see a glimpse of Holmes' brilliant mind like the way he anticipates every blow of a fight before the first punch is thrown or the tactics he used to take the bad guys down unwittingly by themselves but it all felt too studied and forced. Moriarty's “evil plan” is not compelling as well and it was evident in the middle of the story in which the movie struggled in keeping a narrative momentum.

    Downey and Law still carried the movie very well and their actions and banter are always a delight to watch. The casting of Jarred Harris as Moriarty was also perfect. Harris did a great job and exudes menace effortlessly without going over the top. The “chess showdown” between Moriarty and Holmes in the last act was riveting and almost made up for the movie's shortcomings. Also a standout is Stephen Fry who played Holmes' brother Mycroft as he managed to make his short scenes shine. McAdams presence is missed here and Rapace didn't leave that much of an impression which is not her fault since the character she played is weakly-conceived.

    Ultimately Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is very entertaining movie with its good cast and polished production making it worth the watch but the lack of inquisitive detective work takes the movie down the level of a typical action flick only set in the 19th century and that's quite a shame because Sherlock Holmes stories should be more than that. 7 / 10


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  • paddylastpaddylast PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    Coming from the director of Ratatouille and The Incredibles, I'm not expecting much from Brad Bird who took the challenge of directing the fourth installment of the franchise, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. It was actually surprisingly good and in my opinion, it's even better than J.J Abrams works on the third movie.

    In Ghost Protocol, Ethan is being rescued by Benjie and Jane from the Moscow Prison where he's at. As a team, their mission is to discover classified documents from the "Kremlin" that lead to the "Ghost Protocol" mission when the Kremlin got bombed and the trio were blamed for it. Along the way, they met Brandt who helped them uncover something that could start a nuclear fiasco.

    The most commendable thing about this film would have to be the subtle twists that Bird and his writers injected in the film. I thought the whole team reminded me of "The Losers" in a good kind of way. Simon Pegg, Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner are perfect for their roles that it would really be a good idea to see them together (again) in the future. Perhaps, this is one of the ingredients that I didn't see in the earlier installments - the chemistry and personalities of its characters.


    The film isn't perfect at all when it comes to some of its action sequences especially the final showdown in the parking lot. It was okay-ish and almost a bit comical. The grand scene though was when Ethan climbed the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. It was just amazing! With this, Mission Impossible has found a new fan in me and I'm encouraging everyone to catch this while it's on!

    Ratings: 8/10


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  • Segunda-Mano-Poster.jpg

    We had a time last night to watch another entry in the film fest. Segunda Mano was our choice so we can witness the 2nd top grosser this year which also had a controversial best actor win for Dingdong Dantes.

    Mabel (Kris Aquino) is an owner of an antique shop and she is living with her mother who still can't escape the tragic death of Mabel's sister twenty years ago. One rainy night she met Ivan (Dingdong Dantes) and a year later they were engage. Anxious with her looks she decided to buy a 2nd hand bag from her friend's store. Soon Mabel found out that the bag belongs to Ivan's former wife, Mariella (Angelica Panganiban) who mysteriously disappeared. Now Mabel feels that she is haunted and the ghost of Mariella is stopping her from marrying Ivan.


    The story was a little predictable as our guesses was right while we are watching. The scenes was not scary but still provided some spark due to the various twist implemented in the script. Though we did not enjoy it much we bow down to Dingdong Dantes as we both think that he really deserves the award. He definitely portrayed his psychopath role well. Segunda Mano did not reach our expectations as we feel that we already watched the concept in Kris Aquino's last year entry, Dalaw where the ghost is trying to save her from the villain. We think that the movie lacks in scare factor but still we loved the queen of all media as our favorite unbeatable tagalog horror movie of all time is Feng Shui as the movie gave us creeps for weeks.


    Casts includes Bangs Garcia, Rico Blanco, Jhong Hilario, Angel Jacob and Ian Veneracion

    Rating 6 out of 10 stars

    Directed by: Joyce Bernal
    Distributed by: Star Cinema and MJM Productions
    Now on it's 3rd week
    Official entry in the 37th MMFF


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  • we_bought_a_zoo_poster.jpg

    Honestly we thought that this movie would be boring as the trailer is not that catchy when we first saw it. But after we watched it last night We Bought a Zoo simply inspired us.

    Based on a true story, Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) is a struggling father after his wife died. He quit his job and searched a new place for his family so they can have a fresh new start. Finally he found an old house with a zoo filled with endangered and sick animals in it. With his 7 year old kid Rosie enthusiastic in the idea that they bought a zoo, Benjamin tries to revive it with the help of dedicated people even his teenage boy Dylan isn't happy about it.


    We bought a zoo is feel good, family oriented and pleasing film for all age. The scenes were marvelous as it never gave a dull moment all throughout. Director Cameron Crowe did a nice job on mixing some heartfelt emotions between a father and son relationship. Also in putting down the aging tiger that was a gloomy moment. More than that we bought a zoo gave a lot of admirable morals specially for families and dedication on what you already started even a lot of hindrances along the way.

    For the cast Matt Damon did a brilliant job in portraying his role even though Ben Stiller was the first choice for the role of Benjamin Mee. The scene stealer was Maggie Elizabeth Jones as if she was already a teenager with her lines. She's just simply likable because she is very cute. While Thomas Haden Church provided some comedy. We also loved Elle Fanning as we did not recognize her right away that she was the talented young teen in Super 8.


    Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

    Directed by: Cameron Crowe
    Distributed by: 20th Century Fox Philippines
    Opens on January 18,2012


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