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tsikot o owner?

Gusto ko sana bumili ng sasakyan new grad po ako at first job ko 'to. Kaya low budget lang. papadagdagan ko na lang sa parents ko ipon. yoko din gumastos ng malaki. pang gala at pamasok lang sa work.

Ask ko lang kung anu mas madali ang maintenance, owner or tsikot? nakakita kasi ako ng mga owner tas customized. astig din pero iniisip ko rin *** pangmatagalan nang magagamit. Any suggestion po? :hmm:


  • kung practicality lang din naman.

    owner na. kahit generator lang makina mo ok na.

    dad ng friend ko ganun yung owner nya grabe katipid sa gaso.

    pag pop ng hood ang liit ng makina, kala mo talaga laruan. heheheh
  • mababa ang maintenace ng owner , walang aircon , stainless matibay ang body compare to car ...
    puwede off road or heavy loads .. ok pa din ...
    di pa nakawin ang owner ...
  • IMHO I would rather buy an old car (10-30 yrs old) than buy an owner due to the following reasons:

    1. A car is more comfortable to use than an owner, especially in a long drive.
    2. The turning angle of an owner is less compared to a car, thus it is more difficult to maneuver on the small streets of MM.
    3. Due to the heavy traffic, hot climate in the Metro and absence of an AC unit, an owner will be a difficult to use on day time.

    Maybe if I live in the province (wide road, no traffic) and the climate is ok, I could consider buying one.

    If your budget is more than 100k, you could buy a Toyota Corolla XL (1993 and up). If it is less than 100k, buy a Kia Pride.
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    Maganda sa 'owner' hindi takaw nakaw.

    And.doors.are.optional. :bounce::grinroll::rotfl:
  • They used to call owners as "rolling coffins" back in the day.
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    At this day and age, its not advisable to buy and owner type jeep. Better to get 10-15 year old japanese car and save yourself from the hassle of driving a primitive form of transportation.
  • just brace for 100 pesos per liter gas if the libya unrest get worse :depressed::drive:
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    IMO, save up first. Buy later when you're more established at work. an old car or owner will just eat up your earnings and any possible savings.

    If you must, go for a car over a jeep.
  • visualize yourself driving a/an:

    1. owner type jeep
    2. sedan (of any brand)

    ... everyday. going to and from work, doing errands, buying stuff from a nearby mall, going to school reunions, attending birthdays, picking up your girl...

    ... imagine the (insert word here) if you're driving (an owner type jeep or a sedan)
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