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    Elmo Moses Arroyo Magalona, better known as simply Elmo Magalona (born April 27, 1994 in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino actor and singer. He is the sixth (of eight) child of Francis Magalona.

    Magalona spent most of his school years at Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo where he graduated elementary and high school. He then enrolled at the University of the Philippines Diliman where he was supposed to take up Theater Arts. But because of him entering Showbiz and because of a hectic schedule he had to dropout of University, But hoping to go back to University in the near future.

    Elmo Magalona's first appearance on the Pinoy hiphop/rock scene was when he was six months old being featured on the cover of FreeMan. He reappeared on his father's album five years later on FreeMan 2. Magalona appeared in a noodle commercial called "Lucky Me Supreme" along with his father.
    Magalona appears on GMA Network's variety show Party Pilipinas and Bantatay (weekdays).[2][3][unreliable source?] He had also been included in the main cast of Pilyang Kerubin. Magalona guest hosted the reality children's show, "Kap's Amazing Stories Kids Edition.
    In Party Pilipinas, Magalona has been paired with Julie Anne San Jose, with whom he appeared in the short film Red Mask Triology which was well loved by the crowd. And because of their undeniable and overflowing onscreen chemistry, their fans which call themselves "JULIELMOES" been requesting to give these two their own TV series together.
    He was getting many projects from the GMA Network. He can be watched 6 days a week. With now Bantatay on weekdays from Monday to Friday, Then Party Pilipinas on Sundays. In the September 2010 issue of Candy Magazine, he was the cover of its mini-mag back-to-back with Martin del Rosario.
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    Do the peace sign! Hahahaha

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    On the verge:

    A little beat: Is 16-year-old Elmo Magalona, son of the late rapper Francis M, the Philippines’ own Justin Bieber?

    Elmo Magalona: On the verge
    THE DIALOGUE By Raymond Gutierrez The Philippine Star Updated May 21, 2010 12:00 AM

    It doesn’t take a crystal ball to figure out the future of fast-rising teen star Elmo Magalona. Performing onstage is almost a birthright for the 16-year-old son of the late master rapper Francis Magalona, who first broke onto the scene with a now-iconic performance of Higante, exuding a quiet confidence while sharing the stage with rock royalty Ely Buendia.

    Now out of high school, Elmo is gearing up to take a computer-based course for college, but that’s not before he leaves his mark on the hearts of teenage girls everywhere. With a plethora of Tumblr posts in his honor and thousands of followers on Twitter begging for a re-tweet, Elmo is filling the void of the “tween” market longing for a local idol.

    Have we found the local counterpart to Justin Bieber? It may be too early to tell but Elmo is definitely making a good start. With his weekly performances on musical variety show Party Pilipinas always considered a highlight, those waiting to see more of him will soon be satisfied as he tries his hand at acting. With his primetime debut only a few weeks away, Elmo grants The Dialogue his first official photo shoot. And at the rate things are going, we predict this is only the first of many more in the future.

    YOUNG STAR: What do you think of Justin Bieber?

    ELMO MAGALONA: I think he’s really talented, and it’s cool that he got famous because of posting videos on YouTube! I don’t know why some people call me “the Philippines’ JB,” but I take that as a compliment ‘cause girls dig him!

    Who are you closest to in your family?

    I’m close to everyone in the family at different levels.

    What’s a day in your home like?

    The usual, we wake up really early to start the day right, whether there’s school or not. I often just use the computer and check out new stuff online.

    You seem like a natural performer. Did you always see yourself doing what you are doing now?

    Yes, it’s not like I haven’t done this before. I made commercials back then, and did some plays as well. But I didn’t see myself performing by singing and dancing.

    How do you prepare for a performance and what goes through your mind while onstage?

    I stay focused. I also try to stay relaxed and hope to do my best. Whenever I perform live I just enjoy what I’m doing.

    What song do you sing in the shower?

    Right now, it’s Airplanes by B.O.B.

    What weird habit or mannerism do you have?

    Licking my lips every five to 10 seconds! (Laughs) And I like cracking my knuckles.

    When was the last time you laughed like crazy?

    I laugh like crazy all the time! I laugh really hard when I’m with my siblings because we like fooling around to the point that we all start tearing up.

    Now that you’re outta there, what is the greatest lesson high school life taught you?

    I learned that cramming will not get me anywhere. But at the same time I learned that the feeling of procrastination actually makes me work better.

    Give us a rundown of what you do when you’re not busy with your showbiz commitments.

    When I’m free I hang out with my friends and family. I also like playing video games and play basketball.

    Who are you a fan of?

    Of course I’m a fan of my father’s. I also like Jay-Z, Common and Nas and I idolize Lebron James.

    What type of girl could win your heart?

    I like girls who have nice eyes and a pretty smile. And those who like to have fun and have a good sense of humor. Looks don’t really matter because I like girls for their personality.

    What dish paves the way to your heart?

    I love to eat! My favorite dishes include, for Filipino, adobo; for Japanese, tempura and California maki; and for Italian, pasta and pizza.

    What is the sweetest thing you’ve done for a girl?

    When I personally greet my followers on Twitter, they say it’s really sweet.

    What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

    Some don’t know that I’m really shy and quiet because I don’t seem like that whenever I’m onstage.

    Who is the most overrated person in the industry?

    There are a lot, really, locally and internationally. It’s a mystery to me why they’re there.

    What comes to mind when you look at yourself in the mirror?

    I sometimes see Papa in me, and I’m thankful that I am blessed with his talents. I also do that to remember him when I perform.

    Who is your local celebrity crush?

    I like Rhian Ramos. She’s pretty, she’s nice and an all-around-performer. She can sing, dance, act and even host very well.

    Who do you follow on Twitter?

    I’m following 23 people as of now. My family, my friends, Ubertwitter, and some tech-savvy tweeters.

    What website do you visit often?

    My browser’s always on because I always have a lot of tabs. (Laughs) I like checking updates on gadgets so I go to for that, and for the BlackBerry. Of course I do Facebook, but not much.

    Who would you like to collaborate with?

    I would’ve loved to record a song with my father. And a collab with Kanye West or Drake would be awesome!

    What’s the best advice you got from your dad?

    To find something I want to do as my job. To love my friends, my family and my country, and to be considerate of others.

    If you ruled the world what’s the first thing you’d do?

    Blast the whole world with free Wi-Fi access!
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    Elmo Magalona is included in the cast of the upcoming indie film, Mrs. Recto, a musical movie that will also star Regine Velasquez, Jason Gainza, Pen Medina and a whole lot more. Elmo will play the role of a high school student who lives in a dorm. He says, "Excited ako kasi this will be my first movie, kumbaga iba dun sa ginagawa ko sa telebisyon. Kasi sa TV, ilang araw ang taping mo, tapos ilang buwan bago mo malaman yung katapusan ng istorya.. Sa pelikula, ilang araw lang ang shooting, tapos mapapanood mo na nang buo, malalaman mo na yung ending."
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    Elmo Magalona welcomes comparison to late dad, Francis M

    Malaki ang naitulong ng Pilyang Kerubin para tumaas ang kumpiyansa ni Elmo Magalona pagdating sa kanyang kakayahan sa pag-arte.

    Nagsilbing launching vehicle kasi ni Elmo ang nasabing primetime series ng GMA-7 na pinagbibidahan nina Barbie Forteza at Joshua Dionisio. June 7, 2010 nang mag-debut ang show sa ere, at itong darating na August 27 ay mamamaalam na si Charity (Barbie's character) sa mga masugid nitong tagasubaybay.

    "May feeling na I'm accomplishing something because of their [fans and viewers] comments na nag-improve ako when it comes to my acting. It shows na nade-develop ako not just as an actor but as a person. I'm learning a lot from the people around me, marami akong natutunan sa kanila," masayang pahayag ni Elmo sa PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at ilan pang entertainment reporters nang bisitahin namin ang set ng Pilyang Kerubin kahapon, August 11, sa Manila Zoo.

    MAKING HIS OWN NAME. Masuwerte si Elmo dahil bagamat baguhan pa lamang sa showbiz ay nabigyan na agad siya ng GMA-7 ng isa pang proyekto. Kasama ang batang aktor sa cast ng comedy sitcom na Kaya Ng Powers, kung saan kasama niya sina Joey Marquez, Rhian Ramos, Sheena Halili, at Rufa Mae Quinto.

    Sa ngayon daw ay hindi muna iniisip ni Elmo kung saan niya gusto mag-concentrate bilang isang aktor. Maganda nga naman siyempre kung masubukan niya ang iba't ibang karakter para mapalawak din ang kanyang range sa pag-arte.

    Wala rin naman daw dahilan para maikumpara siya sa kanyang nakatatandang kapatid na si Maxene Magalona. Sa kasalukuyan ay napapanood si Maxene sa afternoon soap ng GMA-7 na Trudis Liit.

    Paliwanag ni Elmo, "Kasi, parang mas iba 'yong route niya [Maxene]. Ako, parang iba 'yong forte ko. Kumbaga sa music, iba 'yong genre namin, so hindi puwedeng magtapat. Mas doon siya sa acting part, ako naman mas doon ako sa singing and acting."

    At dahil kilala rin si Elmo bilang isang singer-rapper, hindi rin maiwasan na ikumpara siya sa kanyang namayapang ama na si Francis Magalona. Tanggap naman daw ni Elmo na madalas siyang maihambing sa kanyang tatay na itinuturing na isang OPM legend.

    Pumanaw si Francis noong March 6, 2009 dahil sa sakit na leukemia. Ilan sa mga iniwan nitong tanyag na awitin ay ang "Mga Kababayan," "Girl Be Mine," "Meron Akong Ano!" "Mga Praning," "Three Stars & A Sun," at "Kaleidoscope World."

    "Okay lang din sa akin na magkaroon ako ng sariling identity," sabi ni Elmo nang tanungin kung may balak ba siyang kumawala sa anino ng sikat na magulang.

    Dagdag niya, "Pero kahit naman anong gawin ko, ganun pa din ang mangyayari kasi ginagawa ko 'yong rapping. E, pag sinabi mong rapping, sino ba ang maiisip mo? Francis M."

    Natanong din si Elmo kung sa palagay ba niya ay papayagan siya ng kanyang ama na pasukin ang show business kung nabubuhay pa ito.

    "Hindi ko rin po alam, e," sagot ni Elmo. "Gusto ko rin naman [pumasok sa showbiz] and hindi naman ako pinilit. Nabigyan ako ng offer and in-accept ko lang po."

    IN LOVE AND WAR. Hiningi na rin namin ang opinyon ni Elmo kaugnay sa balitang nagtampo raw ang pamilya nila sa Sony Music Philippines dahil hindi sila nasabihan tungkol sa paglabas ng posthumous album ni Francis na may pamagat na In Love and War.

    Ang nabanggit na album ay collaboration sa pagitan ni Francis at ng matalik nitong kaibigang si Ely Buendia, dating bokalista ng bandang Eraserheads. Matatandaang ginagawa ng dalawa ang proyekto noong nasa gitna si Francis ng kanyang chemotherapy.

    Unfortunately, naiwang hindi tapos ang album dahil sa biglaang pagpanaw ni Francis. Ngunit sa tulong na rin ng modern recording technology at ilang kakilalang musikero ay nairaos ni Ely ang proyekto, na binubuo ng mga awiting magkasama at magkahiwalay na isinulat ng dalawang tanyag na musikero.

    Kabilang sa mga tumulong para makumpleto ang proyekto ay ang mga bandang Hardware Syndrome, Hilera, Brigada, The Purplechickens, ang rapper na si Gloc 9, at ang dating bokalista ng Kulay na si Radha.

    May this year nang lumabas ang In Love and War sa record bars, ngunit napabalita na nagulat ang asawa ni Francis na si Pia Arroyo-Magalona dahil hindi siya aware na inilabas na pala ng record label ang album.

    Gusto raw sana kasi ni Pia ng medyo iba sa nakagawian na promotional at marketing campaign, dahil nga huling album na ito ni Francis at bilang tribute na rin sana sa naging kontribusyon ng asawa sa musikang Pilipino.

    Tinanong namin si Elmo tungkol sa kasalukuyang promotional plans nila para sa album. Si Elmo na kasi ang kumakanta para kay Francis sa mga shows at television appearances na naunang inihanda para i-promote ang album.
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