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Next Generation Game Machine Poll!!!


Poll: Next Generation Systems 39 votes

Playstation 2
64% 25 votes
23% 9 votes
12% 5 votes


  • I have both the U.S. Playstation and the U.S. Dreamcast. For the price I got my DC ($199), it's definitely a steal. I haven't played any of my PS games since I got my DC. In terms of system capability, it' obvious that the DC is more powerful -- resolution is higher and animations are smoother. I love the new games I have on the DC -- NBA2K, Soul Calibur, Ready 2 Rumble, and Sonic Adventure. Among the games I'm looking forward to are SegaGT, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and of course, Shenmue.
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I have all three machines and I have to say, the Dreamcast raised the bar so much in terms of graphics, playability, and even fun factor (hardly any load times too!) that I can't stomach going back to the Playstation and the N64. Imagine what the Playstation 2 will do?

    My favorite system remains to be my PC though. Not only can I play games, I can play games on-line (the Dreamcast hasn't pulled it off yet), surf the net, type my work, listen to MP3s, listen to cds, and watch video clips on VCD .... Yadda Yadda Yadda.

    I hope that the Playstation 2 does become Sony's centerpiece for its suite of technology devices.
  • Playstation 2 suppossedly will be capable of playing DVD movies and games. I saw a sneekpeak of Tekken for PS2 and it looks amazing, the animation for the game is almost as clear and fluid as the animation used for the Toy Story movies! Even though i'm lovin' my DC at the moment, i am already drooling for the release of the PS2.
  • i suggest you all buy a PC!!! :D
  • kung ako papapiliin, dreamcast bibilhin ko, andun kasi yung fave 2d games ko like marvel vs capcom 2 tsaka capcom vs snk.... kahit na stop ang production, medyo ok naman mga current games niya eh....
  • Although it's a bit early to say, which of the two systems would you rather spend you money on!?? PS2 or Xbox!?

    Personal choice :
    Ps2 - Twisted metal black won't come out on the Xbox!! sorry nalang si Bill gates!!!
  • pranZpranZ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    don't 4get metal gear!!and final fantasy 10!!
    x-box??hehe..pangpatong ko lng yan para sa PS2 ko!!! :D
  • I'd probably go for XBOX. Nabanggit ko from one of my posts na i wanted both XBOX and PS2 (don't forget Gamecube) pero i did some research and it seems like most games that would come out for PS2 will eventually be on the XBOX. Twisted Metal series, well, not most likely; FF series, it's in negotiation; MGS2, it will be on XBOX.

    The sad thing about XBOX is it has to show games in final hardware. Mukhang may potential naman 'to because of it's GPU na gawa ng nVIDIA. Wala akong pakialam sa PIII processor n'ya dahil parang nakaw lang 'to galing sa PC. Pero sana hindi magiging error prone yung main processor nila dahil may mga reports nga na (sa PC) may mga glitches na nakita dito. The next XBOX should have a dedicated processor kagaya ng "emotion engine" ng PS2 para hindi sila kinakawawa ng mga critics for having a 32-bit ripped-off processor. Excited din ako to play games online with it's built-in broadband adapter. PS2 will also go broadband pero kailangan pang bilhin yung adapter.

    I won't buy it upon launch. Hihintayin ko muna yung mga feedbacks coming from consumers. At KUNG maraming nasiyahan, bibili na rin ako kasabay ng Gamecube. Pero kung hindi naman, pagtitiisan ko nalang PS2 dahil magiging mura uli ang mga games. :rolleyes:

    Give XBOX a chance 'coz it has potential with lots of promising games to back it up.

    Pangpatong ng PS2? mukha nga siyang cofee table na walang paa...ang laki kasi e :D
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Which of the following next generation systems will you buy?

    1.) Gamecube
    2.) X-Box
    3.) PS2
  • so far, I think I will go with the ps2.. the backward compatibility issue is good
  • since i already have the ps2, i'm going with gamecube. the game luigi's mansion looks good.:)
  • PS2 for me. Methinks the X-Box will be too similar to the PC as it's tapping a very similar development pool. And given the performance of Nintendo's last console, they're just too propietary for my liking.
  • I'll buy all of them (if I can) when I graduate. or I can just buy the reliable one, PS2 and just rely on emulators (if those computer geeks can produce one, then hail to them!!!) of GameCube and XBox for non-PS2 experience.
  • me ill just wait for the PS3.in 2002
  • XBOX :D (and Gamecube)

    PS"3" won't be out 'till 2006(?) ;)
  • Gamecube for me for sure... PS2 if killer apps finally comes out and I'll avoid Xbox like a disease.
  • Skwater, dude, its nice to know na we can agree on something since were always at odd in sportscenter :)

    I've always been a Nintendo fan so its Gamecube for me. The best games always come from Nintendo. Rogue Leader and Wave Race Blue Storm look sweeet!!
  • one more PS2 fan over here! Gamecube sounds interesting and the XBox is down right scary! i can almost see the pop menus in the XBox: "Must have MS Windows XBox ver yadda yadda to play this game" or "In order to view text for this game, you must have MS Word X ver bla bla" well, you get the idea...
  • Wow, caloy, akalo ko ako lang ang Nintendo fan dito eh. Nice to know I'm not alone. :)
  • I might add that I'm not really in to Waverace but it looks really good. I'm more into Rare's offerings like Star Fox Adventures and Kameo! And of course who doesn't want Rogue Leader!
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