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I've got a story,, all i need now is some decent, thought-provoking title,, please help:) You may comment on the plot as well. Thanks!

here it is:

*Insert title here* is basically a story narrating the destruction of Lauren Flynn—a promising writer—as she tries to unveil the mystery behind the series of deaths involving those people she is closest to. Wren [as her boyfriend calls her] lives a content life with her mother, Angeline, in Tacoma, Washington. Few years back, they have been with Randall, her father but after a discovered infidelity on his part, divorce immediately breaks into scene, leaving then young Wren extremely disturbed. Despite this, she grows to be a fine woman—not to mention, a very talented writer. Every little thing in her life now appears to be impeccably perfect: Angeline’s with her, she’s in constant communication with Randall, and she enjoys her sappy relationship with her BF, Benj. But right after she begins writing her first novel, this blissful existence becomes haunted by murders, heinous murders of those she loves. Desperate to end the mass killing, she begins investigating… only to find the culprit to be a nine-year old boy. The boy reveals to her the truth that he is actually an embodiment of Lauren herself—Lauren has actually been the killer, in the first place; her life before the massacre has been nothing but a strange story of her mind. And the ensuing revelations—things she could have never imagined—shall bring our hero to her knees…

(The story is an allusion to the Green River Massacre, the most heinous serial killing the world has ever witnessed.)


  • JameauxJameaux PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Is this some kind of a dual/multiple personality disorder?

    My Suggested Title: Step Into My Brain

    Corny? :rotflmao:
  • kydlatmijareskydlatmijares PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sounds a bit like the movie "identity"

    anyway...some title suggestions:

    one by one
    final draft
    chapter zero
    full stop
    work in progress

    those are only top of mind ideas.
    good luck.
    hope you get your story published.
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