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any info on a used 1996 mitsubishi lancer glxi

I'm poised to buy a 2nd hand 96 mitsubishi lancer glxi.. Could anyone tell me the good and bad points of this car? Or should I pick a toyota


  • jpd74jpd74 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    di nagkakalayo ang price niya sa big body na corolla ...
    mas mura ng konti compare to toyota ...
    since 1996 model iyan madami ka na din ipapaayos , sama ka ng mekaniko just to check the car .... before u buy it ...
  • What would really matter more is how the previous owner used and maintained the vehicle, irregardless of its a Mitsu, Toyota, Honda, or Nissan.

    Some issues on old EFI vehicles would be idling stability and you should be on the lookout for loose compression, funky electricals, leaking hydraulic hoses, engine leaks, etc. Check also to make sure the vehicle has not had any major accidents; take it to a gas station and have it lifted up to see the underside well enough.
  • piratekingpirateking PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    previous 96glxi ownew here

    good points, tipid sa gas kung stock and ofcourse good running condition ang engine, madaling papormahin kung mahilig ka mag paporma, magaan ang body, at mura.

    bad points, siguro dahil luma na kaya masyado makalog ang dashboard at kung anu ano pa sa interior, lagi nasisira ang idle air control valve (servo) kaya karamihan ginagamit nila ay toyota idle up, and based on my experience, hindi maganda ang suspension, siguro dahil nga luma na.
  • ok salamat sa inyo.. already bought the lancer.. so far very impressive.. alam ko naman its a second hand.. so i'll try my best to check and work on the problem..
  • what could your say abot engines w/ new headers/manifold
  • Pwede po ba? toyota idle up sa 96gli lancer? Paano po ang installation? Tnx a lot
  • kelunjikelunji PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Pwede po ba? toyota idle up sa 96gli lancer? Paano po ang installation? Tnx a lot

    Pwede, nagawa ko na yan DIY install noong may Lancer pa ako. Search mo na lang sa internet yung procedure.
  • Paano palakasin hatak sir?

  • Max_BuwayaMax_Buwaya PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ may tagatulak sa likod?  :giggle:
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