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Filipino Chicagoan Billy Dec Needs Your Help!

Hello PEX Family!

I have a HUGE favor to ask all of you!

I am helping out with a great charity event in Chicago to raise money for the local food bank. It is being hosted by Billy Dec, who happens to be half-Filipino, and a local celebrity. He owns the restaurant Sunda, Rockit and the Underground. And he has made guest appearances on shows like Friends, Entourage, and a bunch of other stuff, look him up on IMBD!

He created a funny avatar of himself and made a video to help promote this event. This is where you come in! I know Filipinos everywhere are big on social media. I want and need this video to get as many views as possible by Thursday! So please watch and share on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, other forums... anywhere and everywhere! I know together we can make this video go viral and you would be helping a great cause!

Go to this website to watch the full video - http://bit.ly/eYWxzp.

Here's a preview of Billy with lechon and the Victoria Secret models! Can you spot any other celebrities in the video?

Your help is much appreciated!


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