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help me whats the best whitening soap..

thankyou.. :bashful:


  • look for whitening soap na di talaga magdadry ang skin mo, yung whitening soap kasi me micropeeling siya, sloughs off dead skin cells, so its best na dapat di rin drying tapos dapat maglotion ka na rin.
    by the way, i tried magic ksa and kojic soap, combi ko siya and i have noticed after days of using nagiging pinkish yung skin ko.. yung nga lang dapat mega apply ng lotion kasi drying talaga. magic ksa whitening soap ni gladys reyes, effective nga siya.. :):):)
  • anima9anima9 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    seriously? detergent soaps. they can scrape your skin like there's no tomorrow. apply heavy amounts of lotion afterwards.
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