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visvim and glenmore

i'm not comparing the 2 but both are inspired by native american indian footwear.

i used to wear the glenmore indian moc when i was in gradeschool

then you have visvim's yucca moc for SS2011


i got the boot during my highschool

which seems to be a cross between visvim maliseet and FBT

it made me wonder where did visvim and glenmore got the inspiration, pwera the indian's footwear, there must be a company decades ago that made indian moc mainstream....


  • I assume you've also seen the Generic Surplus Mohawk:


    As for inspiration, there are a number of companies still making traditional indian style mocassins in the US, mostly for outdoorsmen. Russell, Quoddy, and Minnetonka come to mind. Russell and Quoddy have been around since the beginning of the 20th century.

    banoi is the visvim guy here. Maybe we can get him to comment.
  • thanks brian! you already answered my question both might have got their moc inspirations from those half century old companies.

    i just thought about glenmore indian boot when i first saw visvim FBT few years back. then was surprised that glenmore is alive and kicking again.
  • heres a good interview on hiroki nakamura visvim/FIL's founder .. he also explains the concept behind the FBTs

  • ^ great interview.

    Boy, that Hiroshi Fujiwara dude sure gets around.
  • supercrapper,
    thanks! that explains a lot and crash course anything about visvim.

    connecting the dots, we can safely conclude that terry hall wore one of those indian moc brands that brian mentioned... then the interview affirmed that the concept for FBT was from terry hall's indian moc.

    as for glenmore, they also seemed to have fixations to the new wave scene such as their creepers and FBT was one of those brit bands.
  • np

    like banoi i try to follow the brand as closely as i can.. besides they put out very good stuff
  • This is the image that I usually see people use when they point out that Visvim referenced the FBT from Fun Boy Three

  • how's the quality of the leather on those glenmore shoes?
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