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Car Rewiring?

Hi everyone,

We have an old Honda LXI 94 model. May 2 years siguro hindi nagamit at nasa garahe lang.

Someone recommended that we should have it rewired. Now, is this really necessary? If yes, where should we go? What should we tell them? How much kaya?

We appreciate all the info you can give us! Thanks!


  • Now, is this really necessary?

    that depends kung ano problem ng car.

    kung nakatambak lang for some time for sure kelangan i drain lahat ng fluids nyan palit lahat. thats for sure,

    now for the wiring. baket? nalunod sa baha kaya corroded na mga wire?
  • Are you experiencing electrical problems? Are there signs of wiring damage? Then a rewiring maybe necessary. Pero kung naktambak lang, check mo kung umiikot freely yung crankshaft. Baka kasi tumigas na yung oils niya, stuckup na yung gears at pistons.
  • agree with the two previous posts, no need to rewire TS. Change fluids lang and battery, I think a full tune up and check up is needed. Your trusted neighborhood mechanic or talyer will suffice.
  • Sige salamat..hindi naman nabaha..nakapark lang sa garahe ng 2 years..and itinakbo naman nung isa araw para iparehistro at okay naman daw..sige dalhin ko sa mekaniko at pa check up..

    So change oil at drain ng radiator? Mga magkano kaya yun?
  • ^

    fully synthetic oil from 2k-3k for 4 quarts. oil filter from 200-300 pesos. labor from 200-300 din.

    coolant, yours needs around 5 liters. buy 3 liters of coolant concentrate, around 500. labor for flushing baka ganun din.
  • it's also advisable to change the spark plugs, bleed the brake system, and flush the ps fluid.

    the (manual) tranny fluid, you might need to change it too. kung kakapalit lang before it was stocked for 2 years, pwede pa. otherwise, have it changed na together with the rest.

    kung matic, definitely needs replacing.

    lastly, you might have to drain the fuel tank most esp. if the last fill up prior to storage was e10.
  • Thanks, man. That's very helpful!
  • How much usually is a full tune up?
  • sir, it's really a case to case basis as to what's needed to be done.

    my best advise for you is to go to a reputable shop specializing in such. free naman ang quote eh. and you can start from there.

    go to other shops, then compare.
  • for rewiring go to reys electrical. Google their address and contact bro.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone. We did all recommendations kase yun din ang ni-recommend ng shop.

    Noob question. Meron ba car alarm system na pwede sa ganitong model para maging automatic lock/unlock? Yung pag in-arm yung alarm eh mag l lock na lahat ng pinto? Sorry pero ngayon lang kase ako maglalagay ng alarm sa hindi power locks.

    If meron, ano maganda brand at magkano?
  • from what i know paps kasama na yung central locking when you buy a car alarm. Some good affordable brands are cobra, rattlesnake basta something about snakes. hehe Drop by banawe and look for a brand that suits you.
  • ^ ot. bakit nga ba karamihan ng aem alarms eh panay ahas ang ginagamit na brand name?
  • bantay salakay.. = )

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