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what does a upgraded muffler do to your car?

Recently bought 96 lancer glxi with a changed header/exhaust manifold. What are the advantages of a upgraded header? What are the differences of a original/stock exhaust manifold. Thanks


  • Aftermarket exhaust manifolds increase the horsepower and in most cases improve the mileage of your car.
  • depending if the I/H/E was done according to the specifications that would most benefit your car. Other shops make hula lang bro. But to answer your query. More low end / top end power. Depending on your header 4/1 or 4/2/1. Increase fuel consumption. But to sum it all up use your butt dyno and you can feel it. Try to advance your timing for a couple of degrees and change to 95 octane. Then tell me what happened.
  • Upgraded car mufflers would possibly make your car more efficient than standard exhaust. Upgraded mufflers make cars "breathe" more freely, thus, giving the car more power--that was initially trapped inside because of the standard exhaust. 
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