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[MERGED] Erectile Dysfunction

How true is it that if a guy can no longer get a good erection, he will get a pleasant surprise by making out with a sweet young thing?

If so, then it's really just psychological. And fantasizing that one's wife is a pretty young thing might actually help?


  • xyzseamanxyzseaman PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    it depends siguro kung ilang taon na yung lalake..it might be stress-related, psychological or some other factors...
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    If the cause is purely psychological, then "curing" it by maybe imagining the wife to be like, say, Pamela Lee will help. Psychotherapy, of course, will help. If it's due to health/anatomical/physiologic problems, no amount of fooling around with "pretty young things" is going to help.
  • one word:

    V I A G R A :lol::lol:
  • i have this problem and it really gets me... i can't please my girlfriend whenever we have sex and i either had a little liqour or a bit tired. I can't seem to get a hard on, just a medium erection, which is not good enough. What are the reasons for this, and what must i do about it. i am not usually like this before not until i started drinking. help plssss... :confused:
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Both alcohol and physical tiredness can cause erection problems. It's a known fact that excessive alcohol intake can cause diminished arousal and inhibited erection in males. Physical and psychological factors like fatigue, performance anxiety, and stress also cause this problem. Learn to relax, quit drinking alcohol if you're planning to have sex, and tell your gf to ease up on you a bit if she has an unfortunate tendency to nag or complain about your performance.
  • Kamayin mo na lang!
  • galing ng advice ko no. :)
  • :cool: thank you for your replies peeps... as a follow-up question could u suggest of anything to take to avoid this problem? like any supplementary medicines perhaps. thanks again.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Nope, no medications are needed. Just take adequate rest and avoid the alcohol if you're going to have sex with your girlfriend.
  • try mo yung katas ng makahiya, it will act like a viagra..... kaso the only problem would be u can't touch ur penis or else..... hehehe
  • Originally posted by Charmander
    Kamayin mo na lang!
    The tongue is much better. I can attest to that!
  • Doc!

    Is this normal doc?, after i have my first release, my patutoy looses it full erection though i still want another round but i cant kasi nga lembot na sia? psychological lang ba to or what? or i needed to take Viagra na. im just 20 years old doc.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It's normal.
  • Originally posted by daveMachews

    Is this normal doc?, after i have my first release, my patutoy looses it full erection though i still want another round but i cant kasi nga lembot na sia? psychological lang ba to or what? or i needed to take Viagra na. im just 20 years old doc.
  • Practice makes perfect. I think psychological din yun. Kung gugustuhin mo, you can make it rise again. Others are just gifted that they can 'perform' on command, like ***** stars do.

    But as Doc Ira said, it's normal.

    Try to read up on this subject in the internet so you can 'perform' better.
  • Hi,

    This is probably humorous but its gravity had caused me a lot of sleepless nights, hence I seek your help. I am no therapist nor am I inclined in the medical/psychological sciences, and I am very much at a lost. Please help.

    I've been dating a lot of girls, and most of the time one thing leads to another and we end up in bed. Some of them have a personality so enchanting and addictive that they have become constant dates, and constant bedmates as well.

    Performance had never, ever been an issue. Isang kalabit lang, raring to go na ako. However, since 5 months ago, I started dating this 20 year old girl. She's very pretty, very nice, but not so responsive when it comes to passion. She was a virgin then, but we ended up in bed together. That is when this problem of mine became manifest. The fact that it was her first time turned me on so much, but I can't fathom why I never had an erection hard enough to "break" into her. When I tried to ram myself in, I noticed how "relatively" soft my pecker was. With every attempted thrust, the pressure was building up, and the softer my pecker went. It was embarassing, but I concentrated really hard, and after hours (literally) of trying, I managed to "break" in. I felt so much relief when I did, and before I knew it, the celebratory mood I was in subconciously replaced the heat of the moment and I again softened up when I was inside her. I wanted to bury my head in shame, but managed to sweet talk myself out of that particularly humiliating predicament. The night ended with a numb tongue and the taste of fresh blood in my mouth.

    I started questioning myself after that. At 27, am I showing signs of old age na? Have this phase of exciting albeit responsible promiscuity passed me by? Am I tired of the usual fare of foreplay, intercourse, foreplay, intercourse, that perhaps, extreme preferences are in order ( S&M, bondage, anal, etc.)?

    Such thoughts hounded me in my succeeding affairs. I prepared myself to fight the pressure which I thought would surely come. Surprisingly, such pressures were non-existent in my subsequent adventures in bed. I was elated! I was happy! And I thought everything was back to normal, that maybe I was just plain tired and out of it during the sesson with Ms. Former Virgin.

    For the five months that followed, I still dated Ms. Former Virgin. There were times when she felt hot and horny, and was giving signs that I take her somewhere private. I always gave an excuse for such, as deep inside, I was still afraid of the possible humiliation. It took me five months to conquer what I still think is a selective fear.

    We had sex yesterday. Well, that's not entirely true. We "tried" to have sex yesterday. Again, my pecker acted up! I don't know why! Fortunately for me, she was kind enough to let me off the hook with my petty excuses, and perhaps, was unexperienced enough not to notice the gravity of the situation. My world built around chauvinistically masculine (admittedly) ideas crumbled before my eyes. What is wrong with me?

    Last night, right after I brought her home, I visited my ex. She always had her way of making me feel good whenever something's bothering me, without the need of telling her what the problem was. And by God, I can't talk to her about this current self-doubt I am having! Well, words of comfort and a few drinks provided some intimacy that is more than what we both expected and we ended up in bed. I was afraid at first, coming from what transpired earlier, but again, such fear proved baseless!

    Now I am wondering why I am experiencing this with Ms. Former Virgin alone. I have heard about "relative impotency" in the Family Code, but shouldn't that apply to someone whom you have copulated with with regularity to the point of boredom, and not someone whom you're certain turns you on so much and whom you have had but a few adventures with?

    Curse me. Ridicule me. Laugh at me. Do as you please. But I really need your help, and I would appreciate the words, however placed, that you are willing to give.

    Have a nice day and thank you for your time.
  • Have ur girlfriend lick ur nipples;)

    nah just kiddin

    ask a doctor dude
  • Practice Makes Everything Perfect
    So Keep on practicing lang dude!

    And try consulting doctors
    as in doctors
  • Tell Ms. Former Virgin to give you a little foreplay.

    Lick her up first.
    Tell her to lick your nipples or give you a good suck.
    Then when you're hard hard hard. Ram it in.

    Siguro you were tounging her too long after which your **** turned soft then you tried still to put it in soft.
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