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SHAMELESS PLUG: Fantasy Sim League

Hey PEx Ballers and other Fanasy Hoops junkies, here's an alternative to your daily Yahoo!/NBA.com/ESPN Fantasy basketball: Fantasy Sim League!

What is it? It's like playing NBA 2k or NBA Live and you simulate games during the season. You act as the GM of an NBA team by managing your team's finances, signing free agents on- and off-season, drafting REAL PLAYERS (not like those created stuff), and putting your players on the trading block, among others. You also act as coach by making a depth chart before every sim result.

What's better is you don't need a fee to join. IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE TO REGISTER AND COMPETE WITH THE REST.

Log on to alley-hoops.net/forum for more details. Half of the teams are vacant so feel free to get one and start competing!

Don't forget to be active. ENJOY AND SEE YOU THERE IN A-HOOPS!
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