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Here we go..

the registration for Season 8 of the PinoyExchange.com Basketball League is now open!

Registration period is
February 4, 2011 until March 4, 2011 (11:59 PM)

If you (yes you my fellow Pexer) are interested to join the league you may do one of the following

1) Send me a private message here in PEX with the subject Pex rookie

on the message box i would want to see the following

a) full name
b) height
c) position played
d) email address
e) pex handle / nick
f) city where you currently live
g) contact #

2) Send me an EMAIL : [email protected]
Subj: Pex Rookie

a) full name
b) height
c) position played
d) email address
e) pex handle / nick
f) city where you currently live
g) contact #

once i get your details i'll save them and i shall contact you after the deadline to inform you when and where will the rookie camp be

please take note
once you have registered it doesn't mean you're in. i shall be doing an initial screening then after the deadline i shall release the names / pex nick of those who are invited to join the rookie camp and likewise payment for the camp

in the rookie camp there will be drills and scrimmages. there are 3 parts

a rookie must attend 2 of the 3 parts either the 1st and 3rd part OR the 2nd and 3rd part.

after the rookie camp drills and scrimmages there shall be a ROOKIE DRAFT wherein teams from the Pex League will take turns in drafting rookies.

There will only be 3 rounds of rookie draft

Common Questions

What if i Don't get drafted?

- don't worry. usually undrafted players are absorbed by the new team.

Is there a new team this season

- it depends. if there are at least 39 rookies come draft day (if i'm going to get the list now looks like we will be over that said number) we will be opening a space for a 9th team.

what if there is no new team and i don't get drafted?

- i still believe you will still be able to play in the tournament as long as you are hardworking and willing to accept any role in the team ... a team will notice you and will get you as a rookie free agent. Also i would like to remind you that for the past 7 seasons (going 8) of the Pex Ball (well 10 years and 7 seasons) wala pang rookie na undrafted na walang team na napuntahan
primary target natin is for the rookies to have a "home" here in pex basketball

i shall be closing this thread and give you the link where we can discuss this.



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