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Help naman.. :(

I'm kinda guy who's good looking naman. But I'm so TORPE, whenever I see a girl whose very attractive I don't have the guts to know her name or get a number. Coz' as of this moment I have crush in my office, Is there any chance that you can give me advise on how to know this girl professionally or tips as well on what to say.. thanks!


  • acceberannaacceberanna PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    be confident!

    magHi and Hello ka then start a conversation pwedeng about work kasi officemates kayo! if dun pa lang di mo na magawa, pano mo pa sya maliligawan diba? :)

    once you've talked to her naman magtutuloy tuloy na yun, di ka na matotorpe.

    dapat di torpe.malay mo type ka din nya :)
  • yeah right..you can approach her nicely like if feeling mu kelangan nia ng tulong, eh d tulungan mu **...then pwede ka na makimake friends sa kanya until she will be comfortable with you...try mu lapit lagi sa kanya if me chance...hehe..pero not in a way na makukulitan and maiirita sya sa yo... ;) Gud luck!
  • etuckrametuckram PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I never ask for a girl's number or name I don't have guts. I usually ask some of my girl friends to do it for me and I'll do the rest. That's how I met my gf. I asked a friend of mine to ask for her name and facebook email. fortunately, she handed the information to me. Then we started to chat sa fb. Tapos I asked for her number pero she didn't give it to me magpakita daw muna ako so I did. First time we talk lasted for about 5 hours and that is the start of everything. :)

    If ever magkaroon ng lakas ng loob. Don't ask for her number yet. Build connection muna tapos pag medyo at ease na siya sayo. Hingin mo na tapos dun mo na siya i-ask lumabas. Iwasan ang friend zone baka isipin non friendly ka lang kahit nanliligaw ka na pala :)
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